Question from Thechief120

How can I get John Forge?

On the cheat page on GameFaqs one of the Unlockables says " Load up HALO Wars on your profile."So what Do I do?


hoodfigga85 answered:

Forge is the main character you play as in the campaign mode... the Unlockable your referring to is for his "Gamer Pic" for use on your profile
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shottaker15 answered:

Either start the campaign on your profile or start the game up on your profile
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BeAzZTiiCxKiiDa answered:

Do nothing, there arent any unlockable characters in the game.
On the Cheat page it refers to the gamer picture.
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irocktothetop answered:

You can't get John Forge unless you are playing campaign or your talking about the gamer picture you unlock for beating the game or you may be able to download it from a dlc htem may make later for halo wars
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