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What advantages do Honor Guards have with the cloak ability?

I was just curious because they still get shot even when cloaked. Does it increase their evasion? What about defense? Will they not get shot at if cloaked before they come into range of enemy sight lines?

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ZamB answered:

I think it makes them invisible on the mini map and they don't seem to get auto-shot as frequently. (players have to manually target them)
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TheGrimDoogle answered:

Remember you have to manually engage their cloak (which you do just like every units special), and even then it only runs for a limited time before it needs to recharged.
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kile1592 answered:

Elite Honor guards cloak allows them to sneak behind enemy lines or get up close and personal with their target. It is also fun to make a full army of them, cloak them, then sit them outside your enemy's base. Imagine the look on his face when 50 Elite Honor Guards appear from nowhere! But more seriously, I personally use the Elite Honor Guard as a Scout, as their invisibility allows me to scout their entire base without the danger of being found out.
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tensemasterhalo answered:

The elite honor guard is a unit that can be cloaked just like the arbiter. It keeps them invisible for a limited time. You can only not be spotted if you constantly move. If you stand still you can be seen by the enemy and be fired on.
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SPARTAN686 answered:

The Cloak ability makes them unable to be targeted untill they start attacking, same as the Arbiter. Use the cloak ability to sneak up on units or turrets, then decloak and attack. Even though the cloak doesn't look as good as in Halo 3, if the enemy player spots them, he cannot lock onto them until the Elites decloak or start attacking, which decloaks them.
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