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III. BIOs and Terrains


Halo wars... Set 20 years before the start of the HALO trilogy and Master Chief
was introduced to us. This is the years following the fall and reclaiming of
HARVEST, a colony planet of Humans that fell to the Covenant. Expected to be
a swift reclaimation, the title introduction to Halo Wars featured by Capt.
Cutters personal report log turns it from a swift victory into 5 years of Hell
as he classifys the entire planet as just... HELL.

Halo Wars is completely different from the traditional halo and you will not
be doing any of the first person shooting yourself. You are in control of
the armies on the ground. You are their leader, now lead.

Alright here is a breakdown of the units system that you will be using.

There are 4 things useful to making a successful campaingn. 
 - Leader Bonuses
   + These can make or break a campaign. Selecting a leader on random can
     do good but choosing a campaign leader for their stats and how they can
     perform under the circumstances you need is the best way to go. Each
     leader, Human or Covenant, does not have the same powers. Though they
     Are similar there is one basic difference. Covenant powers run based on
     time used not just single shot or single use per use. So if you use the
     Prophet of regrets Cleansing beam, it will continuously eat up supplies
     until you turn it off or you run out. Whearas if you use Capt. Cutters
     MAC Cannon support system, you will fire, regenerate and fire again. Both
     sides have effective upgrades to increase the strength of their attacks
     and for the covenant, make the usefulness vs. consumption ratio more
 - Supplies
   + Supplies are the mainstay of the game and how you create forces. These
     Can be gathered three ways. First, collecting them randomly on the ground
     with support forces. This is a very unreliable way of collecting supplies
     and should only be used at the beginning of a game where you will need
     alot to start off with. Next, you build a supply base or warehouse which
     will continously provide you with supplies throughout the game you are in
     at a regular interval. Upgrading these facilities will increase their
     production interval by two times what it was as a basic facility. The last
     way to aquire supplies in the game is to sell or recycle unneeded men or
     facilities in which you will lose that item but gain a return on supplies.
     A good tactic should you have a few high supply items and are in desperate
     need for supplies.
 - PowerTechnology
   + Almost as important as Supplies, if you do not upgrade your technology by
	building another reactor you will simply lose. Upgrading your technology
	level may be expensive but if you do not you will not be able to access the
	higher levels of tech needed to win over your opponent such as Scorpion tanks
	or Scarabs.
 - Population caps
   + Although an annoying part of the game it plays an important part. Caps on
	populations will limit you in size that you can grow your army but it will
	also make you maintain your armies well. Each unit you produce to go out and
	attack on the field will take upward to 6 men to produce. Simple infantry are
	comprised of only 1 population while as vehicles can be 2, 4 or even 6 men
	added to your population at one time. You may get from the Field Arsenal an
	upgrade that raises your population from 30 to 40 but other than that your cap
	is only what you make it. besides, in a very fast paced game you will rarely
	need to worry about hitting your cap. Also, spartan troops have their own
	limit and do not affect your overall troop count.


.01 - Skeletal structure of faq built and first details added
    + finished controls section
    - added Secrets, Walkthrough, Technology, Vehicles, Biographies and Intro
       to the faq.
    - Faq first created and uploaded to gamefaqs for first time

.02 - began working on adding information about individual units and technology
    - added information in the INTRO section about Halo Wars and its background
.1 - added vehichle info
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	-Finished Walkthrough
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	-nearly complete Covenant bios
	-added and finished forerunner and flood


Unlike the typical Halo scenario this follows more along the lines
of Age Of Empires style of control. You are basically a floating entity
governing what goes on under you. You can control both USNC and Covenant
forces on a variety of maps.

A - Select forces, hold down to select multiple forces
  - When selecting buildings brings up a radial dial of choices to use, up to 8
B - Deselect forces, deselect menu
Y - Special attack, move forces, select specific unit
X - direct forces, attack, move
Start - Brings up menu
Select - Brings up objectives for mission, pauses game
LS - Move around the map
RS - rotates camera with l and r, zoom in with u and d
L.shoulder - select all of your units
R.shoulder - select all of your units on present screen
LT - Hold to fast scroll across terrain
RT - Used to scroll through selected units to command single type of unit
L3 - Signals Flare, for online play is an easy way to tell your allies where u
are planning to attack. Also, if you double tap it will reset your Global 
center on the map to cursor location.
R3 - Centers the cursor on the map.

D-pad controls
D-pad up - Brings up radial dial for your commanders features. Always has Heal,
Dispersement pod, and transport units but also has commander bonus attacks
depending on your choice of leader
D-pad left - cycle between your bases
D-pad right - cycle to the last heard announcement
D-pad down - cycle your active armies


Alright in the Biographies section I will tell you about each individual unit
and what they can be upgraded to be in the future will all special upgrades.
Individual detals about those upgrades can be found in their specific places
such as the Marines, to find out how much the RPG upgrade costs find the
Barracks and so forth.

This is just to tell you about the units and their abilities not the upgrades.

----- i. HUMAN BIOS and COMMANDERS -----

                        \\\\\ MARINE UNITS 

 Basic info: Marines are your standard mainline infantry for the UNSC. It has
  some of the best and most destructive upgrades usable in the game.
 Stats: 1 population to create  Tech level requried - 0
        Created from - Barracks  Required supplies - 100

 Upgrade Lv. 1- New Blood. Adds 1 marine to each squad.
 Upgrade Lv. 2- Upgrades Grenades into RPG launchers
 Upgrade Lv. 3- Medic. Adds 1 medic to each squad to heal after battle

 Special Upgrade- Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. Much more advanced
	marines these marines can be deposited on any location that you control on

 Specials: Grenade attack - Cannot be used against Airborne Vehicles but can 
 	be made RPGs which can be.


Unit - Flamethrowers
Basic info: Flamethrowers are anti-infantry units equiped with high-heat flame
 	bearing liquid can spray down and take out units while stunning them in
	place for the burning.
 Stats: 1 population \ Tech level required - 0
	Created From - Barracks / Required Supplies - 100

 Upgrade Lv. 1- Flashbang. Stuns units aroudn for a short time.
 Upgrade Lv. 2- Napalm. increases damage and also sets enemies on fire.
 Upgrade Lv. 3- Oxide. Increases damage again.

 Specials: Flashbang Attack that can stun enemies for several seconds


Unit - Spartans
Basic info: Spartans, part of the Spartan II program are here in the game
	to help you throughout. Spartans come with a varaity of weaponry and are
	immediately availible to jack into enemy vehicles save Scarab tanks.
 Stats: 0 pop. limit but limited to 3 spartans in skirmish / Tech lvl req. - 1
	Created From - Barracks / Required Supplies - 300

 Upgrade Lv. 1- Chain gun. Spartans under your control get chain guns.
 Upgrade Lv. 2- Neural implant. Increases speed, strength, and abilities
 Upgrade Lv. 3- Spartan Laser. Gives spartans the spartan laser
 Special Upgrade - NA

 Specials: Hijacking vehicles and turning them against oponents. Does add
 	vehicle to your overall population total.


Unit - Capt. Cutter (Non- Playable character in game)
Basic info: Capt. Cutter is the head commander of the UNSC Spirit of Fire. He
	runs his ship well and is the only one you cannot play directly in either
	Skirmish or Campaign modes. His powers are the largely known MAC cannon and
	an ability to use the OSDT trooper soldiers, the best marines in the game,
	well... aside from Spartans.

 Special Abilities:
	MAC Cannon: Up to four shots fully upgraded, shoots single high speed bullet
	down on a specific target.
	OSDT drop capsules: Up to 10 at a time, must have Marines fully upgraded
	with Capt. Cutter as your commander.
	Station upgrade- all new bases you found automatically start station level,
	that is with the first upgrade of 2 more building platforms and turrets.
 Special Units:
	OSDT Marines
	Elephant mini Base - Specifically a mobile base that can create troops on
	the map for you.


Unit - Sgt. Forge (Only playable in campaign mode)
Basic info: Sgt. Forge is a highly regarded Sergeant aboard the Sprits crew,
with about as much respect as a pile of rocks. Through many conflicts he has
managed to pick up his share of battle scars but he continues to carry on
his left shoulder the Ace of Spades strapped to his armor.

 Playable abilities: In campaign mode when using him he is either starting out
	in a Gauss Warthog or you can have him on foot and he uses a multi shot
	shotgun ability.

 Leader Abilities:
	Carpet Bombing- calls in the cavalry and with fully upgraded, provides 24
	charges in a straight line that will decimate an enemy line.
	Supply upgrade - All supply stations automatically upgraded to heavy level.
 Leader Units:
	Grizzly tank - Upgraded version of the Scorpion, features 2 canister launcher
	on front and can take quite a beating.
	Cyclops Exosuit - A building destroy or repair robot that can be very useful
	on base assaults.


Unit - Prof. Anders (Only playable in campaign mode)
Basic info: Anders is one of the smartest people under your command, she has
 an IQ of 180 and a profound hate for the ships construct, Serina who was made
 by her previous instructor. She has a few playable aspects but is largely
 useless in combat.

 Playable abilities: In campaign mode, she does have the ability to repair
	vehicles and buildings.

 Leader Abilities:
	Cryo Bomb - drops a large bomb on the field that freezes area and damages
	air units. Damage and range increase with levels.
	Research time- Research time and build time for buildings is halved.
Leader Units:
	Gremlin- The gremlin is a laser craft that is support mainly. Though it does
	have an EMP generator that comes in handy with powered units, it is useless
	against flood units.
	Hawk- This uber version of the Hornet has lasers attached to it instead of
	gattling cannons and missles.


Basic info: Ships AI, based on creator Hailey Long. She was made to go with
	the Spirit of Fire and has the computing power to run 12 ships of similar
	size. She controls most of the ship at all times and is a big help on the
	field usually giving you intel on enemy movements and formations around
	the known battle field. She has a theoretical craving for chocolate and is
	hated gravely by Professor Anders.

----- ii. COVENANT BIOs and COMMANDERS -----

Unit - Grunts
Basic info: Grunts are basically the backbone of the Covenant forces being the
	most annoying creatures in the world. But they explode real well. Only being
	able to breathe methane, wherever the covenant goes they must bring massive
	methane tanks and harvisters with them to feed the grunts.
	Stats: 1 population / Tech. Lvl req. 0
	Created from - HALL / Cost - 100 supplies
 Upgrade lvl. 1- Peons
	This gives you control of 5 grunts per squad.
 Upgrade lvl. 2- Needler. Gives grunts needler rifles
 Upgrade lvl. 3- Deacon. Gives grunt squads new grunt to encourage them and
	increases attack ability.

 Special attack- Plasma grenade throw

Unit - Jackals
Basic info: Jackals unlike grunts are slightly intelligent. Being able to use
	slightly more advanced weaponry they make excellent counter-infantry units
	even being able to be equiped with sniper gear.

	Stats: 1 population / Tech lvl. req. 0
	Created from - HALL / Cost- 100 supplies

 Upgrade lvl. 1- defense gauntlet. Gives Jackles crude shield
	to help defend from attacks. Does break with damage gained.
 Upgrade lvl. 2- Beam rifle. Gives Jackles beam rifles to shoot deal extra
	damage to enemies.
 Upgrade lvl. 3- Supreme gauntlet. Increases strength of shield gauntlet so it
	will not break from duress.

 Special attack-


Unit - Hunters
Basic info: Hunters are just anti anything. They are the strongest units on
	foot availible to the covenant able to hold their own against a scorpion tank
	with sufficient number of squads. They work specifically well on vehicles with
	fully upgraded weapons.

	Stats: 1 population / Tech lvl. req. 1
	Created from - HALL / Cost - 250 supplies

 Upgrade lvl. 1- bonded shield. Gives extra protection with signature Hunger
	Shield on arm.
 Upgrade lvl. 2- Spirit bond. When both hunters in a pair are alive their power
	is magnified
 Upgrade lvl. 3- Assault beam. Gives Hunters the iconic Assault beam that can
	damage just about anything in its path.

 Special attack- N/A


----- SPECIAL UNITS -----

Unit - Suicide Grunts (Special unit)
Basic info: Grunts... except stupider. Must have Arbiter as leader to use them
	in battle.
	Stats: 1 population / Tech lvl. req. 1
	Created from - CITIDEL / Cost - 160 supplies
 Upgrade lvl. 1- Zeal. Adds speed to running when going suicide
 Upgrade lvl. 2- Defile. Exploding grunts throw burning chemicals across enemy
	causing extra damage.

 Special attack- Suicide explosion. Grunts run at opponent and detonate them.

Unit - Elite Honor Guard (Special Unit)
Basic info: Sanghelli forces commanded by the Prophet of Truth himself. They
	are specially trained and can cloak to sneak behind enemy lines. Must command
	Prophet as your leader to use in skirmish mode.


 Upgrade lvl. 1-
 Upgrade lvl. 2-
 Upgrade lvl. 3-

 Special attack-


Unit - Brutes (Only when Brute Chieftan is leader)
Basic info:

 Upgrade lvl. 1-
 Upgrade lvl. 2-
 Upgrade lvl. 3-

 Special attack-


LEADER UNIT - Prophet of Regret (Only playble in Skirmish Mode)
Basic info: The Prophet of Regret is one of the three leading bodies in the
	Covenant, making all laws and decisions therwith. They are not only the only
	military leaders they are also spiritual and devinely "gifted" with their own
	talents. Regret is only appearing in Halo Wars and makes no mention of Truth
	or Justic but we must only assume they are in High Charity which does make
	a brief appearance in the cut scenes.

 Leader Ability: Cleansing Beam
	While Regret is your only unit, press the Y button to activate his cleansing
	beam and use the control sticks to navigate it around the map. This does huge
	ammounts of damage to units and buildings when fully upgraded but also costs
	massive ammounts of supplies to keep the beam running more than a few seconds.
	Fully upgraded, this beam can run through 1000 supplies in almost 15 seconds.

	Upgrade lvl 1: Regret's Sentence - Medium strength beam that does more damage
	Upgrade lvl 2: Regret's Doom - Larger beam that does more damage
	Upgrade lvl 3: Regret's Condemnation - Increases damage of beam further
	Personal defences:
	Regret comes equipped with his own personal body shield and defenders which
	can be upgraded to shoot fuel rod cannons along with his own lasers.

	Upgrade lvl 1: Blessed Immolation - Upgrades to fuel rod cannons instead of
	Upgrade lvl 2: Ancestral Perversion - Gives second fuel rod cannon defender
	Upgrade lvl 3: Divine Absolution - Upgrades chair so Prophet is now considered
	and arial unit.

 Leader Units:
	Elite Honor Guard: Strong, swift, and unseen, Regret's own personal bodyguards
	are the best of the Sanghelli race which have been trained to fight for Regret
	himself. They sport enhanced abilities and can move in single man units to
	strike in the heart of the enemies compound without being seen.

 Leader specials: None


LEADER UNIT - Brute Cheiftan (Only playable in skirmish Mode)
Basic info: The leader of the Jiralhanae forces in the Covenant the brute
	cheiftan is one of the strongest forces in the game, able to use a massive
	vortex created from his gravity hammer to destroy any unit and render them
	incapaable of fighting back. He is a formidable foe and should be taken out
	quickly and carefully.

 Leader Ability: Vortex
	The vortex ability creates a large basically controlled tornado that removes
	units from the ground and imobilizes them creating constant damage on the them
	unitl destroyed. This can be upgraded for massive ammounts of damage but costs
	extreme ammounts of supplies to keep operating for more than 10 seconds.

	Upgrade lvl 1: Tsunami. Increases damage and Area of Effect
	Upgrade lvl 2: Hurricane. Further increases damage and Area of Effect
	Upgrade lvl 3: Singularity. Max damage and large Area of Effect

 Leader Units:
	Brutes: His tribesman, they follow him everywhere he goes comprising of his	
	own personal army that rivals the force of the Sanghelli.

	Brute Choppers: Specific choppers created by the brutes that utilize tech
	that is more similar to human for weaponry and Covenant based for movement.
	These choppers are more dangerous and more powerful than Warthogs and Ghosts.

 Leader specials: Gravity Hammer:
	The Brute Cheiftan carries with him a gravity hammer that he can use in battle
	and has the ability to stun his opponents on strike.

	Upgrade lvl 1: Inheritance. Gives passive stun ability to hammer strike
	Upgrade lvl 2: Birthright. Cheiftan can pull enemies to him and fight them
	Upgrade lvl 3: Destiny. Adds Area effect to stun ability for Gravity Hammer


LEADER UNIT - The Aribiter (Only playable in skirmish Mode)
Basic info: The Arbiter is a military leader for the Covenant, and of Sanghelli
	decent. He is donned a silver uniform and wields dual beam swords in this
	version of his incarnation. He commands the might of the forces of the
	Covenant and is responsible for the protection and orders of the Prophets
	to be carried out.

 Leader Ability: Rage
	Rage you control the arbiter himself using the controlsticks to move and use
	his abilities to attack and damage buildings, personell, and other things that
	are in your way.

	Upgrade lvl 1: Defiant Rage. Health is given for every kill in rage mode
	Upgrade lvl 2: Spiteful Rage. costs less to maintain rage mode
	Upgrade lvl 3: Blinding Rage. Damage is increased and AOE is given for units
	near the Arbiter while in rage mode.

 Leader Units: Suicide Grunts
	Moronic units which are stupider than their basic counterparts, suicide grunts
	are fitted with larger methane tanks full of plasma that they detonate while
	running toward an intended target to kill.
	Upgrade lvl 1: Zeal. Increases running speed during suicide mode
	Upgrade lvl 2: Defile. Gives a chemical splash of burning chemicals on blowing
	up that damages enemies further.

 Leader specials: Combat swords
	The arbiter has the ability to wield two beam swords at once making him a much
	more formidable foe than standard elites. He has the ability to use these in
	ways that can turn the tide of battle in an instant.

	Upgrade lvl 1: Fiendish Return. Increases armor to reflect damage back to
	attacking enemies.
	Upgrade lvl 2: Vicious Blades. Adds damage and increases damage reflectedd
	Upgrade lvl 3: Ghastly vision. Engages a permenant cloak and maximizes reflect



The flood are all non playable characters but they all have unique properties
and even additions to previously thought, final incarnations of the flood
infantry. This is a list of all Flood troops and spores that you will encounter
during your time fighting the covenant.

Infectious Form
Infected Marine
Flood Den
Flood Spawn
Flood Bomber
Flood Colony
Flood Launchers
Flood Beast Form
Flood Spore Cloud
Flood Tentacle
Boss Flood colony


	Stats: 1 population / Tech lvl. req. 1
	Created from - Sentiel Factory / Cost - 100 supplies

	Info: Air superiority unit used by the Forerunner to construct the Halo rings
	and the sheild worlds for them. Advanced programming allows them to perform
	any and all functions which would be required to do any task known to the
Super Sentinel
	Stats: 2 population / Tech lvl. req. 2
	Created from - Sentinel Factory / Cost - 250 supplies

	Info: A support vehicle, which attacks in support with other units imobilizing
	enemies and forcing them to stop fighting with stun weaponry.
Offensive Protector
	Stats: 1 population / Tech lvl. req. 1
	Created from - Protector dispenser / Cost - 100 supplies

	Info: Task onto a single unit of your allies and they will get the protector
	to follow them around and arm them with a beam laser.
Healing Protector
	Stats: 1 population / Tech lvl. req. 1
	Created from - Protector dispenser / Cost - 100 supplies

	Info: Task onto a single unit of your allies and tehy will get the protector
	to follow them around and heal them outside of battle.
Defensive Protector
	Stats: 1 population / Tech lvl. req. 1
	Created from - Protector dispenser / Cost - 100 supplies

	Info: Task onto a single unit of your allies and they will get the protector
	to follow them around and produce a shield to protect them.


Throughout the game you will have random encounters with other units that
are not directly affiliated with your command or your enemies. Either for or
against you or your opponent they will be waiting on the field for someone to
come by...

Rebels - these will interfere with you on skirmish maps only, and they will
be holding other bases that you can take and use for your own will.

------- IV. VEHICLES ----------


Cyclops (special)
Grizzly (special)
Elephant (special)
Gremlin (Special)
Hawk (special)


Brute Chopper (special)


                    {{{{{ i. HUMAN TECHNOLOGY }}}}}

Base cost - 300 supplies & 1 base site
	Gain - 3 building stations
Upgrade Lvl 1 - Station. 400 Supplies
	Gain - 2 more building stations
	Gain - 4 Turret pads
Upgrade Lvl 2 - Fortress. 500 Supplies
	Gain - 2 more bulding stations (total of 7)

Warthogs - 150 supplies & lvl 0 technology
	Gain - 1 warthog
Elephants - 400 supplies, 2 population & lvl 0 technology
	Gain - 1 Elephant (only when Capt. Cutter is commanding)
Gremlin - 300 supplies & lvl 0 technology
	Gain - 1 Gremlin (only when Prof. Anders is commanding)

Base upgrades (explained above)

Warthog Upgrade 1 - Gunner. 300 supplies & lvl 1 technology
	Gain - All warthogs have gunners on back
Warthog Upgrade 2 - Grenadier. 500 supplies & lvl 2 technology
	Gain - All warthogs have grenade marines riding shotgun
Warthog Upgrade 3 - Gauss Warthog. 800 Supplies & lvl 3 technology
	Gain - All chain guns on warthogs are now Gauss rifles

Elephant Upgrade 1 - Twin engines. 250 supplies & lvl 1 technology
	Gain - Elephants  move twice as fast (only when availible)
Elephant Upgrade 2 - Turrets. 600 supplies & lvl 2 technology
	Gain - Elephants get extra turrets to defend with (only when availible)
Elephant Upgrade 3 - Ceramic Armor. 800 supplies & lvl 3 technology
	Gain - Elephants get extra health and take less damage (only when availible)

Gremlin Upgrade 1 - Focus lense. 250 supplies & lvl 1 technology
	Gain - Extra damage and range for lasers. (only when availible)
Gremlin Upgrade 2 -
	Gain - (only when availible)
Gremlin Upgrade 3 -
	Gain - (only when availible)

Other Base options

Lock the base - Locks the base so you can create units but all units are held
	in base until you unlock it. Good for making a mass force and releasing it
	all at once when you need it.
Unlock the base - releases all garrisoned troops
Set Spawn point - lets you set the spawn point for that bases forces to gather
	at on the map. overridden by global gathering point

INFO: Stations are your lifeline in the game. Without them you will surely die
because this is where all of your other things spawn from. Infantry, tanks
and ships all come from here. All you need to do is have one of your scouts
near an open base pad and you can have one built.

 Base Cost - 250 supplies & 1 turret pad
	Gain - 1 turret
 Upgrade A - Flame turret
	Gain - Increase damage vs. Infantry
 Upgrade B - Rail Gun
	Gain - Increase damage vs. Vehicles
 Upgrade C - Missle Pods
	Gain - Increase damage vs. Aerial

INFO: Turrets are what can save you in a game. What you have and how you 
upgrade the four turrets around each base can make or break an invasion plan
or your survival. You can only upgrade each turret once but also you can go to
the field Armory and have your turrets upgraded for increased damage and health
through research. I list this with the Field Armory because it is more relevant
for the powers it is given.

Supply Pad
Base Cost - 100 supplies and 1 building pad (or 225 if you are playing as Sgt.
Forge in skirmish. Upgrades straight to heavy.)
	Gain - +10 supplies every 2 seconds
Upgrade Lvl 1 - Heavy Supply pad. 225 Supplies
	Gain - doubles supplies given

Send Supplies - In skirmish & co-op mode you can send supplies to your allies
with this command.

INFO: Supply pads are the most critical of base building. you cannot rely on
supplies all spread out around the map, so having a steady stream of supplies
going into your reserve is crutial.

Base Cost - 100 supplies & 1 building pad
	Gain - 1 Barracks


Marines - 100 supplies & lvl 0 technology
	Gain - 1 squad of marines
Flamethrowers - 100 supplies & lvl 0 technology
	Gain - 1 squad of Flamethrowers
Spartans - 300 supplies & lvl 1 technology
	Gain - 1 Spartan Elite


Upgrade Marines 1 - New Blood. 200 supplies & lvl 1 technology
	Gain - 1 more marine in every squad

Upgrade Marines 2 - RPG. 400 supplies & lvl 2 technology
	Gain - All Marines get RPG launchers instead of grenades

Upgrade Marines 3 - Medic. 800 supplies & lvl 3 technology
	Gain - 1 medic in each squad

Upgrade Marines 4 - OSDTs (only if Capt. Cutter is in command) 1800 supplies
	& lvl 4 technology
	Gain - OSDT Marines replace normal marines and added ability to send them
	down from Spirit of Fire from orbit.
Upgrade Flamethrowers 1 - Flashbang. 200 supplies & lvl 1 technology
	Gain - Special attack that stuns opponents

Upgrade Flamethrowers 2 - Napalm adherant. 500 supplies & lvl 2 technology
	Gain - Upgraded damage and lasting damage

Upgrade Flamethrowers 3 - Oxide. 700 supplies & lvl 3 technology
	Gain - further upgraded damage and lasting damage
Upgrade Spartan 1 - Chain Gun. 300 supplies & lvl 2 technology
	Gain - spartans get chain guns

Upgrade Spartan 2 - Neural implant. 600 supplies & lvl 3 technology
	Gain - Spartan Hi-jacking abilities increased

Upgrade Spartan 3 - Spartan Laser. 1000 supplies & lvl 4 technology
	Gain - Spartans get Spartan Lasers

Base Cost - 250 supplies (+250 for each other reactor built)
	Gain - 1 technology level
Upgrade - 1200 supplies
	Gain - 1 technology level (total of 2 for the plant)

INFO: This is critical for you to have upgraded troops on the field. If you do
	increase your technology then the level of your troops will be quickly 
	outmatched by the opponent.

Vehicle Depot
Base Cost - 150 Supplies, Tech lvl 2, & 1 building pad
	Gain - 1 vehicle depot

Scorpion Tank - 500 supplies, 3 population & lvl 2 technology
	Gain - 1 scorpion tank

Cobra - 350 supplies, 2 population & lvl 3 technology
	gain - 1 cobra assault vehicle

Wolverine - 300 supplies & lvl 3 technology
	Gain - 1 Wolverine Anti Air vehicle

Grizzly Tank - 500 supplies & lvl 4 technology
	Gain - 1 Grizzly tank (Only when Sgt. Forge in command and upgrade maxed)

Scorpion upgrade 1 - Canister. 400 supplies & lvl 3 technology
	Gain - Canister launch special attack, shoots cansiter that explodes at foe.

Scorpion upgrade 2 - Power turn. 900 supplies & lvl 4 technology
	Gain - increased rotation and power of Scorpion turret

Scorpion upgrade 3 - Grizzly tank. 1800 supplies, lvl 4 tech, & Sgt. Forge
	Gain - When Sgt. Forge is in command you have the ability to create the
	Grizzly tank, which is a beefed up verison of the Scorpion tank.
Cobra Upgrade 1 - Deflection plating. 400 supplies & lvl 3 technology
	Gain - improved defenses while in deploy mode

Cobra Upgrade 2 - Piercing Shot. 900 supplies & lvl 4 technology
	Gain - Improved attack while deployed
Wolverine Upgrade 1 - Volley. 400 Supplies & lvl 3 technology
	Gain - Ability to fire multiple rockets on target

Wolverine Upgrade 2 - Dual Launchers. 900 supplies & lvl 3 technology
	Gain - Twice the number of shots launched than normal


Air Pad
Base Cost - 150 Supplies, Tech lvl 2 & 1 building pad
	Gain - 1 Air PAd

Hornet - 200 Supplies, 2 population & lvl 2 Technology
	Gain - 1 Hornet aircraft
Vulture - 600 Supplies, 6 population & lvl 3 Technology
	Gain - 1 Vulture aircraft

Hornet Upgrade 1 - Wingmen.

Hornet Upgrade 2 - Chaff Pod.

Hornet Upgrade 3 - Hawk. 1800 supplied  lvl 4 technology
	Gain - Upgrades all Hornets on field to Hawks but only if commander is Prof.
Vulture Upgrade - Mega Barrage
	Gain - Adds special attack that launches numerous high impact misslies at the
	target opponent or building. Does massive ammount of damage.


Field Armory



Base cost - 500 supplies & 1 base site
	Gain - 3 building stations
Upgrade Lvl 1 - Keep. 300 Supplies
	Gain - 2 more building stations
	Gain - 4 Turret pads
Upgrade Lvl 2 - Citadel. 400 Supplies
	Gain - 2 more bulding stations (total of 7)

Scarab tank - 3000 supplies, 20 population & lvl 3 technology
	Gain - Scarab
Elite Honor Guard - 125 supplies, 1 popluation & lvl 1 technology
	Gain - 1 Elite Honor Guard (only when Regret is leader)
Brute - 125 supplies, 1 population & lvl 1 technology
	Gain - 1 brute solider
Suicide Grunts - 160 supplies, 1 population & lvl 1 technology
	Gain - 1 moron, i mean 1 Suicide grunt

Base upgrades (explained above)

Elite Honor Guard Upgrades
Upgrade lvl 1 - Cloak. 250 supplies & lvl 2 technology
	Gain - your Elites now can cloak themselves and attack enemies from behind
Upgrade lvl 2 - Personal Shield
	Gain -

Brute Upgrades
Upgrade lvl 1 - Jump pack.
	Gain - gives brutes the ability to jump across impassable terrain.
Upgrade lvl 2 - Electric shot.
	Gain - Brutes can use stun now

Upgrade lvl 1 - Zeal.
	Gain - increased speed in suicide mode
Upgrade lvl 2 - Defile.
	Gain - expoding methane tank for extra damage

Other Base options

Lock the base - Locks the base so you can create units but all units are held
	in base until you unlock it. Good for making a mass force and releasing it
	all at once when you need it.

Unlock the base - releases all garrisoned troops
Set Spawn point - lets you set the spawn point for that bases forces to gather
	at on the map. overridden by global gathering point

INFO: Citidels are your lifeline in the game. Without them you will surely die
because this is where all of your other things spawn from. Infantry, tanks
and ships all come from here. All you need to do is have one of your scouts
near an open base pad and you can have one built.


 Base Cost - 250 supplies & 1 turret pad
	Gain - 1 turret
 Upgrade A - Plasma turret
	Gain - Increase damage vs. Infantry
 Upgrade B - Rail Gun
	Gain - Increase damage vs. Vehicles
 Upgrade C - Missle Pods
	Gain - Increase damage vs. Aerial

INFO: Turrets are what can save you in a game. What you have and how you 
upgrade the four turrets around each base can make or break an invasion plan
or your survival. You can only upgrade each turret once but also you can go to
the Temple and have your turrets upgraded for increased damage and health
through research. I list this with the Temple because it is more relevant
for the powers it is given.

Base Cost - 100 supplies and 1 building pad (or 225 if you are playing as Sgt.
Forge in skirmish. Upgrades straight to heavy.)
	Gain - +10 supplies every 2 seconds
Upgrade Lvl 1 - Blessed Warehouse. 225 Supplies
	Gain - doubles supplies given

Send Supplies - In skirmish & co-op mode you can send supplies to your allies
with this command by left clicking on an allies Warehouse to request supplies
from them..

INFO: Warehouses are the most critical of base building. you cannot rely on
supplies all spread out around the map, so having a steady stream of supplies
going into your reserve is crutial.

Base Cost - 500 supplies and 1 building pad
	Gain - 1 technology level, 1 temple, and 1 Leader unit


Shield of the Forerunners - 500 supplies & lvl 2 technology
	Gain - All shields are stronger and recharge faster

Followers - 800 supplies & lvl 3 technology
	Gain - +10 to your total population raising it to 50 Covenant soldiers

Medium turret upgrade - 500 supplies & lvl 1 technology
	Gain - Upgrades turret damage and range
Large Turret Upgrade - 800 supplies & lvl 2 technology
	Gain - Max turret damage and range

Age of Doubt - 1000 Supplies
	Gain - 1 technology level. Upgrading this from the temple or taking a reactor
	on the field is the only way to increase technology for the Covenant
Age of Reclaimation - 2000 Supplies & Age of Doubt
	Gain - 1 technology level. (total of 3 tech now)

============== LEADER UPGRADES =================

The Prophet of Regret

Leader power: Cleansing beam

Upgrade lvl 1: Regret's Sentence. 300 supplies & lvl 1 technology
	Gain - Medium strength beam that does more damage
Upgrade lvl 2: Regret's Doom. 500 supplies & lvl 2 technology
	Gain - Larger beam that does more damage
Upgrade lvl 3: Regret's Condemnation. 700 supplies & lvl 3 technology
	Gain - Increases damage of beam further

Combat Upgrades

Upgrade lvl 1: Blessed Immolation. 400 supplies & lvl 1 technology
	Gain - upgrades defensive pod to fuel rod cannon
Upgrade lvl 2: Ancestral Perversion. 600 supplies & lvl 2 technology
	Gain - adds secondary defensive turret to Regret
Upgrade lvl 3: Devine Absolution. 900 supplies & lvl 3 technology
	Gain - Gives Regret full status to fly and classified as arial unit.

Brute Chieftan

Leader power: Vortex

Combat Upgrades


The Arbiter

Leader power: Rage

Combat Upgrades


Base Cost - 150 Supplies & 1 building pad
	Gain - 1 Hall (trains infantry)

// Forces

Grunts - 100 supplies & 1 populiation
	Gain - 1 squad of grunts
Jackles - 100 supplies & 1 population
	Gain - 1 squad of jackles
Hunters - 250 supplies, 2 population & lvl 1 technology
	Gain - 1 pair of Hunters

// Upgrades

Grunt upgrade lvl 1 - Peon. 200 supplies & lvl 1 technology
	Gain - 1 more grunt per squad increasing attack power
Grunt upgrade lvl 2 - Neelder. 400 supplies & lvl 2 technology
	Gain - Grunts get needlers
Grunt upgrade lvl 3 - Deacon. 700 supplies & lvl 3 technology
	Gain - Grunts get additional unit that increases attack

Jackle upgrade 1 - Defensive Gauntlet. 200 supplies & lvl 1 technology
	Gain - Jackles get sheilds to use, break under stress
Jackle upgrade 2 - Beam rifles. 400 supplies & lvl 2 technology
	Gain - Jackles get beam rifles, increased damage vs. infantry
Jackle upgrade 3 - Superior Gauntlets. 700 supplies & lvl 3 technology
	Gain - Jackles get shields that dont break

Hunter upgrade 1 - Bonded Shields. 200 supplies & lvl 1 technology
	Gain - Hunters get sheild to increase defense
Hunger upgrade 2 - Spirit Bond. 400 supplies & lvl 2 technology
	Gain - Hunters get massive attack increase while both are alive
Hunter upgrade 3 - Annihilation beam. 700 supplies & lvl 3 technology
	Gain - Hunters get improved cannon better for assaulting with

Base cost - 150 supplies& 1 building platform

// Units

Ghost - 100 supplies & 1 population
	Gain - 1 ghost scout
Wraith - 350, 3 population, & lvl 1 technology
	Gain - 1 Wraith Tank
Locust - 300 supplies, 3 population & lvl 2 technology
	Gain - 1 locust building killer

// Upgrades

Ghost upgrade 1 - Boosted Ram. 200 supplies & lvl 1 technology
	Gain - increased ram attack damage
Ghost upgrade 2 - Straff. 400 supplies & lvl 2 technology
	Gain - ability to dodge rockets and beams effectively
Ghost upgrade 3 - Scout sheild. 700 supplies & lvl 3 technology
	Gain - Ghosts have shields now

Wraith Upgrade 1 - Heavy shield. 200 supplies * lvl 1 technology
	Gain - Wraiths now have shields
Wraith Upgrade 2 - Scorch. 400 supplies & lvl 2 technology
	Gain - Now scorches area around blast site for extra damage
Wraith Upgrade 3 - Plasma Modulator. 700 supplies * lvl 3 technology
	Gain - greatly increases damage done by plasma turret and plasma mortar

Locust Upgrade 1 - Overdrive ability. 400 supplies & lvl 2 technology
	Gain - taps shield for extra damage in beam shot
Locust Upgrade 2 - Shield amplifier. 800 supplies & lvl 3 technology
	Gain - increases regen. rate for sheilds

Base cost - 150 supplies & 1 building platform

// Units

Engineer - 250 supplies & 1 population
	Gain - 1 engineer (healing unit)
Banshee - 200 supplies, 2 population & 1 technology
	Gain - 1 banshee air unit
Vampire - 250 supplies, 2 population & 2 technology
	Gain - 1 anti air Vulture unit

// Upgrades

Engineer upgrade 1 - State of grace. 250 supplies & lvl 1 technology
	Gain - Increased rate of repair
Engineer upgrade 2 - Harmonious Digestion. 700 supplies & lvl 2 technology 
	Gain - engineers have increased movement

Banshee upgrade 1 - Boost. 200 supplies & lvl 1 technology
	Gain - faster banshee movement around map
Banshee upgrade 2 - Repeating Cannon. 400 supplies & lvl 2 technology
	Gain - faster repeating cannons for more damage
Banshee upgrade 3 - Sacrifice. 700 supplies & lvl 3 technology
	Gain - When banshee is destroyed will attempt to crash banshee into ground
	target to damage it.

Vulture upgrade 1 - Stasis Drain. 400 supplies & lvl 2 technology
	Gain - Beam that drains target to heal vampire
Vulture upgrade 2 - Stasis Bomb. 700 supplies & lvl 3 technology
	Gain - When draining opponent when life is gone explodes the target causing
	area damage


Shield Generators
Base cost - 500 supplies & 1 buliding platform
	Gain - 1 shield generator

Info - shield generators can be built in sequence to supplement the power of
	each other. In other words the more you build the stronger your sheild so
	technically you can have 30+ units locked down in a temple with 7 shield
	generators on it and stay there almost indefinately until you have to let
Gravity lift

info - you dont actually build this yourself, it comes with the keep you build
	but it does give you unique abilities.

Leader Recall - 200 supplies.
	Recalls leader to that base.

Send re-enforcements
	Task units on the gravity lift and they will be sent to your leader as

iii. Special Techs

In game on certain maps you may encounter units and technologies that
you may commendeer and use yourself. These are what I have found so far.

Sniper towers
	Throughout all the skirmish missions and regular missions there will be sniper
	towers that can be garrisoned. These provide increased visibility, defense,
	and attack power for units garrisoned there. They are heavily amplified by
	the type of unit you put there toward specific units. Such as a spartan laser
	or spartan with a rocket launcher vs. airborne units and vehicles and Marines
	vs. grunts. Damage is increased significantly and damage recieved reduced by
Energy barriers
	only in 3 skirmish maps will you find these. They have a garrisonable sniper
	tower that once garrisoned, cannot be passed by any forces. Wall comes down
	when troops destroyed or ungarrisoned. Good for channeling forces or blocking
	off yoru base from attacks.
Fire Cannons
	Large cannons you can garrison after taking out forces and use to assault from
	extremely long range. Good for backing up troops in a hurry and your leader
	power is exhausted. Costs 100 supplies per shot.
Forerunner supply posts
	Garrisonable supply posts you can garrison and gain supplies from at the rate
	of a heavy supply pad or Blessed Warehouse
Forerunner Reactor & ONI Reactors
	Gives 1 technology level while garrisoned
Forerunner Healing Rod
	Only makes one appearance, but gathering your troops around it automatically
creates a healing field that heals anything and everything in range.
Forerunner Troop dispensers
Forerunner Protector dispenser
	+ will produce three types of protectors for you. Offensive, defensive, and
	healing to aid you in and out of battle.

Offensive Protector - 100 supplies & 30 seconds
	Gain - 1 Offensive Protector
	aids 1 unit by providing additional firepower
Healing Protector - 100 supplies & 30 seconds
	Gain - 1 healing protector
	aids 1 unit by providing healing after battle
Defensive Protector - 100 supplies & 30 seconds
	Gain - 1 Defensive protector
	aids 1 unit by providing a personal shield in battle
Sentinel Factory
	+ will produce Sentinels and Super sentinels for you to use in battle.

Sentinel - 100 supplies, 1 population, & 1 technology
	Gain - 1 Sentinel

Super Sentinel - 250 supplies, 2 population & lvl 2 technology
	Gain - 1 Super sentinel
Garrisonable debris
	Similar to sniper towers but consist of things like crashed warthogs,
	downed pelicans, exploded trucks, etc. Hide behind for defensive boost.


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ i. PREFACE ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Halo wars takes place exactly 21 years before the events of Halo 3 sequenced
events begin to take place. Harvest... a planet that was a human colony in a
sector far from human controled territory, was attacked and plauged by the
Jirahharde, or as humans know them, Brutes. These warriors fought ferociously
and were thought to be an easy win, the missions seem like they would only take
a few weeks to clear out the planet and retake Harvest... This... according
to the Captain of the Spirit of Fire, was turned into 5 years of hell.

Murphys law - Everything can go wrong... will go wrong

and it did...

This is the story, and the mission of the Spirit of Fire, originally a cargo
and civilian ship, it was made into a battle carrier outfitted with bays
to hold infantry bunkers, ammo, hangers and deployable bases instead of center
house communities and hordes of civilians. It was also retro-fitted to house a
large Magnetic Accelerator Cannon, or MAC gun and a UNSC AI system to help run
the systems named Serina. Captain Cutter and his crew were valued members of
the UNSC, and this... was how they lived.

\\\ ii. MISSION 1 \\\

 Forces Availible for use -
 Sgt. Forge

 Forces Availible to construct -
 Upgrades Availible to research -
 Black Box Location - Near the end of the level as you approach the energy
 	shield errected to keep you out of the base, you will pass over a small
 	bridge. You should be able to see the box under the bridge and can direct
 	your forces to retrieve it.
 Skull requirement - Kill 100 Grunts
 Skull Location - Just outside the base entrance on the opposite side of the
 	frozen pond.
 Par Time 05:00-12:00
 Score for Gold Medal - 27000+
 Score for Silver Medal - 18000-26999
 Score for Bronze Medal - 12000-17999
 Score for Tin Medal - 11999-0
 Fight your way to Alpha Base - Required. Completion Score - 250.
 	Follow your arrow and fight your way to Alpha collecting forces with you
 	to retake the base as you go.
 Destroy the barrier power source - Required. Completion Score - 250
 	Use marines to pass through and throw grenades at the power nacel to
 	destroy it and let your forces in to retake Alpha Base site.
 Eliminate Covenant in Alpha base - Required. Completion Score - 500
 	Alpha base is the key UNSC installation on Harvest. Eliminate all enemy
 	forces and retake the base to finish out the mission.
 Find and Rescue pinned down Marines [44] - Optional. CS. - 500
 	This is a relatively simple mission, they are all located along your path of
 	travel anyway so you can just buzz over to them and liberate them, enhancing
 	your own unit as a benefit.
 Kill 100 Grunts [100100] - Optional. Completion Score - 500
 	Kill all of the grunts to activate the skulls location on the map then go
 	collect the skull. This is slightly more difficult having it invole not kill
 	ALL enemy forces before you retrieve the skull. Recommend placing a warthog
 	outside the base so you can quickly go and retrieve the skull after killing
 	100 grunts. May take more than 1 try to complete as well.
 Mission 1 Walkthrough
 Welcome to Harvest, the icy hell of the fringe worlds. Starting today, you
 	will be meeting Sgt. Forge, Sergeant on station for the Spirit of Fire in
 	defense of Harvest. You will be controlling him as your leader unit for the
 	mission. You are instructed by Serina and Capt. Cutter to retake Alpha, your
 	Base that has been overrun by Covenant forces. Start by just moving around
	and getting a feel for the controls if you havent done so already in one of
the skirmish modes. Start by following the blue arrow North, there you will
 	find a platoon of marines that has been pinned down and defending themselves
 	from some elites. Liberate them and add them to your forces. Keep moving and
 	following the arrow, you will keep coming upon more squads that have been
 	pinned down by enemy forces that you will need to destroy. Once you free the
 	3rd platoon, you will be close to the base and Serina will inform you that
 	the Covenant forces have erected a force shield on the base. Pass over the
 	bridge that houses the Black box for this level and turn left to see it.
 	Several squads of marines will come from the left, defend them and then have
 	them walk throught the barrier and destroy the power. Oh... guns wont work?
 	well then we just use grenades. Use the Y button on it while selecting your
 	forces to make them launch grenades at the power source, detonating it and
 	letting in the warthogs. Dont go too fast, the UNSC Shortsword is going to
	drop a carpet of bombs on top of the enemy forces in the base taking out the
 	Wraith on the ground. Quickly take out the enemy forces and the mission is

\\ iii. MISSION 2  \\\

 Forces Availible for use -
 Sgt. Forge
 Black Box Location - Inside the northern most barrier to the west.
 Skull requirement - Kill 
 Skull Location - at the base to the SE corner.
 Par Time - 15:00 - 30:00
 Score for Gold Medal - 70000+
 Score for Silver Medal - 50000 - 69999
 Score for Bronze Medal - 30000 - 49999
 Score for Tin Medal - 0 - 29999

 Mission  Walkthrough

	The Opening cutscene shows Forge looking down on the Covenant stronghold 
	openingw hat they called a relic. Really it seems to be from understanding, a
	Forerunner outpost. Whats inside... awaits to be seen. The Arbiter seems 
	unusually tense and demands that it be opened imediately and turns around
	as if he heard Sgt. Forge from behind but he has already moved out of sight.

	Back on the spirit of fire... Capt. Cutter comes to the Observation deck to
	find Anders station set up there. After confronging her she is informed
	that its not safe to go down but insists on going. He grants permission for
	her to go but swears to peel her out if she does run into trouble.

	Back at the relic, the Arbiter is told to destroy the relic by Regret.


	Alright, a real mission. Time to go. This time, your going to be rebuilding 
	Alpha base ontop of the original. Start by contstructing alpha and following
	Serina's orders for a minute, get the feel and then build like hell. You will
	need all the help you can get.

	Build the bae on the given platform and start moving your men to collect 
	supplies around the base that are scattered. After the base is built, she
	will instruct you on what to do from there. Building a barracks, and asupply
	pad are the first two. After the barracks are built, you are instructed
	to create 5 marines to create military force on the ground. After the 5 
	Marine squads are constructed you are given free reign over the base and the
	imposed lockdown is lifted. North, is your target, the forerunner outpost.
	You must take marines and overrun that outpost and claim it. Start by 
immediately creating a reactor and upgrading it. This will give you further
	access to vehicles and upgrades so it will make the trip so much easier.
	Going out either door, you may proceed northward but going out to the West 
	will give you the opportunity to increase your forces further with marines
	pinned down in need of rescuing. Help them and they will join your forces
	to head to the outpost.

	So head out of the base in either direction and Serina will tell you that
	some of the warthog patrols have gone missing... curious. You can either
	check it out or continue on to the north. If you go out of the west side
	you will run up on the first patrol pretty quick. 2 warthogs trapped in an
	energy sheild. Pretty easy, just 1 grunt squad protecting them. After that
	its just walk to the north and take the base there. The only problem...
	is that between you and that base, is a covenant outpost. To take that out,
	you might have to get just a tad bit creative. But just garrisoning troops
	near all the debris should be enough for you to hold off anything they can
	throw at you on the second mission. 
	A good strategy would be to get your hands on a scorpion or two and it will
	be no problem taking out the outpost. You can also create your own outpost 
top of that one if you so desire. After you get a significant enough force,
	send a few squads of marines through the energy shield to take it down and go
	take that Forerunner outpost. The Covenant have placed a giant detonator for
	their explosives in the Foyer of the outpost, destroy it and the mission is

\\ iv. MISSION 3 \\\

 Forces Availible for use -
 Sgt. Forge
 Prof. Anders
 Grizzly Tanks

 Forces Availible to construct -
 Upgrades Availible to research -
 Black Box Location - At the very beginning of the mission turn your tanks
	around and head back and turn right. Follow the path all the way down and
	voila, you have yourself a black box
 Skull requirement - Kill 45 Hunters
 Skull Location - Near the door to the farthest right as you enter the temple
	with the grizzly. Its right next to the power walkway you have to use to
 Par Time 08:00-18:00
 Score for Gold Medal - 45000+
 Score for Silver Medal - 35000-44999
 Score for Bronze Medal - 25000-34999
 Score for Tin Medal - 24999-0
 Fight way to Forge and Ander's Location - Required. CS - 500
	Basically start the mission and locate the Sergeant and his babysitting
	platoon of marines around Anders.
 Move Anders to the other Bridge's Control - Required. CS - 300
	Get her to the other pad so she can open the bridge up.
 Cover Anders while Hacking Bridge - Required. CS - 500
	Just hold off enemies while the bridge is taken down.
 Escape with Forge and Anders - Required. CS - NA
 Get Forge and Anders to LZ - Required. CS - 500
	Finish the mission
 Use Bridge to Kill Covenant Units - Optional. CS - 700
	Activate bridge and drop covenants to their death. Also earns Gamer points
	if you kill 5 or more.
 Kill 45 Hunters - Optional. CS - 700
	Kill all hunters to activate the skull for the level.

Mission 3 Walkthrough

 Starting out you wont have a leader to use, your going to be all by your lone
	self with a couple of grizzly tanks. You have to use these to fight your
	way to Sgt. Forge's position and bail him out. Simple, just use the overly
	umped up tanks to bulldoze down anything in your path. Beware though, there
	are several places around that have methane tanks and turrets that can do
	much more damage if you are close so avoid these. When you reach the place
	where they are pinned down at you need to take out all enemy forces surround
	ing the fortressed area. Not hard, and you have 2 ways of fire so should be
	fast to mop up. For the good news, Prof. Anders has the ability to fix your
	tanks for you. Sgt. Forge will boast alittle about how he modded them but
	just task her ability on the grizzly tanks to repair them cause they might
	need it. Turn around and head back for the energy bridge and all your going
	find is that the bridge has been destroyed by a few disrespectful little 
grunts. Evil little buggers.

	You have to go to the other one and hack in. It will be easy with marines
	and fight your way all the way over. Prof. Anders will be able to activate
	the bridge and get everyone off to safety and now you can also let covenant
	forces cross the bridge as you turn it off, not very nice but it gives you
	objective points. So much for playing fair, lol. It will take her 1 minute
	to activate the bridge, so just mass around her and make sure nothing hits
	her while she is working and the bridge will come online. Cross the bridge
	and start running.

	Pretty much now its smooth sailing, just bulldoze through the forces that
	are remaining. Just make sure to see that anders is alive to get to the LZ
	otherwise its mission over. Get back to the pelican and the mission is over.
	It will cut to a cutscene of the pelican escaping with the sgt and your 
	former post getting overrun, glad it wasnt you down there?

\\ v. MISSION 4  \\\    ARCADIA CITY 

 Forces Availible for use -
 Sgt. Forge in Gauss Warthog
 Spartans (not under your control)
 Black Box Location - 
 Skull requirement - Kill 50 elites
 Skull Location - The skull is going to be just to the west of the location 
	where you place your base near the covenant base in the North Part of the
 Par Time - 21:00 - 23:00
 Score for Gold Medal - 50000+
 Score for Silver Medal - 40000 - 49999
 Score for Bronze Medal - 30000 - 39999
 Score for Tin Medal - 0- 29999
 Clear Covenant from Subway Exit - REQUIRED. CS - 500
	Entry into the level, go and save the civilians and start them toward the
 Protect Civilians and Cargos til launch - REQUIRED. CS - 500

 Mission  Walkthrough

	You will go into a dual series of Cutscenes. The first one is Capt. Cutter
	and Anders talking about what she saw down in the Harvest base site where
	the Forerunner Tech opened up and showed a giant star diagram. This had went
	and pointed at a system called Arcadia and she pleads her case knowing that
	something is up and she wants him to take the ship and follow the points that
	were displayed. He approves it and leaves the lab and she snips at Serina
	after she makes a very sarcastic comment at the commander.

	Next, the captain is on the deck of the cruiser looking out over the planet
	Arcadia. Serina tells him about the battle that had occured there a day or so
	ago when the covenant came out of slipstream before them. 2 ships were down
	and two more damaged. One of them is familiar, the Pillar of Autumn. None the
	less, he sees the pictures sent to the ship from the planet of spartans on
	the ground and he orders an immediate assuault force down to protect the 
	You start out dropped on the battlefield with Forge and 6 Hornets and are
	told to help the citizens to the launch pads. Fight with everything in the
	courtyard so that they can start moving toward the evac stations. Shoot all
	that moves and make sure that they dont get assaulted. Quickly, whithin a
	minute of your countdown to EVAC clock starting at 20 min. the third location
	will radio a distress signal demanding aid and promptly cut to a cutscene of
	it blowing up and trying to take off.

	Dont even bother trying to save it, its part of the plot that it will be
	destroyed. This prompts Red team and Forge to request additional camps on
	the ground to secure their location. There are two base platforms you can
	build on. One at the starting point of the mission and the other is opposite
	the covenant base. Start manufacturing troops and do your best to hold off
	enemy forces.

	The best strategy here is to make airborne troops. Dont assault the covenant
	base, you have nither the time nor the resources to make an assault unit
	large enough unless you start as soon as you are given the green light. I am
	also assuming you are attempting without skulls. With skulls, by all means
	but for gameplay, you need to defend civilians with your lives. Sacrifices
	will be made in this level but its for the good of the people on the ground.
	Try to mass units around transport 1 alot because they attack in sequence. So
	magnifying your position and defending it while using the heal and repair
	power should do the job. Dont do anything brave, it wont work so well.

	Also, there is something about Andy you get to save. I have no knowledge of
	what significance this plays if someone can care to share what this is about
	then that would be of help.

\\ vi. MISSION 5 \\\

 Forces Availible for use -

 Forces Availible to construct -
 Upgrades Availible to research -
 Black Box Location - 
 Skull requirement - 
 Skull Location - 
 Par Time - 21:00 - 35:00
 Score for Gold Medal - 40000+
 Score for Silver Medal - 25000-39999
 Score for Bronze Medal - 15-24999
 Score for Tin Medal - 0 - 14999
 Retreat to Southern Crater - Required. Completion Score 250
	Advancing covenant forces are pushing you back, retreat and hold ground there

 Secure Area by Killing all Covenant - Required. Completion Score 250
	Kill off all covenant in the crater so you can construct a base for forces
	to retreat and gather at.

 Defend Crater and Await Omega Team - Required. Completion Score 750
	Hold off all enemy forces until Omega team is there to help destroy the enemy
	base to the north.

 Destroy The Covenant Base - Required. Completion Score 1000
	Destroy the covenant base and all buildings around it. This includes the
	Mega Turret to the west.

 Construct Second Base - Optional. Completion score 500
	Destroy the Mega turret or the Main Covenant base and build a second base
	near the location.

 Kill 5 wraiths - Optional. Completion score 500
	Destroy them to reveal the location of the skull on the NorthWest corner of
	the map on the destroyed highway.

 Mission  Walkthrough

	Alright, your right there in this mission. You start out retreating. DO NOT
	ENGAGE!!! Just run south to your base site that Serina has picked for you. 

	Once you reach there fortify your position and hold off all intruding enemy
orces while the base is built and clear out any enemies around the base. You
	will be the mainstay of anyone coming to retreat out of the mission space
	Arcadia so you have to defend that spot. You will be told after the base is
	operational that other UNSC troops will be falling back to your position so 
	watch out for them, they will come in handy.

	After ya few minutes you will get conformation that the Covenant are building
	bases and a large mega turret. You will need to take out this turret to be 
	able to construct a secondary objective base. Build a large enough force and
	drive it up to take back your land and knock out the covenant stronghold.
	They dont have much over there so it shouldnt be hard to take them out but
	beware of that turret, cause it will give you problems if you dont take it
	down. To take it out, it is heavily advised to use the cobra anti building
	and other heavy infantry to take it out.

	The easiest strategy is to line the entire road with nothing but soldiers. 
	From the evacuating squads there should be a few troops that are ODST which
	will be great to use but giving yourself time to prepare a heavily armored
	assult, especially on harder difficulties, is heavily advised.

	There are two ways you can go about getting to the base the covenant have
	constructed. You can go straight up the middle which also might be heavily
	foritified if you had not done so yourself, or you can follow a destroyed
	highway up the side and around to the back of the station. Its possible to
	do both and flank them on both sides but difficult to pull off since the 
	other is the slower route than just going up the middle. but it also takes
	you right by where you need to collect the Skull for the level so... nothing

	Either way, when you assuault the base, if you start having too much trouble
	dont worry, Serina has some reinforcements coming for you. Its an entire
	squad of Spartans. They are there to help you out and are actually kinda 
	snotty about it. But no worries, they are here to kick ass and so are you.

	Destroy the base and they will go, and at the end of the mission Capt. Cutter
	calls down to you and says there is a new problem and to get up to the ship.

\\\ vii. MISSION 6 \\\

 Forces Availible for use -
 Sgt. Forge
 Black Box Location - Just south of the 3rd Rhino placement. Take a squad to
	the doors and its right there infront of them
 Skull requirement - Kill 50 Banshee
 Skull Location - Right to the east of your base in a hanger
 Par Time - 15:00 - 30:00
 Score for Gold Medal - 45000+
 Score for Silver Medal - 25000 - 44999
 Score for Bronze Medal - 15000 - 24999
 Score for Tin Medal - 0 14999

 Kill approaching infantry - Required. Completion score 400
	Destroy all forces approaching the base at the begining of the mission

 Request a Rhino - Required. Completion score 300
	Request a rhino for air drop to place it in position

 Get first rhino into position - Required. Completion score 400
	Drive the first rhino up and put it into position

 Place Rhino at Second Position - Required. Completion score 550
	Destroy covenant encampment and place a rhino at position two

 Transport rhino to Position three - Required. Completion score 500
	Airlift a rhino to the third position marked

 Get Rhinos to the last two positions - Required. Completion Score 600
	Destroy all covenant bases and place rhinos at last two indicated positions

 Kill 50 Banshee [5050] - Optional. Completion Score 600
	Destroy 50 banshee to reveal the skull next to base in the hanger

 Destroy the Dome Generators and Air Defenses - Optional. Completion Score 500
	You are given control of the MAC cannon and 40 MAC rounds for a few moments
	so use it to hit any and all targets that look like air and shield targets.
	Serina will clean up the rest.

 Claim two ONI Reactors - Optional. Completion Score 400
	There are two reactors near the base. One to the north and one to the south.
	claim them to increase your tech level for free.

 Mission  Walkthrough

	A Big bubble? Honestly thats all the problem is is a big bubble? Well... its
	no ordinary bubble, this bubble is surrounding covenant forces on the planet
	and well.... we want to take a look inside the bubble now. Covenant Forces on
	the planet Arcadia have dropped a massive dome on the ground and are doing 
	something on the planet. Whatever it may be, its your job to get down there
	and into it. Anders starts thinking aloud and mentions that you could maybe
	use plasma to puncture the dome, and they happen to have some retrofitted
	Rhino Tanks with Plasma launchers over on the other carrier that wasnt downed
	in the first Arial battle. Covninent eh? Well take planetside and you need to
	get these very conveniently availible rhinos into position to destroy that

	Anders is not playable but she is giving commands and takes over the rhinos
	once they are in position. Your job is to position them acording to where she
	thinks is best and let them fire on the shield. Your first objective point is
	directly infront of the base, simple as it may be. Request a rhino from the
	drop pad just north of your base by clicking on the radial dial that appears
	when you activate it and drive it over. Some ODST soldiers will come down and
	help to defend the rhino. Sadly, you dont get to control these soldiers. But
	you will have some help from Rhinos along the way.

	Beware for the base, you will constantly be being buzzed with banshees the
	whole time you are there. Destroy 50 of these and you get the skull for the
	level which appears in a hanger just behind the base. To help you first off,
	there are two reactors right near the base you can garrison that you can use
	to get technology without even trying, this should make defending the base
	somewhat easier if you have some high leveled equipment early on. These are
	located both one to the north of the base and one just south of the base when
	you start.

	The second rhino position will be just to your west, alittle south of the
	first position but theres something fishy... oh wait thats just a covenant
	base camp there. Destroy it for the location and place the second rhino there
	to fire.

	Anders will come on the horn now and say that the Rhinos are there, but she
	needs more of them set up. There is a third location that you can get but
	great... you have to drop in... with opposition... great... Summon a pelican
	and drop right in the middle of the pad and clear it off, then get you a 
	Rhino to place there and your done. It will cut to a cut scene where all 
	three will fire and the shield will temporarily collaps. Alas... more are
	needed and then out of the woodwork Locusts appear. Great... now there are
	more problems. These buggers are tricky, cause they are literaly mini Scarab
	tanks. Locust cannons can take out infantry in a few seconds if left alone.
	Teh best offense against them is the Cobra tanks and scorpions. Otherwise,
	its gonna be a long fight cause infantry do just about nothing to them.

	The last two will be heavily armored so you will need a larger force. I would
	say maybe have a population close to 20 is good for it. Everything should be
	running smoothly at this point and if you jacked a locust from the covenant
	you should be very well off at this point.

	Take the remaining two positions and run rhinos over to them and voila, 
	you got a big bottle of insta shield down. You control the MAC cannon now, 
	with enough rounds to kill everything in there. All you need to focus on are
	air defenses and shield generators however. After you take out those then
	Serina will simultaniously take out all remaining targets with a full burst
	from the MAC cannon. Now to see what they wanted so badly down there.

\\\ viii. MISSION 7 \\\

 Forces Availible for use -
 Sgt. Forge
 Rhino Tanks
 Black Box Location - Just norht of the scarab with a big supply cache.
 Skull requirement - Kill 10 Locusts
 Skull Location - Just to the right of the scarab by its west most node.
 Par Time - 12:00-24:00
 Score for Gold Medal -32000+
 Score for Silver Medal - 20000-31999
 Score for Bronze Medal - 12000-19999
 Score for Tin Medal - 0 - 11999
 Destroy the Super Scarab - Required. Completion Score 2000
	Destroyu the Scarab before it takes out your base

 Destroy all Power Nodes [77] - Optional. Completion Score 750
	Destroy the power nodes to decrease the turning speed of the scarabs head

 Destroy 10 Locusts [1010]
	Kill 10 Locusts to activate the skull location for the level

 Mission  Walkthrough

	The Arbiter starts out, seemingly questioning his faith for the Prophet of
	Regret talks about what his mission is. For a time they speak of why he is
	only doing small tasks and missions and makes it apparently clear he is ready
	to do more than simple tasks and destroy humanity.. not very nice if you ask
	me... But either way he is fed up with just searching empty temples and 
	not being able to fight. The Prophet thinks for a moment and starts to touch
	one of the forerunner devices which turns red at his touch and does nothing.
	He says that the girl that was at the temple followed the same path to where
	they are, reffering to Prof. Anders. He orders her capture and to bring her
	to the temple to examine what she knows. The Arbiter can only sigh and abide
	as he walks away with his task.

	Alright... now here is a battle. You are immediately encountered with a super
	Scarab that you will have to defeat. You start off with only a handful of
	tanks and some warthogs and a whole base with 6000 supplies, sounds simple?
	Well take it with a grain of salt.

	The best strategy to use is just swarm it, start with the warthogs you do
	have and sacrifice one to scout the area. Your going to notice two things,

	First, there are a profusion of Locust Tanks around. They are going to give
	any slow moving equipment trouble. Second, there are 7 nodes laying around
	with cords leading back to the big boss Scarab up on the hill. These nodes
	are supplying power to the scarab to be able to move right now. The easiest
	way in the world to cripple the bad guy is to take away its food right? So
	roll out one of your warthogs to a location and MAC a node. This should give
	you some breathing room to move because that first node cuts the rotation
	speed close to in half. With this, moving around the map gets easier, just
 	stay out of the evil beam of light and you should be fine.

	Warthogs work great alone on this map. Actually its honestly the best way
	to go. Get an entire fleet of warthogs under your command, ONLY warthogs 
	and equip them with Gauss rifles and you should be able to finish the level
	just with that. Take out all 7 of the nodes and all the locusts you can, and
	then just attack the Scarab, dodging back and forth avoiding the head. They
	dont last long in the gaze of the scarab but being able to get out of the
	way is critical and the slower units? they just cant cut it here. So leave
	your marines in the barracks and move on without them.

	If you destroy enough locusts, during the mission the skull will apear near
	powermode most Eastward on the scarabs immediate right.

	About halfway down on health, Serina will come on line and tell you so, then
	you will be swarmed by banshee. Dont panic, it isnt to hard to destroy them
	with 20+ gauss cannons aimed up at them so just keep your warthogs moving.

\\\ ix. MISSION 8 \\\

 Forces Availible for use -
 Sgt Forge
 ODST marines
 Black Box Location - On a cliff just to the right as you enter. Need to loop
	around the beacon and head west to reach it but you can see it from the 
	ground under it.
 Skull requirement - Kill 750 infectious forms
 Skull Location - The skull is at the northern part of the map through a field
	of flood egg sacs
 Par Time - 18:00-30:00
 Score for Gold Medal - 30000+
 Score for Silver Medal - 20000-29999
 Score for Bronze Medal - 12000-19999
 Score for Tin Medal - 0- 11999

 Get to Base Drop Beacon - Required. Completion Score 250
	Fight your way past the Brutes to get to the beacon and set up camp.

 Investigate Echo Team - Required. Completion score 500
	Echo and India have gone missing, find out why.

 Find and Recover Lost Elephants [22] - Required. Completion Score 500
	Both of the Elephants are being held by unknown enemy forces. Retrieve and
	protect the Elephant crawlers.

 Bring All Elephants Back to Base - Required. Completion Score 750
	Return all elephants to base.

 Train Squads out of Elephant - Optional. Completion Score 250
	Train a few infantry units out of a deployed Elephant base.
 Find lost ODST Squads [44] - Optional. Completion Score 500
	There are four ODST Squads that have been lost in the field. Find their 
	Locations and return them to active status.

 Kill 750 Infections Forms [750750] - Optional. Completion Score 750
	Destroy 750 of these to make the skull appear. This is north of the Echo
	team elephant through a field of flood sacs.

 Mission  Walkthrough

	Forge is goofing off after the last mission and while doing some surveying
	asks anders to take a picture of him and a hunk of metal he picked up from
	the Scarabs wreckage. She blows him off and he turns around kinda hurt and
	starts looking around. She turns around too and starts reading funning things
	from her camera which turns out to be the arbiters cloak coming off in front
	of her. Forge not paying attention, he grabs her just as he turns around to
	draw his weapon and he states he is taking anders with him. Forge insults him
 	andd gets attacked by the ariter from behind and is thrown to the ground.
	Anders makes a deal with the arbiter to leave quietly if he lets Forge live
	just as Red Teamm arives. He phones in the attack and they find out Anders 
	is already in slipstream away from the planet. After input from Forge, Serina
	and a Spartan claiming she is a security violation he orders that they persue
	course and resuce her. Serina, being as witty as she was programmed makes the
	comment "So, we left a note saying we're leaving right?"

	The camera pans from a strange planet as two ships exit slipspace in orbit. A
	creature turns around and looks at the camera... one we can only assume is
	a Halo Fans worst nightmare.... Flood.

	On deck, Serina cant tell the Captain where they are as they look out on the
	planet from orbit. There is no sign of Anders but a few rough coordinates
	Serina has been able to calculate. Thankfully, no other Covenant Activity
	seems to stir on the planet but there are strange readings coming from the
	planet itself. Time... to investigate.


	You start on the planet on foot with an Elephant tank pinned down vs... Brute
	Forces? JiralHanae surround your starting position. Easiest way to go is to
	set up the elephant so the turrets block the entryway to your little alcove
	produce as many forces as your heart will desire. Keep trying to break out
	and a team of Spartans will come to bail you out. Thankfully, you can escape
	and head to your beacon. 

	The easiest way to initiate this is just sacrifice some supplies and carpet
	bomb a line of their forces, particularly aim for a brute chopper if you can
	manage. Forge will then ask why Serina said there was no Covenant activity
	while looking at some Brutes. She will explain and then Red team will drop in
	to give some support.

	While you are fighting the Brutes, the other two elephants will fall to enemy
	forces of unknown origin and you are ordered to investigate the incidents to
	make sure that Echo and India squads are ok. Set up your elephant there in
	the clearing so you can get some troops. In the calm if you want, take a 
	squad to the east and flank out to find the Black box for this level on a 
	cliff near the starting point.

	Move out to the west now, and start searching, just follow the wreckage and
	you will find your missing elephants and squads. Fight off the flood and 
	liberate your comrades and bring them to base. You will need to keep ALL 3
	elephants alive for this endeavor. Quickly go about transporting each to safe
	locations since they move very slowly and build up your base quickly to repel
	enemy attacks.

	From the First drop way point, the Elephants are both Due east of your
	location and south east along the path that curves downward. Both of these
	have heavy resistance so be ready for a fight. Typically, flamethrowers work
	wonders here and their flames seem to have an added bonus on flood infantry
	and spores. Dont let your infantry get into spore clouds, otherwise they will
	become infected and begin to attack their comrades after being turned into
	floods themselves.

	Send in your Spartans. On foot they may be slow but their inability to be
	infected and resistance to dying make them invaluable for scouting. Find your
	enemy positions and try to liberate them while renforements come from behind.

	All throughout the area there are egg sacs that contain either supplies or
	more infectious spores, be careful about what you shoot. Exploring here can
	lead you to quick death so be careful. Depending on what you find, Capt.
	Cutter will ask for a report down on the field and Forge will say while
	the camera pans that Echo and India have been comprimised by non Brute forces
	on the planet.

	Liberate the first elephant and transport it back to the new base that has
	been granted to the area. Set up your elephants around it to help defend the
	base and basically add turrets to its disposal. Hold off flood troops while
	you can get a foothold and then move down to rescue the other elephant. I can
	suggest that you leave your elephants behind and produce marines from them
	so you can move faster.

	There are two things to do. Save the Elephant and resuce all of the marines
	that are trapped. After you liberate both you can retreat and end the mission
	to an early creepily end... its not the last time you will fight the flood.

\\\ x. MISSION 9  \\\

 Forces Availible for use -
 Sgt. Forge
 Spartans (later)
 Extra supply pads not attached to base
 Black Box Location - 
 Skull requirement - Kill 20 Flood Stalks
 Skull Location - Its right near where you rescue the spartans behind the
	Large flood colony they are sitting next to. Just east of their crashed 
 Par Time - 18:00-30:00
 Score for Gold Medal - 35000+
 Score for Silver Medal - 20000 - 34999
 Score for Bronze Medal - 15000 - 19999
 Score for Tin Medal - 0 - 14999

 Reinforce Spartan Red Team - Required. Completion Score 400
	Spartan red team has already tried to find anders signal but has been stopped
	by enemy forces. Find them and liberate their position.

 Destroy Flood Boss - Required. Completion score 1000
	The Boss Flood Colony is very strong and also having a strange ability to 
	halt the signal being recieved by Anders' transponder. Destroy this large
	colony to restore the signal so you may continue your assault and find your

 Kill 20 Flood Stalks [2020] - Optional. Completion Score 600
	Kill these to reveal the skull for the level. Near the crash site of the
	Spartan Red Team.

 Have all 5 Flood Colonies dormant at once - Optional. Completion Score 1700
	Damage all five colonies so that they are not producing new or more spores
	and weaking the boss colony at the same time.

 Mission  Walkthrough

	So... Anders has been kidnapped and rough coirdinates have been made. 
	So... lets find her.

	Red team made their way out a while ago, and got pinned down, you need to
	go retrieve them now. Starting off at the base that you created with the
	Elephants from the last mission go aead and make a warthog or two and start
	upgrading your base. You might want some heavy artiliery in a bit. Just to
	the east of the base compound there are some Flood pods that can be attacked
	to release supplies you will need. Everything else, you need to start looking
	for goign into the field.

	Soon, you will find no matter what direction you turn, a mother spawn for 
	flood forces. There are five of these highlighted on your map. One to the
	direct west, 2 to the direct north, one to the north east. Honestly... this
	is one of the easiest missions because you are only dealing with opponents
	that have no sheilding or defenses whatsoever, but it can also be long and
	drawn out if you want it to be.

	If you want the optional objective of taking out all 5 of the spawn areas
	then you need to fan out and find them, you will be given more information
	once you locate one of the 5. Red team will inform you that they saw them and
	put markers on your map for you to locate them. Each of these taken out will
	take health away from the big one back where Red team is pinned down fighting
	at and each one that you make dormant will Take away health. BEWARE!!!
	These things do not die, they just lie dormant. Some... depending will lie
	dormant for only a few minutes or they will stay dormant for the entire
	rest of the mission. So they can come back at any time, it seems to be 
	random when they do.

	Go ahead and fortify your location by finding the garrisonable debris right
	out north of the compound and start making some slightly heavy artilery to
	assault with. Just because they dont die dont mean you hit lightly. Build
	Scorpions or I perfer cobras to battle and maybe one or two wolverines with
	volley skills to deal with the arial bugs your going to be dealing with.

	But... going straight in and facing that big bug up front, you want to have
	plenty of artiliary. If you want to take out all of the other ones first for
	weaking it first OR if you are trying to get the acheivement for it, then you
	want a healthy balance between artilery and Arial units because you will be
	combating that way vs. plenty of ground troops that the hornets do very well
	fighting against.

	Each of the five smaller spawn points is lightly defended with PLENTY of
	infectious forms swarming around. Flood stalks are around too that you can
	shoot. Destroy one of these to get the sub objective for getting the skull.

	The Large boss flood where the spartans are pinned down at has enough stuff
	around it to make a covenant base look weak. But alot of them are slow moving
	or have a short range. Which is why cobras would work so well against them.

	Beware again, the flood pods that launch things from the ground are Terribly
	effective vs. arial units and will decimate them if you just send in some
	hornets or a vulture. Be sure to have that healthy balance when assaulting

	Well it doesnt matter what route you decide to take, with a few squads of
	marines and some artilery, you should be able to take out the boss colony
	with no true problems.

	After you defeat it, Serina gets on the horn again informing you that she is
	picking up a new signal off to the east of your current location. Maybe 
	its anders? Time to investigate.

\\\ xi. MISSION 10 \\\

 Forces Availible for use -
 Sgt. Forge
 Grizzly (Liberate Alpha)
 Elephant (Liberate Bravo)
 Spartans (Liberate Charlie)
 ODST (liberate third platoon)
 Black Box Location - Bravo platoons location is directly beneath the blackbox
 Skull requirement - Kill 350 Swarm (flying flood)
 Skull Location - Between the two pylons north of the base, just below the
	upper pylon.
 Par Time - 20:00-30:00
 Score for Gold Medal - 55000+
 Score for Silver Medal - 40000 - 54999
 Score for Bronze Medal - 20000 - 39999
 Score for Tin Medal - 0 - 19999

 Clear All Flight Paths - Required. Completion Score 2250
	Clear out the flight paths from flood to rescue all three platoons cut off
	from EVAC flights.

 Get  to the LZ - Required. Completion Score 500
	Escort the last platoon out to the landing zone personally. This is just the
	last platoon you choose to liberate.

 Kill 350 Swarm [350350] - Optional. Completion Score 750
	Kill 350 swarm to activate skull location on this level.

 Place Gremlin at Pylons [44] - Optional. Completion Score 1000
	drive some gremlins over and knock out the pylons pulling the Spirit down to
	the planet. This will buy you some time to complete the mission.

 Mission  Walkthrough

	Anders is being held by the covenant at a temple looking place. Truth comes
	to examine their capture, throughly insulting her claiming we dont look like
	such a threat. Anders demands her reason for capture as another elite comes
	to the arbiter. Apparently they have just learned of the Sprit's arival and
	rescue attempts. The arbiter becomes enraged at this, throwing his subordiate
	to the ground and charging off, demanding Truth be returned to High Charity.
	He tells the cast to destroy the Spirit at once, seemingly at all costs.
	The spirit is in orbit as the crew doubts Serina's interpritation of Anders'
	signal. Suddenly she starts saying wierd things and realizing that the ship 
	is being docked by something. The ocean opens up below them and Sentinals
	begin to flood out of the creavice coming toward the Spirit. She gets cocky
	with the captain as he orders all hands to the ship when it starts being
	pulled into the creavase and puts out an APB to return to ship.

	There are 3 platoons that are still on the planet and cant be evacuated. This
	is due to the flight paths being infested by flood and arial flood swarms.
	These creatures are pinning down the three squads rendering them isolated and
	cannot be evacuated. Shortly after the mission starts an EVAC count down
	will appear on screen showing you how much time you have to get all hands
	onto pelicans and back to the ship. This can be altered in your favor by
	use of a handy little device called the Gremlin. These vehicles will emit an
	EMP pulse, rendering any electronic device harmless.

	First the squads... the main mission objectives call for you to rescue these
	three squads. Though they may be pinned down and relatively save themselves,
	getting to them is going to be difficult. Alpha will be the easiest, and 
	Charlie easier than Bravo, but getting bravo out is a trick.

	You have one big piece of help to get you out of this mess, the CRYO bomb.
	This freezes all oponents in range and damages, if not eliminates flying
	targets. This is going to be a big help seeing as how there are hundreds
	of flying swarm targets. Taking 350 of these out btw will activate the skull
	which is south of a tractor beam.

	ALPHA: Alpha is pinned down by the smallest and easiest to manage force to
	help evac. Honestly if you have access to creating more scorpions this one is
	done for you. Get the tanks and marines in position after cryo-ing the area
	and you should be able to liberate Alpha pretty quickly. Once you liberate
	Alpha, you will gain use of one of their Grizzly tank they left behind.

	BRAVO: Bravo is going to be the hardest to liberate, mainly because the 
	concentration of forces is so high within the flight path you need to clear 
	out. You need to have your cryo bomb upgraded at least to Medium level for
	it to have a significant enough effect on the flying swarms, otherwise your
	just freezing them for a moment and since there is such a profusion of them
	you need to be able to knock off a significant amount of them with less
	difficulty as possible. A simple strategy for Bravo would be to use wolverine
	craft to volley targets or Scorpion tanks and their Canister shells. Try not
	to use marines as they would only turn into infected marines and start making
	new targets for you to kill. This entire mission should be as marine free as
	possible for that reason. Vehicles should be the way to go this time because
	the more marines get hit with Spore clouds, the less your forces are AND the
	more their forces are. But after you take out the Swarm Spawn point, it
	shoudl get easier, just needing to concentrate on the things launching balls
	of what looks like snot out at you and some other of the tenticals. Once you
	do finally liberate Bravo, they will leave behind their Elephant for you do
	use. Bravos location is also right on top of the black box for the level.

	CHARLIE: Charlie is going to be slightly easier, just because there are less
	units in the way. In the path are only 5 of the launching flood pods so you
	arnt just wall to wall like you are in the Bravo corridor. Wipe them out and
	get an EVAC to them so you can gain the use of the Spartans.

	Depending on who you liberate last, they will be the ones who will stay on
	the ground and you have to take that position in on foot. You will gain use
	of all the platoons units that have been stranded there and you have to
	transport all of them by foot to the pelican back at the base due to an
	unforseen attack on the pelican. Just hoof it back to base camp with this
	platoon and finish the mission.

	Throughout this mission you will encounter pylons around the area. There are
	4 total around. 2 of them are due north of base camp, one is just above Alpha
	location, and the last is just below Charlie. These tractor beams are what
	is pulling the Spirit down and by putting a Gremlin EMP next to them, you can
	knock them out and also give yourself more time to complete the mission. Each
	pylon is goign to give you abotu 5 extra minutes to finish the mission. The 
	skull for this level is also near the one that is north of the base and
	directly across from Charlie's location. There is an achievement for both
	taking out all the pylons in the mission, and finishing the mission without
	taking out a single pylon. Take your pick, cause you can only get both once
	and not in the same playthrough.

\\\ xii. MISSION 11 \\\

 Forces Availible for use -
 Sgt. Forge
 Black Box Location - This is tricky to describe. Position the camera so you
 are watching the opposite wall passing by from left to right on the screen.
 At the right most portion of the ship while looking this way at the ship the
 black box should be somewhere close to there.
 Skull requirement - Kill 100 Sentinels
 Skull Location - it is behind the command deck on the front of the ship.
	right next to the wings with all the supplies on them.
 Par Time - 20:00-30:00
 Score for Gold Medal - 30000+
 Score for Silver Medal - 15000 - 29999
 Score for Bronze Medal - 10000 - 14000
 Score for Tin Medal - 0 - 9999

 At least one Airlock surviving - Required. Completion Score 750
	Dont let the flood take out all the hatches, otherwise you wont be able to
	fight them off.

 Garrison your Squads into Airlocks - Required.
	Dont let your men get killed by the rings. Put them in the airlocks for
	protection so they dont get swept off by the rings.

 Permanently remove Flood Structures - Required. Completion Score 1250
	Even though UNSC weapons will not fully destroy the structures, the rings can
	and they will. Damage them and get them cleaned off the hull quickly.

 Destroy 100 Sentinels [100100] - Optional. Completion score 750
	Destroy Sentinels that surround the ship. They seem to be helping you destroy
	the flood but right now you cant be to sorry being safe.

 Mission  Walkthrough

	Being pulled into the planet is not your every day activity for the Spirit,
	and all hands are quite nervous about it. Sentinals begin to scour the ship
	cleaning off the Flood on the hull. You find out that this is not only a
	planet, but its a Forerunner Shield World. Or quite literally, a planet size
	bomb shelter, strong enough to hold off Halo ring firing from killing you.

	Beside the point, its pulling you into the big planet thing and you dont
	REALLY want to go... quietly lets say? Well still, flood on the hull is not 
	good either. Serina becomes slightly nervous as the ship passes through the 
	shield world walls. Serina ventures a guess that the ship is being pulled
	through some docking procedure and some significant build up of Flood has
	occured on the aft side of the hull.

	Your main objective is to clean off all flood while also keeping the airlocks
	up and running. Keeping at least one running is imperative to winning and
	so keeping more working gives you a better chance of surviving.

	Start by forming a small army of marines to take out the flood, maybe a Hog
	or two but use alot of marines. You do have the carpet bombs and they should
	come in very handy, especially with that large infestation at the aft of the
	ship. You also have access to Cyclops with the ability to repair the ships
	airlocks after you upgrde them to do so. Well... get moving. Time to work on
	cleaning your ship... just like cleaning barnicles off of a Clipper ship.
	Except well... the barnicles are bigger than you and they want to eat you....

	All goes well until you find out your about to be hit with some ring that...
	well its gonna vaporize you, so you need to garrison your troops quickly
	before it passes. Unfortunately airborne troops cant be garrisoned, so flying
	them backwards through the rings will help minimize the damage done to them.
	All damaged flood have a good chance of being wiped out by it, and smaller
	units dont even stand that chance. So make sure when a ring is passing over
	that you at least damage some of them so that they wont make it through
	the ring sweeps.

	About 2 or three ring passes in you will obtain a pair of vultures that just
	got out of refit and are free to be at your disposal. Use these like any 
	other unit you have and wipe the deck, expecially the units you cant hit over
	the side of the ships. 

	After you successfully damage ALL the flood dens and the ring passes, you
	will have completed the mission.

\\\ xiii. MISSION 12 \\\

 Forces Availible for use -
 Sgt. Forge
 Deck Cannon
 Black Box Location - Near the same location as the last level.
 Skull requirement - Kill 12 Spirit Transports
 Skull Location - On the other side of the command deck where you collected
	the skull from last level.
 Par Time - 15:00 - 30:00
 Score for Gold Medal - 32000+
 Score for Silver Medal - 22000 - 31999
 Score for Bronze Medal - 12000 - 21999
 Score for Tin Medal - 0 - 11999

 Repair the Power Core - Required. Completion Score 1500
	With the collision of the two ships, pieces of debris have broken off and 
	caused damage to the ships power core. Repair this so the ship can retreat
	off the covenant Capital Ship.

 Kill 12 Spirit Transports [1212] - Optional. Completion Score 1000
	Kill 12 transports to activate the skull for this level.

 Keep 1 deck gun alive - Optional. Completion Score 500
	Work so that the deck guns stay operational. They give you extra back up.

 Mission  Walkthrough

	Serina takes the ship out of the cock at full possible spee. unforutnately,
	this is directly on course for the Covenant Warship you were persuing into
	the planet. Even a quick Hard Starbord will not save you and the collision
	is impressive. After the collision the covenant quickly charge weapons
	and open fire on the Spirit who returns fire immediately. Forge is given
	orders to stay on the hull and fight and Serina wonders why noone else
	is freaked out by being INSIDE the planet.

	Unfortunately the collision knocked the reactor core offlinepartially and
	damaged the power core. your main charge is to save it and repair it. Send
	Cyclops units in to fix it immediately and keep them coming. Only use a few
	other units to protect them but the vast majority need to be concerned with
	fixing that core otherwise the ship is going down.

	About the best advice to complete this mission is to have the base rally 
	for one of the airlocks set right next to the core and have that airlock make
	nothing but cyclopses and make no other aditional units. Just have cyclopses
	turning out of there like no tomorrow and focus all your attention on downing
	the spirit aircraft before they have a chance to get to the deck. Hitting
	Making sure that the cyclopses can do their job is imperative and can take
	a painstaking amount of control if you let it but also if you have strategic
	placed personel, you can make sure that not one covenent force even sets foot
	on your deck... alive at least.

	Another good benefit to taking out the spirits instead is that when you take
	out 12 of them the skull place is revealed on the aft side of the ship. Use
	one of your hawks to just run and retrieve it, its just the fastest craft
	you have in your inventory so its quickest. The black box also is over on the
	side of the ship. This time it is on the other side of the ship, not too hard
	to find though.

\\\ xiv. MISSION 13 \\\

 Forces Availible for use -

 Forces Availible to construct -
 Upgrades Availible to research -
 Black Box Location - 
 Skull requirement - 
 Skull Location - 
 Par Time -
 Score for Gold Medal -
 Score for Silver Medal -
 Score for Bronze Medal -
 Score for Tin Medal -
 Mission  Walkthrough


	Anders has been reaquired, now you need to find a way off this miserable
	rock... or more perferably out of it.

	Pinned down there trying to set up an LZ flood will swarm your location.
	fight them off and head to the teleporter after the re-enforcements get
	there and the pelican falls. Task your units on the teleporter and they will
	be teleported to the platform below you. There is a new drop point where you
	will be told to hold your forces. Just hunker down there and fight them off
	until a base zone is located. Take your forces there to claim the base, and
	if you want, a forerunner supply base is just to the north of it. Send some
	troops to garrison that. Just to the south is a Flood den you will have to
	take out periodically that spawns Flood Bombers.

	Get a decent sized force and fend off from all the Banshee attacking you
	from the air. Going back to your teleporter just north of it is a bridge
	that leads to 3 other bases. You have to take all of these. The first base
	will be the hardest to take because you will have reinforcements will be
	coming from all directions.

	After you take the first base, build up a significant force and take a troop
	up the west ramp. You will find a Scarab that the enemy left alone that you
	can aquire with a spartan. If you save it from the flood and take it for
	yourself you can win the rest of the level no problem. Especially vs. the 
	other scarab on this level, yes... there is another scarab on this level.

	Take over three of the main bases and prep, that last base isnt going to
	be easy to take on account of the scarab tank in your way. A good idea is to
	take out the banshee launcher to the immediate west of the topmost base

	After you have a large enough force, take them up either using the teleport
	or pelicans to the top and invade. The Scarab tank is on the large set of 
	stairs looking down and is surrounded by Hunter units. Use your leader power
	and also use the scarab tank you aquired to take it out quickly. Also, if you
	use the Scarab to take out 25 units for an achievement.

	Take out the fourth base to the south and the mission will imediately be over
	and cut to a cutscene.

\\\ xv. MISSION 14 \\\

 Forces Availible for use -

 Forces Availible to construct -
 Upgrades Availible to research -
 Black Box Location - 
 Skull requirement - 
 Skull Location - 
 Par Time -
 Score for Gold Medal -
 Score for Silver Medal -
 Score for Bronze Medal -
 Score for Tin Medal -

 Mission  Walkthrough


	This mission is by far probably the most difficult mission of all, especially
	on the harder difficulties. You have to take the massive FTL drive up the
	slopes and deposit it to be exploded in the sun. THE SUN!!! yeah... to hot
	for ya yet? Well its about to get hairy too so lets get it on! In true
	Halo fashion the covenant and the flood are both fighting you this time and
	actually have little regard for fighting eachother like they did in the
	past few levels. They are concentrated on killing you.

	Elephants are the only things that will pull the ftl drive, the only thing,
	is DO NOT LET IT ROLL!!!! If you are on a slope and you have troops behind 
	it and the elephant goes down it will destroy all your troops.

	There are two enemy bases you have to worry about. Up the first ramp, and
	at the top of the third ramp up. I would advise before even moving the FTL
	drive to conquer both of these bases and hold them before continuing with 
	the elephant up the ramps. Mainly cause if you lose the FTL drive, it will
	kill all your troops and restart the mission, but also if it takes damage
	it will begin to hamper your ability to see. So right before it gets 
	critical damaged it will turn everything on the screen hinting it blue in
	a bright flourecent color.

	But strategy time, march up the first ramp to take the base, and build
	up. I would recommend before taking the second base to have the ODST troops
	because you can put someone right below the ledge and launch your troops up
	to the third base and have them assualt and conquer the base quickly. Too
	bad you cant use pelicans on the ground for support but the planet really
	doesn't like you flying. It even states in one of the recoverable logs that
	Capt. Cutter believes that the planet itself doesn't want things flying on
	the surface and the dust clogged the engines like it was alive.

	After taking the bases, have the Elephant pull the FTL drive up to the star
	pad and place it there to end the mission.

\\\ xvi. MISSION 15 \\\

 Forces Availible for use -

 Forces Availible to construct -
 Upgrades Availible to research -
 Black Box Location - 
 Skull requirement - 
 Skull Location - 
 Par Time -
 Score for Gold Medal -
 Score for Silver Medal -
 Score for Bronze Medal -
 Score for Tin Medal -

 Mission  Walkthrough


	Last mission but not the most difficult. Your only objective to matter is
	activating the teleporter. There are 6 pads you have to activate, and only
	a few forerunner markings to find out how to use them. First, you have to 
	clear the area of everything but humans. We are the only ones who can
	use the technology.

	Each pad is linked, with which ones? Well each pad points to the pad opposite
	itself so its easy to predict that they are linked with the ones acrossed
	from eachother.

	Activate all 3 sets of pads and you will complete the mission, and the game.

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