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Can you play as the flood?

I've heard almost everybody I know say that once you beat the game on legondary you can play as the flood in forge. Can you?

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Aeres116699 answered:

Nope. Sorry to disappoint. = /
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callmelilsparky answered:

I really REALLY don't want to spread rumors but I heard that sometime that they will be in down loadable content and you have to pay 1600 Microsoft points but don't take my word for it Im going to see where robot entertainment say it they are made out of the founders of ensemble studios so thats how they are making downloadable content.
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Georgek_16 answered:

If you are playing a local game on the 1v1 multiplayer map 'Release', you can capture several forerunner structures on the edge of the map and then use them to spawn flood armies. As you would expect, the more funds you are willing to spend, the larger the armies will be. Otherwise you can't play as the flood in any mission / map.
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