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Item Location Help Answers
Beneficial Skulls worth the loss? 4
How can I get John Forge? 4
How do you unlock all the Halo timeline events? 2
I have the limited edition and i have no honour guard wraith? 1
Is there as way of getting your warthogs to automaticly gather up resorce crates? 1
Using ODST drop ? 2
14 star Elephant? 1
Accessing the Honor Guard Wraith/Flaming Warthog From Limited Edition? 3
Achievement blocking skulls? 1
Can some one...? 1
Can you make a plasma rhino with a base if so then how? 1
Do I keep skulls from failed missions? 1
Do skulls work for AI in Skirmish? 2
Forerunner Technology in Skirmish Games? 5
How do i unlock the skulls on halo wars? 8
How i can use limited honour guard gold wraith? 1
Is there a way or going to be a way? 3
Level 15 achievement?!?!?!?!? 4
Mission 7 Glitch? 7
Skull hunting? 3
Sniper units? 2
Temples&Scarabs? 3
Temples? 1
To get remaining black boxes by winning a skirmish on each map and with each leader, do they have to be online matches? 1
What are all the skulls effects, and how do you get them? 1
What are the skulls' effects? Worth the time to hunt them down? 2
What is a Methane Tank and how do you destroy it? 1
Whats the difference between standard and deathmatch? 3
Where are all the Black Boxes located? 1
Where can I find all of the methane tanks on level 2 ??? 2
Where can I find all the skulls at? 2
Where can I find the black box on Level 15 (the last one)? 6
Where can I find the black box on relic interior? 1
Where can I find the skull on the 1st mission? 4
Where can I find the Wuv Woo skull? 5
Wuv Woo skull? 1

Level Help Answers
How do I get past level 10??? 3
I need help completing the campaign on legendary co-operative from mission 4 onwards, any takers? 1
Question about mission 4 on Heroic/Legendary? 2
Sheild world generators? 2
What's the best stradegy for beating heroic and legending? 1
Whats the best stategy for beating mission heroic/legendary? 1
Where are the 100 grunts i need to kill b4 i complete the level? 3
Where are the plon generators in mission 10? 3
Anyone Want To Help With Co-Op? 4
Can Anyone Please Help Me With Co-Op? 1
Can u help on co-op? 1
Can you use skulls to beat missions for "Detour the Great Journey"? 1
Co-op campaign? 1
Co-op? 1
How do I get a gold medal on mission 10? 5
How do I get past beachead? 10
How do I get past level 10? 5
How do I get past Sheild World or something? 5
How do I get past Shield World - How many Forerunner Pylons are there?? 2
How do I get past the 1st level you come across the flood? 6
How do I get past the scarab? 17
How do I get the "Look daddy" skull? 1
How do I get the level 15 achievement? 1
How do I get the rhino in the mark 3rd position ? 1
How do I make the pelican pick up Charlie Team on level 10? 4
How do I open the final barrier in the level with the 30 minute time limit and giant hole in the ground? 3
How Do I Properly Protect The Escape Pods? 11
How do I save adam? 3
how to get a Scarab in renforcements? 2
Legendary and Heroic acheivements? 3
Level 8 Anders' Signal Elephant Help? 2
Mission4: Is it possible to save transport 3? 2
Own worst enemy achievment? 2
Temple? 2
What is the best way to beat the game on heroic? 2
Why does the cargo ship randomly explode on mission 4 legendary? 2

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
Commanding friendly to take base? 3
Covenant? 4
Destroying the enemy base on live? 3
Legendary help? 1
Strategy for Superscarab? 12
Warthog rush defence? 8
What is the best strategy for gaining EXP? 1
50 Grunt units or squads? 3
Anyone playing it on Legendary? Mission 4 is IMPOSSIBLE 2
Can garrisoned marines shoot out of a base in lockdown? 1
Coop Question? 2
Dose adding multiple Sheild Generators add any Sheild strength? 1
Halo Wars Live match Confuzzles? 4
How can i get higher than the 50 units cap? 18
How do i beat mission 7 Super scarab under par time on heroic? 4
How do I get the special achievment for mission 4? 2
How do i take resources from the A.L teams when they offer? 1
How do you get a 14 star UNSC Elepant? 1
How do you increase your available population on the ground? 2
How many suicide grunts does it take to destroy an enemy base? 2
I need to know how to use the 4 leaders [Not caption cutter and brute cheftion I can use them perfect] Just help? 1
Is their anyway to put Sgt. Forge back in a Warthog once it gets destroyed? 1
Is there any way to eject the units inside a vehicle or aircraft? 2
Mission 9 The Flood Gold Medal? 1
Missions 13 and 14 Gold Medal? 1
Multiplayer Skirmish commands? 2
Online 1VS1? What should I upgrade/build as UNSC? 1
The best tactic to use for Better with Bacon? 2
Useless Ally? 1
What advantages do Honor Guards have with the cloak ability? 5
What does automatic 40 mean in skirmish? 1
What does it mean and how do I flare ally supply pads in skirmish mode? 4
What is the best combo for Skirmish? 7
What is the best strategy for (Big Al's Scooter)? 1
What is the best strategy for (destroying a scarab)? 17
What is the best strategy for deffending your base? 1
What Is The Best Strategy For Stopping An Early Warthog or Scout Unit Rush At The Beggining of a Match? 6
What is the best thing for a spartan to highjack? 2
What is the best vehicle to use against the Scarab in the 7th Mission? 1
Whats Your most effective strategy? 8
Who is the best leader for both sides? 2

Other Help Answers
Base Question? Please Answer? 1
Building Problem? 2
Can anyone play co op with me online? 6
Can you use new Halo Wars DLC when playing Skirmish mode? 2
Do we ever get to play as the flood? 3
For special addition owners? 2
How do I get the Sgt. Forge Gamer Pic? 2
How do I save my progress in the game ? 5
How do I unlock Forge gamerpic? 2
How do you play the game modes on skirmish? 3
How do you tell if a Timeline Event is unlocked? 1
How I can get the flaming warthog? 1
I don't have Xbox Live (unable to get Highspeed internet where I live) can I still play this game? 2
I Have A Building Question? 2
I want to get into the halo sries but im not sure whick game came out firrst for the xbox 360? 3
In a missions the covenant use a plane to transport troops around ? 1
Is there a difference between this and limited edition? 1
My friend told me how forge might be Master chief and he told me of his proof? 3
OK, I Need Help With The DLC ? 2
OMG help? 3
Red spartans? 2
Scarab? 2
Solo to Co-op Units? 2
System link? 1
Under the new ranking system, how many points are needed to go from recruit to lieutenant and so on? 3
What playable forces are in Halo Wars for the Xbox360 edition? 1
Will "Ready for the Sequel" Unlock if I get the General Achievement? 2
Will ther be a Halo Wars 2? 2
(Create your own question)? 2
AI Strategies? 1
Are you one person or the whole army at one time? 6
Before I buy it ? 2
Best Strategy to Earn A Gold On The Scarab Mission? 1
Big A.I.'s scooter achievement? 3
Can I destroy units? 5
Can I get skulls if I replay the level? 1
Can someone help me and play coop? 1
Can someone help me beat campain on legendary and get achievments.?/ 1
Can the covenant transport infantry with a phantom? 5
Can you change your color for skirmish mode? 1
Can you get unlimited supplies? 3
Can you play a three player skirmish with no teams? I.e a free for all? 1
Can you play as the covenant in campaign mode? 1
Can you play as the flood? 3
Cheaper price? 2
Co-op and Skirmish? 1
Colouers.? 1
Do you only get Mythic Map Pack with Limited Edition? 2
Does anyone believe that this game could have been better? 1
Does anyone want to play system link with me? 1
Does this game have offline multiplayer? 2
Dose Halo Wars Have a Halo 3 Map pack? 2
General questions ok? 4
General Rank? 1
Halo Wars or Warcraft for being harder? 2
Hmm...a little help? 3
How can i use brute chieftain? 1
how come I can't highjack a scarab or vulture? 3
How did the Spartans go extinct later? 5
How do I change the Colors? 4
How do i flare Allied A.I. supply depos? 1
How do i get dlc achievements? 1
How do i give unit controle to my ally? 1
How do I heal my units? 3
How do I raise my multiplayer rank? 4
How Do I Zoom In Really Close? 3
How do you build hawks? 4
How do you kill units through friendly fire? 2
How do you revive fallen hero? 4
How do you unlock the pieces of the Halo Timline? 3
How does everyone have the game before the realease date? 5
How does the Arbiters Rage ability work? 7
How high can you go on "Automatic" A.I. skirmishes? 7
How much money is this cost? 1
I just got the Halo Academic acheivment but i only have unlocked 7 timelines? 1
is it possible to get a 5 star ODST? 1
Is it possible to play as covanent in skirmish? 1
Is it possible to use a mouse and keyboard to play? 2
Is the Forge a DLC? 1
Is there 100 grunts? 20
Is this game turn-based? 1
Just wondering? 1
Level? 1
Mission 04: Save Adam? 3
Mission 6 glitch? 2
Multiplayer Maps? 1
Multiplayer/Skirmish Question? 1
Mutiiple UNSC reactors? 1
No Honour Guard Wraith? 2
Noob Question? 2
Not getting achievemtn on heroic difficulty? 2
On mp how meny ranks are there? 2
Professor Anders? 4
Reinforcements? 6
Research technology question?!?!?!? 1
Researching Technology? 2
Sandbox? 4
Should I buy it? 3
Should I buy this game? 3
Splitscreen co-op? 9
Stars above units? 4
Stategy for Mission 1, 50 Grunt Achievement? 5
Strategic Options DLC? 5
This game worths buying it? 16
This Game? 3
Titan Acheievement?? 1
Transporting your leader? 1
Unlockable Gamer Pictures? 3
What are the Black Boxes for? 4
What are the Secret Achievements? 1
What are the skulls for? 1
What do i hav 2 to do? 1
What does a spartan in a vehicle do? 3
What does the Limited Edition version have that the standard one doesn't? 2
What is a Debuff Skull? 2
What is the Automatic difficulty? 1
What is this "SD" thing? 1
What's the difference between regular and limited edition? 3
Whats different in coop campain? 3
When have there been new achievments? 1
Where can I get the Flaming Warthog code I should have recieved? 3
Where do I go to research the ODST Drop? 4
Where do I go? 1
Who is better? 1
Why can't I play multiplayer and what is system link same question I asked before? 2
Why can't I play multiplayer? 2
Xbox Live Skirmish Service Record? 2

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