Multiplayer/Skirmish Guide by SPARTAN686

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Halo Wars
Skirmish/Multiplayer Strategy Guide

Sup.  My gamertag is BKLounge686, and I am an avid Halo fan.  My main played 
games are Halo 3 and Halo Wars, with a little bit of other FPS games like 
Half-Life 2 and COD, any of them.  I also have a PS2 with many FPS games.  My 
Halo 3 rank is a Brigadier General, and my Automatic difficulty level in Halo 
Wars is currently at 123.

Anyways Iíve decided to write this guide for Halo Wars.  This guide is only 
going to cover Skirmish and Online Multiplayer; I will not cover the campaign 
here, but if you have questions I will be happy to respond.  I will go over 
different strategies for 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 Leaders, as well as strategies for 
different maps, but those will not be as in-depth.  Map strategies will 
mainly be for special features for each map, like the timed light bridges on 
Terminal Moraine or the Sentinel factories on multiple maps.  I will not go 
over EVERY SINGLE combo of Leaders because that will take too long; I will 
just go over my best strategies.  Also, I am not so good with certain 
leaders, so I will spend less time on them if any.

Please do not steal my information.  I worked hard to think of these 
strategies and was kind enough to share them with you.  If you wish to use my 
information, please email me for permission.  My email will be posted at the 
bottom.  If I do find out you stole my work, I will hunt you down and get my 
friend to steal your account (just kidding) (or am I?).  Anyways please donít 
steal my work.  Thanks.

This is my first attempt at a guide, although I always thought Iíd be good at 
writing them.

That took a while to get to this:

1. General Tips on game play
a. What to always do
b. What should be avoided
c. General Gameplay Tips, Unspecific

2. Individual Leader Characteristics
a. Covenant
i. Prophet
ii. Chieftain
iii. Arbiter
b. Human
i. Cutter
ii. Anders
iii. Forge

3. 1v1 Tactics
a. Covenant Leaders
i. Rush
ii. War
b. Human Leaders
i. Rush
ii. War

4. 2v2 Tactics
a. Covenant and Covenant
i. Rush
ii. War
b. Human and Covenant
i. Rush
ii. War
c. Human and Human
i. Rush
ii. War

5.3v3 Tactics- I will not go over every individual combo because that would 
take forever.  I will just let you know the 3 best tactics Iíve used and seen 
a. Prophet-Brute-Arbiter
b. Prophet-Brute-Cutter
c. Prophet-Arbiter-Forge

6. Map-specific Tips
a. Beasley Plateau
b. Chasm
c. Blood Gulch
d. Release
e. Fort Deen
f. Tundra
g. Pirth Outskirts
h. Crevice
i. The Docks
j. Labyrinth
k. Repository
l. Terminal Moraine
m. Frozen Vally
n. Exile
o. Non-map-specific Features
7. Contact Information
8. Legal Junk

This section will just cover the basic, soon-to-be common sense things to do, 
either at the start of the game or if preparing for the long-run.  There are 
things that should be done, things that shouldnít be done, and just general 
unspecific tips.


There are many things that should always be done in any gametype:

i. Always use your starting unit to search for crates, which helps a lot in 
the beginning of the match.

ii. Get a Temple/Reactor early.  These are critical for having a prolonged 

iii. As a Covenant, always build a Shield Generator on your bases; usually 
one on the first one, and two on the others.

iv. Use the Covenant Leader Teleporter for quick movement of new troops.  
This helps get units to the action quicker and with surprise.

v. For Human Leaders: build at least 1 turret in front of your base, usually 
later in the game.  Covenant Leaders should have a shield for protection.

vi. Build up a small army of cheap units like infantry or Leader Units for a 
preliminary defense.

vii. LEADER RECALL if your Leader is almost dead!

viii. Use Leader Powers when appropriate (duh).

ix. Last but certainly not least: Upgrade Supply Pads and Warehouses.  Kind 
of common sense, right?

Iím not saying that these should never be done; I just do not recommend them.

i. Do not leave your base completely unguarded in the beginning.

ii. Do not spend resources early on improving units (I break this rule all 
the time, but I am able to hold off on my own with just a Leader for a bit).

iii. Do not just let your units run wild and attack whatever.  Try to 
segregate them into squads and micro-manage them.

iv. Do not focus on building one, strong unit, like a Scarab.

v. Last but not least: Donít believe that your opponent is doing the same 
strategy all the time.

Just some unspecific tips to use for any Leader or Map.

i. Take over Bonus Reactors and Forerunner Supply Pads. These help by 
providing points by killing rebels, the crates rewarded after killing all 
rebels, and saving or giving you money.

ii. Turrets cost relatively a lot in the beginning, but they help against a 
rush big time.

iii. Go for many units early, and then upgrade them.  A fast army is good to 

iv. Bigger is not always better.  Better to have a bunch of weaker units than 
something like a Scarab.  Big units take a long time and a lot of resources 
to make and they can only attack one target at a time.

v. Quantity over Quality: More units are better than one superunit because 
they can be divided up easier.  Example: I took down a Scarab with a bunch of 
Elite Honor Guards. Scarabs can only attack one Elite at a time; Elites 
ganged up on it within its field of fire and busted it.

vi. Multi-task in two ways.  First, divide up your army into squads and make 
each squad attack different targets. Second, flip between your base (to make 
more units or upgrade them) and the battle (to control the fight).

vii. Look for crates.  They help your small resources cache expand early; 
each crate gives you 30 and they are mostly in bundles of 3.

viii. If you want to build a Field Armory, make sure you destroy it when 
youíre done upgrading what you want, otherwise it just takes up space.

ix. If the battle seems like it will take 15 minutes or longer, build a 
second base and load it with supply pads and reactors.

x. If you are building only one type of unit, like only vehicles or marines, 
eventually build two of the building that makes them, having one on each 
base.  This helps in two ways: first, you can build units two at a time; 
second, you can upgrade in one building and build in another.

This is just a quick description or each leader and his/her individual 

a. Covenant Leaders

i. Prophet of Regret

- Leader Power: Cleansing Beam- calls down a beam from an orbiting ship to 
plaster units with plasma.  Upgraded to increase strength and width.  WILL 
HURT OWN UNITS! However, the Prophet is unaffected in terms of health; if 
flying, he will get knocked down if in the beam.

- Leader Upgrades: Blessed Immolation: get Fuel Rod cannons on chair; 
Ancestral Perversion: get Protector Units that attack nearby units; Divine 
Absolution: upgrades to a full-fledged flying unit.

- Special Unit: Elite Honor Guards: they can only attack ground units and are 
really effective against infantry; upgrade to get cloak Y ability and 
personal shield.  Cost 150 resources

ii. Brute Chieftain

- Leader Power: Vortex- uses hammer to create a vortex that draws in debris, 
which causes more damage.  Upgraded to increase power and size.  WILL HURT 
OWN UNITS! Chieftain is unaffected.

- Leader Upgrades: Inheritance: basic attack can stun units; Birthright: pull 
units towards him; Destiny: increases range of stun.

- Special Unit: Brutes: good against ground vehicles and buildings; can be 
upgraded to get jump packs and an electric stun to their Brute Shots.

iii. Arbiter

- Leader Power: Rage- FUN! Arbiter goes nuts and does massive damage; 
controlled by player.  Upgraded to restore health per unit killed, decreases 
cost to sustain it, and makes him and surrounding units stronger.

- Leader Upgrades: Fiendish Return: reflects some damage; Vicious Blades: 
increases attack strength and damage reflected; Ghastly Vision: constant 

- Special Unit: Suicide Grunts- Y ability makes them explode upon contact; 
very strong attack, even against buildings, but kills them.  Upgrade to run 
faster when charging and increase splash damage.

b. Human Leaders (all Human Leaders can use the Pelican Transport to move 
units, the Disruption Bomb to stop Leader Powers, and the Regenerator to heal 

i. Captain Cutter

- Special Ability: MAC Blast- shoots a large gun from space to do massive 
damage.  Can be upgraded to increase the number of rounds from 1 to 4.

- Special Unit: Elephant- can be locked down to spawn infantry; upgraded to 
go faster, get more armor, and get a defensive turret when locked down.

- Super Unit Upgrade: ODSTs- gives Marines a Shotgun and makes them stronger. 
Can be dropped from space on any un-fogged area. Really fun and annoying.

ii. Professor Anders

- Special Ability: Cryo-bomb- freezes units and buildings so they cannot 
attack or build units; also, frozen Reactors do not work.  Can be upgraded to 
increase size and make it kill most air units.

- Special Unit: Gremlin- EMP gun that stuns non-infantry units. Cannot attack 
air units and weak versus infantry. Can be upgraded to increase range and 
make the EMP chain through adjacent units.

- Super Unit Upgrade: Hawk- gives Hornets a laser gun. Really fun.

iii. Sergeant Forge

- Special Ability: Carpet Bomb- bombs a stretch of land; only damages ground 
units, but sometimes when placed directly underneath air units, some will be 
damaged.  Can be upgraded to strengthen it and increase length of run.

- Special Unit: Cyclops- Building killer; cannot attack air units. Cool 
animation upon killing infantry and vehicles. Have a Y-ability that allows 
them to throw debris at enemy units.  Can be upgraded to heal friendly units 
and improve speed.

- Super Unit Upgrade: Grizzly Tank- gives Scorpions a second cannon and tons 
of armor.  Really strong, both in health and damage dealt.

3. 1v1 TACTICS- Strategies to use when youíre all alone.  Iíll only give one 
rush per leader and one long-term strategy.  If they donít work, then youíre 
doing it wrong.  Just ask me if you need assistance.

a. Covenant

i. Most Covenant leaders will have roughly the same strategies with few 
differences; mainly, upgrade the Arbiter in reverse order, and use the 
Chieftainís Leader Units.  What you must do in the beginning is to build 
Warehouse, Temple, Warehouse.  While they are building, use your starting 
unit to find crates.  Try to steal enemy crates first, but don't forget about 
your own crates.  When your Leader is built, send him towards the enemy base, 
gathering crates along the way.  Immediately start the attack with your 
Leader, first hitting any buildings that make units.

When you have enough money, upgrade your Leaderís basic attack, and then 
build another Warehouse.  Upgrade a Warehouse while that is building, then 
follow that with a Shield Generator.  Upgrade all your Warehouses, then 
upgrade your base to a Citadel.  Build either a Hall or a Summit (depending 
on what your opponent is making, build a counter-unit to it), then another 
Warehouse.  While these are building, upgrade the Leader Power

While your Leader is attacking the baseís surrounding buildings, start making 
units in whatever building you made and set your Rally Point on the 
teleporter to that they automatically teleport to your leader.  Use them to 
help your Leader destroy the enemy's buildings that make units, then attack 
the Reactor/Temple.  When that is gone, hit the main base.  Removing extra 
buildings makes the overall main base weaker, but it doesnít award any 
additional points.  If anything is about to be built, be it units or turrets 
or buildings, get to them before they become a threat.  Spawn-kill units and 
keep your counter-units for them in front of the base to take them out.  If a 
building is under construction, destroy it before it finishes; they have less 
health when being built. Just remember to keep building units to end the 
enemy's pain faster.

ii. If the rush fails, then you need to recall your Leader and use your 
Leader to get another base.  On that base, build two Warehouses and a Shield 
Generator.  Keep building units, but put your base on lockdown.  Upgrade your 
second base and put down another Warehouse and Shield Generator.  Upgrade 
those Warehouses, upgrade your unit in your Hall/Summit, and wait to go into 
the Age of Doubt.  When you do, upgrade your Leaderís combat attack first, 
then upgrade your units in your Hall/Summit.  On your second base, upgrade it 
again, and build another Hall/Summit, and whatever you didnít build before.  
At the Summit, build an Engineer to heal your Leader if needed.  Then upgrade 
your Leader Power, keep building more units, and then WAIT.

While waiting, upgrade your Engineer to make him heal units faster, and send 
him behind your base to keep him safe.  Now you may be asking "Why are we 
waiting? And what are we waiting for?"  The answer is simple: playing defense 
gets more points.  Max out in population, go into the Age of Reclamation, and 
upgrade everything!  Also, get to researching stuff in your Temple, most 
importantly Followers.  Then max out in population again.  When the enemy 
attacks, play defense hard.  Use your counter-units against the units they 
were made for.  Use your Leader for a bit, then try to quietly send him away 
towards the enemy base.  While playing defense, keep building more units, and 
send your Leader to the enemy's main base.  Do this because if the enemy is 
Covenant, it will most likely have one Shield while others have two.  Or if 
the enemy is Human, it will take longer for their units to get back.  When 
playing defense, constantly select all units and send individual unit types 
to counter specific units.

Then use your Leader to attack.  Wait for the enemy units to let off the 
attack, then start sending in units via the Leader teleporter.  Then, do the 
same thing that you were doing while on defense.  If counter units run out of 
units to counter, then use them to help your Leader attack buildings.  Also 
to help out, use your Leader Power against clustered groups of units to 
remove them quickly.  The key here is persistence.  Keep building and sending 
in units, never letting up and giving your enemy time to rebuild.  This 
should merit a victory with a ton of points as well.

b. Human

i. Human tactics are different for each Leader.

- Cutter should go with two Supply Pads and a Reactor and build an Elephant 
after your Warthog finds crates.  When the Elephant is built, send it over 
close to the enemy base and lock it down.  Build more Supply Pads and spam 
infantry out of the Elephant.  Get about 5 Marines and a few Flamethrowers 
and go attack the enemy base starting with Turrets and units, then buildings 
that make units, then Reactors or Temples, and finally the base itself.
Remember to use the Grenade ability as many times as possible.  Constantly 
send out Marines, and replace any Flamethrowers that you might lose.  
Eventually build another Reactor and a Barracks so you can upgrade your 
Marines.  If you need to, MAC either a main building or a large group of 
enemy units to speed things up.

Tip: When rushing with the Elephant, try to spare an extra 300 resources to 
train a Spartan.  Then put that Spartan in the Elephant.  This not only makes 
it stronger, but also it cannot be hijacked by enemy Spartans.

- Anders should also build two Supply Pads and a Reactor, but upgrade your 
Warthogs to get chainguns.  Then build Warthogs constantly while building 
more Supply Pads.  Once you have about 4-5 Warthogs, go attack the base.  
Build a second Reactor and upgrade to get the Grenadier.  Eventually build 
another Reactor and then an Air Pad.  Upgrade your Hogs first, then go for 
Hawks while still cranking out Hogs.

- Forge should build two Supply Pads and a Reactor.  Then build another 
Reactor and a Vehicle Depot.  As soon as your Depot is done, build a 
Scorpion.  My record is starting construction of a tank in less than three 
minutes.  Build one or two of them, then upgrade your base.  Build two more 
Supply Pads and build more tanks.  When you have about three of them, send 
your Warthog to the enemy base and use your Pelican Transport to drop off the 
tanks closer to the base, then attack.  If done within 6 minutes, the enemy 
should have little defense since they are probably upgrading units or 
preparing a Warthog or Infantry rush.  Send in about two more tanks, then 
wait and upgrade a Reactor.  If there are a lot of enemy units, don't forget 
to Carpet Bomb them.  When the Reactor is upgraded, upgrade your tanks to get 
Canister Shell, making them more effective against infantry, especially 
Leaders. If it isn't working with just tanks, although it should, upgrade 
Warthogs and use them for a quick backup.  Still focus on upgrading your 
other Reactor, just in case things don't go as planned.

ii. Human tactics are different for each Leader, but are mainly about getting 
the superunits.

- Cutter should go for ODSTs, but not ONLY ODSTs.  Upgrade a Reactor and get 
a second base.  On this base, build Supply Pads, a Field Armory, and either a 
Vehicle Depot or an Air Pad, your call.  Upgrade to get the Medic, then 
upgrade your second base.  Research Reinforcements, then start upgrading 
other units.  Eventually go for ODSTs still but don't focus on them.  On your 
base, just build more Supply Pads, and upgrade other ones.  When you get 
ODSTs, don't build them. Focus on fully upgrading other units, and start 
building those.  Also try to upgrade your MAC blast.  When you have about 20 
population, make sure you have 1000 resources, or that you will have them 
when you start the attack, then attack.  As soon as you attack, drop in ten 
ODSTs and immediately use their Y-ability to blow up some units or a 
building.  Then wait for the ODST drop to FULLY recharge to ten.  When it is, 
drop in ten more and use their Y-ability again.  Don't forget to MAC Blast 
though.  Use it on large groups of units first, then take out individual 

P.S. Make sure to take out the Covenant Leader early, either with other units 
or by dropping in ODSTs and rocketing him.  The Leader is the Covenant's main 
advantage besides the Shield, so take him out early to reduce damage caused 
by him.

- Anders should work on Hawks and any other unit that takes out the enemy's 
counter-air units.  If against a Human, build Cobras.  If against a Covenant, 
build Wolverines.  Upgrade them, too.  Do the same thing on the second base 
as you would with Cutter, and when you have half your population in Hawks, 
attack with them first but keep your support units close by for a quick 
counter.  When the enemy inevitably sends in counter-air units, send in your 
backup.  Take out their counter units quickly and then hit the bases.  Since 
players usually go for counter units to Human superunits, this strategy will 
most likely work, at least against Covenant guys.  Since Human players will 
have their super units and counter units, use your Hawks to take out their 
super units and use your other units to take out their counter units.

- Forge should just focus on getting Grizzlies and air units.  Since the 
enemy will build counter-vehicle units, like Cobras and Hunters, build air 
units.  These counter units cannot hit air units, so remove them first.  Do 
the same thing with a second base, and make three Grizzlies, put Spartans in 
them, and fill the rest of the population with air units.  While attacking 
with air units, if the enemy sends in other units, send in your Grizzlies to 
remove them quickly.  Don't forget to Carpet Bomb their units.

4. 2v2 TACTICS- Basic tactics to use when you go in with the buddy system, 
which actually helps a lot here.  Same thing as with 1v1 stuff; just one rush 
and one long-term.  However, these strategies are not perfected and are 
merely what worked for me most of the time.  They are more vague than 1v1 and 
3v3 strategies because I donít play 2v2 as much as those.

a. Covenant and Covenant- this should only be used if you expect to win fast, 
and I mean FAST!  This setup is mainly for rushing; Covenant are more geared 
for rushes, while Humans are better for a long-term war.  IMPORTANT: Make 
sure to attack the enemy player that will cause the most trouble in the rush 
first to make sure he will not counter effectively.  ALSO IMPORTANT: For the 
long run, attack the better player.  This depends on a number of things, like 
rank and what character the player is.  The main guy to go for first is 
Forge.  He will most likely be upgrading (or trying to upgrade) tanks, 
leaving him under the watchful eye of his teammate, who can be taken down 
quicker with two rushing Leaders.

i. Basically, the same thing goes for 2v2 as with 1v1.   Build in this order: 
Warehouse, Temple, Warehouse, using your first unit to find crates.  Send 
your Leader towards the enemy base.  This is where it gets different: focus 
each player on a different unit.  Have one player make his special units, and 
have the other player build either a Summit or a Hall, depending on the enemy 
and what they are doing.  If a Summit is built, build Banshees.  If a Hall is 
built, build Jackals first and then build Hunters.  Just be sure to upgrade 
the non-special units at least once.  However, if one of you is the Arbiter, 
just focus on upgrading his Leader Power, then have him build a Hall.  If one 
of you is the Chieftain, have him build Brutes only, since they are the best 
Leader units.  For the Prophet, have him build Elite Honor Guards instead of 
Jackals because the Honor Guard is very strong against infantry units.  Then 
the same as 1v1 applies: teleport them to your Leader and attack important 
buildings first.

ii. If the rush fails, then recall your Leader and start to build counter 
units to the enemy units.  If the enemy is made of both Humans, counter their 
super units.   If they are Covenant, then just adjust on the fly, but still 
make Jackals to take out the Leader.   Also similar to 1v1, but have each 
player focus to counter one type of unit.  For example, if facing Cutter and 
Anders, build and upgrade Jackals and Vampires.  Devote about two-thirds of 
your army to the counter units, and then have both players build special 
units for support. Just make sure to attack one enemy base at a time; do not 
split your army because that makes it easier to destroy.  Also, make sure the 
enemy does not recapture the base you just destroyed.

b. Covenant and Human- Probably the best combo.  It doesnít matter what 
Leaders you are, because they are all pretty good combos.  Also, donít forget 
to use the Disruption Bomb to block enemy Leader Powers.

i. Have the Human player stay back and start working on super units.  
Meanwhile, send the Covenant guy off to attack.  Attack the Human player 
first; if two Humans are the enemy, attack Forge, because Grizzlies are the 
hardest to take down out of the super units, even with Hunters.  If your rush 
starts to falter, have the Human guy send in some upgraded Warthogs which he 
should be making alongside super units.  If playing against two Covenant 
guys, have the Human build Flamethrowers and the Covenant guy build Jackals, 
but upgrade both first.  Against two Covenant guys, focus on stopping the 
inevitable rush.  Then, as soon as their Leaders die or retreat, send in your 
Covenant Leader and any remaining Humans units immediately towards the base 
whose Leader was weakened worse or killed.

ii. A little different.  Have the Human Leader focus on getting super units.  
Meanwhile, have the Covenant player build counter-units of the enemy's 
counter-units to your Human's super units.  If confused, here: if your Human 
is Forge, build Jackals to take out Hunters, or Hunters to take out Cobras.  
If your Human is Anders, build Vampires to kill enemy Vampires, or Hunters to 
destroy Wolverines.  If the human is Cutter, this is different because Cutter 
should only use ODSTs as support and not as his main army.  Complement his 
forces with Banshees, which are effective against mostly everything.  Just 
don't forget to upgrade Leader Powers for both players.

c. Human and Human- The hardest combo to defend against a Covie rush, but if 
you survive the chance of winning increases.  Just donít forget to Disrupt 
enemy Leader Abilities around your base.

i. NOT ADVISED!  If you have two Humans, the best thing to do is defend 
against the rush unless you have two Cutters.  Two Cutters should use the 
Elephant Rush.  If you donít have two Cutters, build flamethrowers to defend 
against rushes.  They work surprisingly well against Leaders and infantry 
units.  Warthogs with chainguns work well too.  Two important things, though.  
First, focus on the Covenant Leader first while ignoring other units until he 
is dead.  This way, units will stop teleporting in.  Second, if they come and 
you find yourself unprepared for some reason, put your base on lockdown and 
build flamers.  When you have about ten of them ready, unlock your base.  
This way, your defense wonít be spawn-killed upon being built.  Just be 
careful while fighting the rush.  The Covenant Leader will run around the 
base and teleport in units.  Surround him by sending flamethrowers around 
both sides of your base, then dropping the Disruption Bomb when you have him 
pinned.  Then take him out and start going for the rest of the units.  Hold 
off the rush, and then immediately go on the offensive, before the enemy can 

ii. Much better suited for two Humans is the long term war. Have the Human 
with cheaper super units upgrade them first, then the other.  When you have 
two armies of super units, attack.  Against Human and Covenant, hit the Human 
first to take out his probably-already-built super units, but watch out for 
the Covenant Leader and reinforcements.  Against two Covies, attack either 
one first; it doesnít really matter because they both use pretty much the 
same tactics.  Against two Humans, take them out in this order: Forge, 
Anders, Cutter.  Forgeís Grizzlies are super strong, so take them out before 
they're ready.  Anderís Hawks are strong, but they can be easily countered 
with Wolverines.  Cutter can be countered by Flamers or tanks, but watch out 
for them dropping in behind you.

5. 3v3 TACTICS- For the most fun; the way Halo Wars was meant to
be played.  For the record, two friends and I can take out Heroic

a. Prophet-Brute-Arbiter

- This is basically an all-out rush against one player by all three Leaders.  
Use the Prophet to take out Rebel/Flood units around Teleporters or 
Forerunner Reactors because of his shield, and share amongst yourselves these 
bonuses.  Then, have each Leader attack one playerís starting base, usually a 
Human Leader.  If there is a Covenant Leader or two, focus on killing them 
first, then destroy the Humanís base.  Have the Prophet build either Banshees 
or Wraiths, have the Chieftain build Brutes, and have the Arbiter just use 
his Rage Mode to kill any enemy units.  If you keep it up you should be able 
to destroy one base at least, which slows down that player immensely or 
completely knocks him out of the fight.  If you have some downtime, use the 
Prophet to take the enemyís bonus Reactors, and immediately start the attack 
on the next player.  However, if the first player was not defeated, look for 
his second base; it should be non-upgraded and unprotected.

If for some reason the rush fails, have the Prophet and Chieftain build the 
same units they were building before, but upgraded, and have the Arbiter 
focus on getting a couple of Scarabs and some Engineers.  Use the Engies to 
heal your Leaders, and then have them follow the Scarabs wherever they go.  
Send the Scarabs to one playerís base and have all three Leaders attack 
anotherís base.  Make sure your fully-upgraded Brute army is close-by, and be 
ready to boost in the Banshees or teleport in the Wraiths as soon as your 
Leaders go in.  When the Leaders engage, boost the Banshees in, jump the 
Brutes in, and/or teleport the Wraiths in.  Have the Leaders focus on killing 
enemy units and have your armies focus on surrounding buildings and then the 
base.  While this is going on, make sure your Scarabs are handling the 
situation at the other base.  The opponents will be torn between which attack 
to defend against, causing one to ultimately succeed most of the time.  Then, 
use the armies to converge on the final playerís base.

b. Prophet-Brute-Cutter

- This isnít much different than the above strategy because this still 
focuses on the main rush to win.  Have the Prophet and Chieftain build the 
same units as above, and have Cutter do an Elephant Rush.  From the Elephant, 
build Marines and some Flamethrowers, using the Marines to help take out the 
base and the Flamethrowers take out enemy infantry, along with the Covenant 
Leaders.  If need be, MAC either an important structure or a large group of 
enemy units.  Then proceed to the next base, keeping in mind to upgrade units 

If this rush fails, it is still similar to the above tactic with the Prophet 
and the Chieftain.  Use Cutter to fully upgrade to ODSTs and his MAC blast, 
and use the Leaders in the same way as above to start the attack.  As soon as 
the attack begins, have Cutter drop in 10 ODSTs and immediately use their 
rocket ability to take out or severely damage a building or turret.  If you 
can spare the time, Cutter should also try to get some Hornets or Scorpions 
up to help with the attack, since ODSTs are mainly a support unit only.  The 
main difference between this and the above strategy is that instead of 
attacking two bases at once, you throw your entire force at one base to crush 
it immediately.

c. Prophet-Forge-Arbiter

- This again is similar to the first strategy in dealing with how the Prophet 
and the Arbiter act.  As Forge, there are a few different approaches you 
could take.  They all involve Wolverines, Grizzlies, and Spartans.  The main 
units you need to make are the Spartans, and when they are done blow up the 
Barracks to build a Vehicle Depot.  Use the Spartans to destroy some Rebel 
bases or whatnot to gain some experience.  Then either build three Wolverines 
or three Scorpions and put your Spartans in them.  Make a second base with a 
Field Armory and a Barracks, and while this is being built upgrade your 
vehicles.  When the vehicles are upgraded all the way, focus on upgrading 
your Spartans.  In all honesty this is all I use; whenever my friends and I 
do 3v3s I am Forge, and the other two players are able to keep the opponents 
busy long enough so that I can get fully-upgraded units, and when fully-
upgraded Spartans are in fully-upgraded vehicles they become among the 
strongest units in the game.  While Forge is working on his stuff, use the 
Prophet and the Arbiter to harass the opponents, either by stealing their 
bonus structures or by demolishing a building or two on their base.  While 
doing this, donít forget to be building units as well!  Again, the Prophet 
should build Banshees and the Arbiter should save up to get two Scarabs.  If 
your Prophet is competent enough, when the Scarabs are built have each player 
attack a different opponent; if not, pair the Prophet with Forgeís guys.  If 
Forge is having difficulty, have him back off and build more units, depending 
on what the enemy had.  If the enemy had purely anti-vehicle units, then send 
the Prophet to attack that player and send Forge at a less-prepared opponent.  
If the enemy had air units and you had three Spartan Grizzlies, build a bunch 
of Wolverines and have them wipe out the defenses, following up with your 
tanks.  Spartan Wolverines have few problems taking out even an entire army 
of air units.  If fighting a Covenant Leader, D-bomb him and either Canister 
Shell or Volley his butt for an insta-kill.  This should nearly seal the 
deal, but if your Forge runs into another Forge who filled his population 
with Grizzlies, you need him to fall back and wait for his teammates to 
finish off their opponents, lending a hand when needed, and then combining to 
take out the Grizzly army.

6. Map-specific Tips- Each map is unique.  This section will inform you of 
the different perks available on each map and how to use them.

a. Barrens 1v1- There is a Forerunner Healing Spire in the middle, which 
heals units as long as they are not taking damage.  There's also two Bonus 
Reactors, one on each side.

b. Beasley Plateau 2v2- The thing in the center gives you more reinforcements 
in the form of ten more population.  Also, there are two free building pads 
and a Turret close to each base, which can be used instead of upgrading a 
base to get two more pads.  You should either build supply pads or a building 
that makes units that isnít on your base.

c. Blood Gulch 1v1- There are Bonus Reactors and Forerunner Supply Pads here.  
Use them to cheaply upgrade your tech level and get extra supplies.  Also, 
there are teleporters to quickly move units

d. Blood River 1v1- Has Sentinel bases, Bonus Reactors and Bonus Supply Pads.  
Thereís also a light bridge crossing the river, but it doesnít change at all.

e. Chasms 1v1- Everyone should know this base by heart after the demo.  Just 
in case, there are Forerunner Supply Pads close to each base, which, when 
occupied by infantry, acts as a Supply Pad.  Iím not sure if it counts as an 
upgraded one or not.

f. Crevice 2v2- Fun map; has Bonus Reactors in the middle and the outer rim 
and it shifts between day and night.  In the night, Flood supposedly attack 
your base but it's not too bad.

g. The Docks 2v2- Actually nothing that special except each starting base is 
right next to the allyís, so turrets have overlapping fields of fire.

h. Fort Deen 3v3- There are Teleporters which send you in front of the enemy 
bases, which are VERY good for speeding up the rush.

i. Exile 3v3- Another Flood map with Flood bases, this one has two Bonus 
Reactors on each side.

j. Frozen Valley 3v3- Each side has one Bonus Reactor.  Also, in the middle 
of the map is a Forerunner Healing Spire that heals units.

k. Glacial Ravine 3v3- There is a Sentinel Factory on each side of the 
mountain range which can produce Sentinels and Super Sentinels.  Each unit 
has a timer that denotes when you can build another one of that unit next.

l. Labyrinth 2v2- No Rebels, but Sentinel bases instead. It has two Protector 
factories that make mini-Sentinels called Protectors that you can assign to 
follow units.  There are three types: one that gives the unit a shield, one 
that heals units, and one that attacks enemies.

m. Memorial Basin 2v2- There are empty building pads guarded by rebels that 
can be used to make one building.  This map has the most ground- based cover 
out of any map.  There is also a Bonus Reactor on each side behind the bases 
and two Bonus Supply Pads on each side in the middle.

n. Pirth Outskirts 1v1- Iíve only played here once, but I think there are 
Bonus Reactors lying around the sides and thatís all.

o. Release 1v1- There are Flood Containment controls that when activated 
release Flood units at the enemy base, which get stronger the more you 
activate it. Also, the Rebels are replaced by Flood bases.

p. Repository 2v2- Also has Sentinel bases, but has a central Sentinel 
Factory that you can build Sentinels or Super Sentinels out of.

q. Terminal Moraine 2v2- There are Bonus Reactors along with extra building 
pads across light bridges that turn on and off at 30-second intervals.

r. Tundra 1v1- I donít play here much, but I know thereís this mega turret in 
the middle that fires a really strong round at anything, as long as you have 
it garrisoned with infantry and some resources.  It takes a while to 

s. Non-map-specific Features- There are many features that are on multiple 

- Sniper Towers: When infantry are garrisoned in these floating Covenant 
sniper towers, they gain A LOT of health and a wider field of view; advised 
to use if trying to secure a path or hold a chokepoint, but otherwise donít 
bother with them.

- Cover: Not as common as Sniper Towers, but they are basically the ground-
level version of them such as crashed Pelicans and Warthogs.

- Shield Walls: If an infantry unit garrisons in the tower next to it, it 
activates a Shield Wall that ground units cannot pass.  These are not very 
common, but are extremely useful when they are on a map.

- I have a feeling that something is missing here, but I cannot remember if 
there is anything else or not.  If there is, or if I got them all, let me 

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