Question from bonoaids

Asked: 5 years ago

how to get a Scarab in renforcements?

Is it luck or skill details!!

Accepted Answer

From: Captain_Cuevas 5 years ago

I set the difficulty to easy on Tundra 1v1 with the Prophet of Regret. Be sure to turn on the Bountiful Harvest Skull for extra resource boost. Take over every base and build all Warehouses +1 shield generator (and obviously turrets). You must upgrade to the third age - I'd recommend maxing out everything in the temple.

Each time the timer resets to 30 seconds, just run the Prophet's power to drain resources. When it resets to 1:30, let the resources go over 3000. After the second or third wave, it will give you a Scarab. Just be sure to use the prophet's power to kill enough of your units so that you have 20 population available for the scarab. Using this technique I was able to get both the 15 unit and the scarab achievement in one game.

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You need to have both 3000 resources or more and 20 free population. Get some bases and only build Warehouses and one Shield on all of the bases. Use your leader power to drain resources and kill your own units until you have all of your Warehouses upgraded. Then, just wait. It can either give you a Scarab or a bunch of Wraiths and Locusts, like it did to me.

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