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                   WW W WW AAAAAAA  R    R     S
                    WW WW A       A R    R SSSSS  (Craptasitic, eh? If you
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			=================	   is appreciated!!)
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| |                           Table of Contents                             | |
     1) Version History and Updates......................... [VH&U]
     2) Introduction........................................ [INTR]

     3) Forge introduction.................................. [FORI]
     4) Unit information.................................... [UNIN]

     5) Tatics/Strategies................................... [FOTA]

     6) Frequently Asked Questions.......................... [FQUs]

     7) Contact information................................. [CONT]

     8) Copyright information............................... [COPI]

| |                              Version History              [VH&U]        | |

all units for COVENEANT
more tactics/strategies
Frequently Asked Questions

Version 1.00 - The very basic of this FAQ. Requires a lot more work put into
it, but will be updated regularly until I think it's completed. Need to
finish Covenant Units and add more strategies.
Submitted 06/22/2009


| |                                Introduction               [INTR]        | |

Welcome to my second faq in a very long time! I've finally got off my lazy
butt and decided to write something for the community. Bear with me 
that I am still not that well with managing faqs, so don't get mad at
me! I am trying to make adjustments so the faq is easier to read. I would like 
to thank you for choosing this faq, and I hope that you have some enjoyment 
and learn something from this.

To start it off, some information about Halo Wars.

Halo wars is a game developped by Ensemble Studios (Now Robot Entertainment)
and published by Microsoft Game Studios. It was released UK and Asia on
Febuary 27th 2009, and the release for US was March 3rd, 2009. The difference
in dates are unknown.

Halo Wars is something a Halo fan will never expect; a real-time strategy 
game (RTS) with the likes of a Warthog or Banshee. It was never thought to 
be a Halo game; originally the controls were made on the Xbox 360, and the 
Halo Theme was requested to Microsoft, to which they agreed to. It was 
eventually reveiled during Microsoft's X06 Xbox Show, and hoped to bring
Halo players and strategy gamers together.

Halo + Strategy = What? impossible!!!!

Many fans were angered by this "disgrace" and that Halo should stay as a 
FPS game forever; while others thought this could bring some variety to the 
series. Nevertheless, the game was developped, and many fans were delighted.
Even some brainless-fools bought Halo Wars just because they saw "Halo", but 
was dissappointed that it was a RTS game.

And on to my guide...

This guide specifically made for Seargent Forge, a leader in the game. A 
Leader with a very powerful Super Unit, the Grizzly, a super-version
of a Scorpion tank. He also gets access to Heavy Supply Pads instead of
Normal Supply Pads to be built instantly and also the Carpet Bomb, an 
artilery in which you set a point and a direction. In this guide you will
find information on units (and how to combat them), strategies and tatics,
and combatting other Forge players.

*Note! This is assuming you know how to play the game. No instructions
or basic stuff (like how to make units, or building up bases) will be
seen at all in this FAQ. If you need help, please use the Halo Wars
manual or another one of these wonderful guides on gamefaqs. Also,
I will not be covering any bases, non-unit upgrades,such as turrets.
Sorry for the inconvienience.

| |                           Forge Information               [FORI]        | |

And more about Forge...

Forge is a sergeant in the UNSC on board The UNSC Spirit of Fire. He commands
numerous troops and has gained the respect of many; but his personality makes
people think that he is a joke. He does get the job done though...

"Heˇ¦s the guy you want in the foxhole next to yoursˇK but youˇ¦d never 
introduce him to your sister." - Halo Wars Manual

Well put Ensemble! (or Robot)

In the game, he isn't a joke at all. In multiplayer (with the exception of 
1v1, then it's kinda funny) Forge can be a very dangerous enemy if played the
right way. Usually, Forge will be the one that does nothing early in the game
but will completely wreck you mid game. This guide here is to play as Forge 
and to fight these Forge players... and survive.

Forge gains these specials that others don't have:
- Supply pads start out as Heavy Supply Pads (saves time and 100 resources)
- Carpet Bomb (Artillery type of weapon, leader power)
- Cyclops, a heavy infantry unit that can take down infantry units, destroy
buildings really quickly, and can heal other units.
- the Grizzly, a super version of the Scorpion. Extremely tough, can be really

This guide is made for EVERYONE, not just Forge. There are strategies to use
and to defeat Forge, so don't be disappointed.

| |                            Unit Information               [UNIN]        | |

The guide to ALL units (not just Forge's), how they work and how to combat 
them,(with Forge obviously) unless they cannot be used by Forge. The super 
versions are listed in their former variants.Use the 4 letter words (hot keys) 
to quickly jump to each section.

Marines ...............[MRNS]
Leader Units...........[LDUNHUMN]

Leader Units...........[LDNUCVNT]

My format follows as like this:


Type of unit (anti-air, anti- vehicle, anti-everything etc)
Created from
Resources needed


Special attacks

Avantages and Disavantages


*Note! Whenever you upgrade your units, they will gain more defense each 
time, so it is recommended you upgrade them once in a while to keep up. 

=Marines= [MRNS]

Marines can have some of the best upgrades, but they are no where near the
best unit.

Infantry (anti-nothing unit)
1 Population 
0 Tech required
100 resources

Upgrade #1 (200 res. 1 Tech) - New Blood. Adds another marine to the squad to 
increase battle effectiveness.
Upgrade #2 (400 res. 2 Tech) - RPG Launcher. Changes grenade ability to 
Rockets, now able to hit air units.
Upgrade #3 (700 res. 3 Tech) - Medic. Heals unit after certain amount of 
time after battle. Does not add back marines to the unit. (say if the unit 
had only 2 marines left, the others will not regenerate, unlike the leader
heal ability, Cyclops,and the Engineer)

*Special Ugrade* (1800 res. 3 Tech)- Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODSTs). A 
much tougher version of the marines, they have all the upgrades, they wield
shotguns, and they can be dropped as a leader power. *Captain Cutter Only!*

=Special Attacks=
Grenades - Pressing Y will cause the marines to throw grenades (not air units)
and will do a lot more damage.

RPGs - Pressing Y will cause the marines to shoot rockets at everything. Much 
more effective than grenades, and can hit air units.

ODST Drop - Drop a ODST squad anywhere on a not fogged area on the map, will 
recharge the same time as a marine is built in the barracks. Max. 10 at a 
time, will recharge 1 at a time. *Captain Cutter Only!*

- Cheap (100 ressources)
- Can be accessed immediately through barracks, no need for tech level
- Can be trained very quickly
- Upgrades are cheaper than other units
- Special attacks recharge very quickly

- Very weak
- weak against vehicles, Anti-infantry, and air units (they don't do much)
- Moves very slowly (boosted with Adreneline)

Marines may be the cheapest unit with the cheapest upgrades, but you must be
ready to replace them. A lot. They have very weak health and can be decimated
in a second. Forge players should only use them for base defense early in the
game, since he does not have access to the ODST upgrade. Upgrading the marines
all the way as Forge is a waste too, so use these units only for early 
defense. Also, make sure you have a good number as well; 5 marines can't do 
much against a warthog rush.

Against a Captain Cutter player, expect ODSTs to be dropped and be in good
numbers. Usually Captain Cutter will slap on some counter units to help these
ODSTs, so you must think fast to counter them. Vehicles (mainly Scorpions and
Wraiths) are your best bet here. Anti-infantry units are also very useful, but
that's about only what they are good at, and flamethrowers are kinda useless.

=Flamethrowers= [HELB]

They kinda look like Spartan IIIs, don't they? but they're not.

Infantry (Anti-Infantry unit)
1 population
0 Tech Required
100 resources

Upgrade #1 (200 res. 1 Tech) Flashbang. stuns enemy infantry units for a short
period of time.

Upgrade #2 (500 res. 2 Tech) Napalm. Increase effectiveness of flamethrowers
and enemies will now catch on fire.

Upgrade #3 (700 res. 3 Tech) Oxide. Increase effectiveness once more.

=Special attacks=
Flashbang Attack- Pressing Y will cause the flamethrowers to use flashbangs,
to stun enemies, making them useless for a short period of time.

- Very cheap (100 resources)
- Can be accessed without Tech level
- Can train quickly
- Upgrades are cheap
- Special attacks recharge quickly

- Very fragile
- Useless against anything except infantry units
- a fight against Jackals will lose due to their range of their flamethrower
- Moves slowly (can be upgraded with Adreneline)

I personnally don't like them a lot. They are very weak, and have very bad
range of attack. They have to get up and personal for their flamethrowers to
work, and can be shreded before they even get there. A Forge player should 
avoid this, unless building for early defense. They can be somewhat useful
against Covenant leader rushes.

As for fighting them, anything with a good range will tear them apart.

=Spartans= [SPTS]

Ah yes, Spartans, the best of the best out there. Infantry-wise.

*Note! You can only deploy 3 at once. They do not count towards your total
population, they have their own. 

Infantry (Heavy Infantry)
0 Population (1/3 for Spartan population)
1 Tech Required
300 resources

Upgrade #1 (300 res. 2 Tech) Chaingun. Spartans are now equipped with an 
automatic chaingun, increasing their battle effectiveness.

Upgrade #2 (600 res. 3 Tech) Neural Implant. This increases their speed,
strength, and shortens the time to jack enemy vehicles.

Upgrade #3 (1000 res. 4 Tech) Spartan Lasers. Spartans are now equipped
with a Spartan Laser, which is good against everything.

=Special Attacks=

Hijack - Steal an enemy's vehicle and make it your own. Can use regardless
of maximum population. (Say 40/40 for population, you get your spartans to
jack a Scorpion, it will become 43/40, and you will not beable to increase 
more units) You can also put them into your own vehicles to increase it's 
power. THe same goes for the vehicle you hijacked.

*Note! You cannot hijack Vultures and Scarabs.

- Trained quite fast
- Can hijack vehicles
- Can increase the power of the vehicle
- Has an energy shield along with a health bar. The energy shield will recharge
after some time without taking damage.
- Can be used to hold key items (free reactors, supply pads, mega turret)

- Requires 1 Tech level, cannot be built right away
- Upgrades requires a lot more resources and Tech level than marines
- Hijacking time is slow (shortened with Neural Implant)
- Moves slowly (upgraded with Adreneline)
- Health bar much more weaker than energy shield
- Very weak against anti-infantry 


"A walking legend." -Halo Wars Manual

Very true. The Spartans can do so much destruction that you shouldn't take
it lightly. The Spartans can be very good base defense, but it shouldn't be
the only thing there. If they are outnumbered they are probably outpowered.

Spartans are very crucial to a typical Forge player; they boost the powers
of vehicles they are in. They add extra veterancy stars (up to 14) and can 
be very offensive. They are also very defensive, since they can hold those
freebies very well (the free reactors, supply pads, mega turret on specific
maps) and they should be created either at the beginning or after you've 
created your army and is ready to attack. If their vehicle is destroyed,
you should aim to jack the enemy's vehicles, since they will not attack the
Spartan unless commanded to.

Against these Spartans can be easy for Forge players. Although they are very
weak to vehicles such as Scorpions, if they ever jack your vehicles you should 
always focus on that first. Otherwise, most vehicles and air units are fine.

=Warthogs= [WRHS]

"Annoying son of a gun." -Numerous players on Halo Wars online

*Note! You will start out with one whenever you start a game.

Vehicle (light vehicle)
1 population
0 Tech required
Built on base
100 resources

Upgrade #1 (300 res. 1 Tech) Gunner. Adds a chaingun on the back of
the warthogs, enabling combat effectiveness.

Upgrade #2 (500 res. 2 Tech) Grenadier. Adds a marine riding shotgun with
a grenade, increases combat effectiveness.

Upgrade #3 (800 res. 3 Tech) Gauss Canon. Changes chaingun to high powered
light canons, increases battle effectiveness.

=Special Attacks=

Ram - Warthog charges forwards to run over enemies, or in the case of 
vehicles, bump into them.

- very cheap
- Produced quite fast
- Great scout unit
- moves fast
- Low population rate, can be filler units

- very fragile
- Many weaknesses
- Very weak mid-game


The infamous Warthog, a unit that has made many people resign out of
fustration. It is quick, easy to produce, and a perfect scout unit.
The Warthog rush is the most famous rush in Halo Wars, and will go deeper
into it in the section "Tactics". 

The Warthog is very fragile, and should not be the only thing you depend on 
unless you are doing the Warthog rush. Forge has the potential to Warthog 
rush with his economy bonus, but compared to Ander's halved price and time 
for upgrades, it is not recommended, but can still be achieved. The Warthogs
in mid-game are probably the weakest, since everyone would have their Super
Units and upgraded all the other units, and the Warthog is nothing compared to
them. But as a scout unit, this will be the best you will find. Forge players
must ALWAYS SCOUT to adapt to their strategies.

Against Warthogs, mainly vehicles will do the job. Turrets are also very 
handy, but when there's a bunch swarming your base it's not going to do much.
The more units you have, the better. More will be explained in the "Tatics"
section about the Warthog Rush. Also, try to avoid any air units against them,
they aren't that effective.

=Scorpions= [SCOS]

The power house to Forge. You gotta love it.

Vehicle (Heavy Vehicle)
3 population
2 Tech Required
Vehicle Depot
500 resources

Upgrade #1 (400 res. 3 Tech) Canister Shell. A large missile is shot at the
enemy, very effective against infantry and vehicles.

Upgrade #2 (900 res. 4 Tech) Power Turret. Speed of rotation and power for
the Scorpion is increased.

*Special Upgrade* (1800 res. 4 Tech) Grizzly Super Unit. A beefed up version
of the Scorpion, much more sturdier and powerful. The canister shell for the
Grizzly is changed to create more splash damage, even more effective against 
infantry units. *Forge Only!*

*Note! Canister shell cannot be fired at air units.

=Special Attacks=

Canister Shell - Shoots a large missile at target. Very effective against 
vehicles, but the Grizzly version is even more effective against infantry.

- Very sturdy
- Good all around (except air units)
- Forge players gains access to Grizzlies
- Very good special attack (Canister Shell)

- very expensive (500 resources)
- level 2 Tech required (takes a while before being built)
- Weak against anti-vehicle and air units, and Hunters
- Somewhat slow
- Will usually be stuck in tight areas
- High population count


One of the reasons you play as Forge, because he gains access to the Super 
Unit, the Grizzly. Before the Grizzly, the Scorpions are very powerful still,
and can easily defend a base. Although they are expensive and a long way to 
get there, it eventually pays off.

The Scorpions require level 2 Tech to be built, fastest way without making 
any units to make them is about by the 3:00 to 3:30 minute mark. About 4 
Scorpions can easily defend early rushes, even more with Canister Shell.

For those looking for some Grizzly strategies, go look at the "Tatics"

To fight Grizzlies/Scorpions, you're best bet is the air units, or Cobras.
The air units have a natural advantage over the Scorpions, and the Cobras are
made to destroy heavy vehicles. You can fight them with your own Grizzly/
Scorpion, but it is usually risky that another player will join in the fight
or that your opponent has more luck than you do.

=Cobra= [COBS]

The killer to every Grizzly/Forge player.

Vehicle (light vehicle)
2 population
3 Tech required
Vehicle Depot
350 resources

Upgrade #1 (400 res. 3 Tech) Deflection Plating. More defense is added when
the Cobra is locked down.

Upgrade #2 (900 res. 4 Tech) Piercing Shot. Shots go through any unit when
the Cobra is deployed.

=Special Attacks=

Deploy - The Cobra "locks down" and remains stationary until commanded to
unlock. Becomes a heavy vehicle destroying unit.

*Note! Cobras cannot attack air units.

- The best anti-vehicle possible
- Effective against Infantry units
- Great base destroyer
- Very long range when locked down

- Unable to hit air units at all
- level 3 Tech required, acquired in mid game
- slow moving
- remains stationary when locked down
- Not as useful when its not locked down


The Cobras the best vehicle killer you will ever get. They are the 
equivelent of the Hunter of the Covenant, but much more expensive and a bit
more sturdy. These vehicles, when upgraded, will have a deflection plating
when locked down and will deflect projectiles like the Canister Shell. The 
setback is that it cannot hit air units, and is completely vulnerable.

When fighting Cobras, air units are the only way. With Grizzlies, you might 
have some luck and take out most of them with your Canister Shell, or with 
your own Cobras, but it is very risky. Air units are the only garanteed 
victory over them.

=Wolverine= [WOVS]

The ultimate Anti-air unit for the UNSC.

Vehicle (light vehicle)
2 population
3 Tech required
Vehicle Depot
300 resources

Upgrade #1 (400 res. 3 Tech) Volley. Launches numerous missiles against an

Upgrade #2 (900 res. 4 Tech) Dual Launchers. Adds an extra launcher beside it,
increasing amount of missiles fired, increased battle efficiency.

=Special Attack=

Volley - Shoots lots of missiles at a ground unit.

*Note! Cannot hit air units, which is kinda wierd. Probably balancing wise.

- Best anti-air for UNSC
- Small, making it very easy to get around tight areas
- medium population
- Volley ability makes short work of infantry units (especially the Arbiter)

- Quite fragile
- somewhat slow
- somewhat expensive
- True potential doesn't exist until the upgrade Dual Launchers.


Something that a Forge player should have. Since air units are powerful 
against the Scorpions/Grizzlies and Cobras, they should have about 1/3 of 
your total population, even if you are not playing against Anders. These units
are great against vehicles as well, as their volley ability is very useful.

Fighting them isn't especially hard; their volley ability should be something
you watch for. Otherwise, these units are very weak in armor compared to the 

=Hornet= [HRNT]

The mainline air unit, something not expected from a Forge player.

Air unit
2 population
2 Tech required
Air Pad
250 resources

Upgrade #1 (400 res. 3 Tech) Wingmen. Adds men riding shotgun with rockets,
increasing it's battle effectiveness.

Upgrade #2 (600 res. 4 Tech) Chaff Pods. Adds pods that will divert the course
of missiles to the Hornets. (Never seen it happening, just a defense bonus)

*Special Upgrade* (1800 res. 4 Tech) Hawk. Super version of the Hornet, now
equipped with lasers. *Anders only!*

=Special Attacks=


- Fast and mobile
- Powerful to most units except the anti-air units
- Cheap and quick to train

- Weak against anti-air units
- Usually targeted by most players


Even though I am a Forge player, I agree that the Hornets/Hawks are
perhaps the safest units to use. The only thing that can hit them hard are 
the Wolverines and Vampires, but those require 3 Tech level to build. If you 
are Hornet rushing (something people won't expect from a Forge player) make 
sure you get the Wingmen upgrade, since it beefs up your Hornets and they do 
more damage.

Fighting Hornets/Hawks are difficult, since the only thing that is effective
is the Wolverine. A smart Anders player will usually build some Cobras or 
Gremlins to kill your wolverines, so it can be difficult.

For Hornet Rush go look at Tactics section.

=Vultures= [VLTS]

The Uber Unit of the UNSC, with immense destruction power.

Air unit (Anti-everything)
6 population
4 Tech required
Air Pad
900 Resources

Ugrade #1 (600 res. 4 Tech) Mega Barrage. Vulture's special ability
Barrage has 2x the missiles.

=Special Attacks=

Barrage - Unloads a lot of missiles against all units and buildings and
does massive damage.

- Air unit with very little weakness
- Powerful special attack
- Normal guns are still very strong

- Really slow
- Expensive
- 4 Tech level required
- Anti-Air really kills the vultures
- Usually only within the last minutes of the game
- 6 population


The uber unit, you can definately use this as last resort or a surprise 
attack. Their special attack is definitely devastating, and can rip any base
and units apart. However, their major weakness is Anti-air, and it really 
kills it. Make sure you don't spend all your population on Vultures, make
some counter units to make sure they don't get destroyed.

Fight Vultures can be a terror, or a laughing stock. Wolverines will tear 
them to bits, no matter what. Make sure you kill their counter units (if they
have any) and command your Wolverines to concentrate on 1 Vulture at a time.

=Leader Units= [LDUNHUMN]

There are 3 special leader specific units. I will do them in the same fashion.

=Elephant=  *Captain Cutter Only!*

Vehicle (heavy)
2 population
0 Tech required
400 resources

Upgrade #1 (250 res. 1 Tech) Twin Engine. The speed of the elephant is 
accelerated 2x.

Upgrade #2 (600 res. 2 Tech) Turrets. A large turret is deployed when 
the Elephant is locked down, increases battle effectiveness.

Upgrade #3 (900 res. 3 Tech) Ceremic Armor. The armor of the Elephant
is increased, taking less damage.

=Special Attack=

Deploy - locks down Elephant to create a mobile barracks. Additional
defense (if upgraded) appears here.

- Mobile barracks, can move anywhere

- Cannot upgrade units, can only upgrade through barracks on the base
- Fragile to any units
- Slow
- Expensive early-game, not as useful mid-game


The Elephant has many pros and cons.... but more cons to me. They are 
very fragile compared to other heavy vehicles, but it's mobile barracks 
mode makes up for it. You can create marines, flamethrowers and spartans
directly from this unit, but you cannot upgrade them. Also, since this
unit is a Captain Cutter only unit, once you get ODSTs you no longer need
a mobile barracks since you can drop them immediately on the battle field.
However, it has recently become popular with the Elephant Rush, which I 
will explain in the Tactics section.

Fighting an Elephant is easier than you think, despite it's size. Warthogs
even infantry will do, and these units aren't terribly strong for it's 

=Gremlins= *Professor Anders Only!*

Vehicle (light)
1 population
0 Tech required
300 resources

Upgrade #1 (250 res. 1 Tech) Focus Lens. Increases range and damage for
the lasers.

Yeah making all this is a lot of work. I'll make sure I finish it quickly.
Also, I need to confirm my sources with the Halo Wars manual to make sure
my information is correct. I will update the FAQ as soon as I finish.

| |                        Tactics and Strategies              [VH&U]       | |

This part is under construction, for now I will put on the Hornet and Scorpion
 Rush. I assure you more will come. 

*Note! The strategies here are for FORGE ONLY. There are no strategies for 
other leaders.

Common base buildng strategy:
or FORTRESS (can vary)
VEHICLE DEPOT/BARRACKS/AIR PAD (depending on what you want)

Notes; This building strategy is commonly used throughout the community of 
Halo Wars Multiplayer. It allows you to gain resources while you wait for
your buildings to build. This strategy is not as that well for the Warthog
rush, but for the Tech 2 unit rushes this works perfectly fine. 

Another base building strategy:

Notes: This building strategy is better for Warthog rushing. It allows 
you to have 1 Tech level early, but at the cost of low resources. Although
it is not common for a Forge player, Warthogs rushes can be best executed
by this building strategy. In the other one, it takes about a good 2 minutes
for the reactor to make, which by then your opponent can have a dozen of

*I assure you there's going to be more to come*

=     SCOUTING       =

This game is all about scouting. If you don't scout, you have no idea what
your opponent is planning, and can really mess you up. Scout every so often,
or before you make your units so you gain the advantage over them.

Good units for Scouting:
Hornets/Hawks (Hawks are not recommended, since you would want to keep them

Make sure you make use of your starting Warthog. Not only will you be able 
to collect resources, but also it grants you a free scout unit. Scout to 
your opponent's base to see what buildings they are making and act 
accordingly. Also, try to keep your Warthog alive, since after the game
the less units are killed the more multipliers you get for your points.


A rush is an early attack on an enemy without them preparing it. Many 
call it cheap, while others call it "legitimate Strategy". It depends
on your point of view, as some people like to fight with big armies
or people that just want to rise up in ranks. Many people quit out
of fustration because they think it's impossible to stop a 
"RAGIN' ARBITER SLASHIN' MAH BASES!" but actually if you do the 
right thing it's quite easy to counter. As a Forge player, obviously.

good units against Covenant Leaders:
Flamethrowers (ugh)
Marines (large numbers)
Heavy vehicles

The heavy vehicles might be hard to reach during a early rush, but you've
got all these other units to counter it, assuming you can micro it well.
Microing units means moving seperate groups and making them do seperate 
things all at a steady pace, like moving your warthogs so they are out of
reach from the Arbiter's rage. Also, your Destruption Bomb can be a gift
from god; it stops all leader powers (including your own). It makes
the Arbiter not able to rage, so he can be hit more easier with special
attacks. The others, nothing too different, just keep bashing your way.
If anything fails, ask help from your teammates (if you have any, but 
I wouldn't recommend Forge in 1v1).

= Hornet/Scorpion Rush =

or FORTRESS (can vary)

This tactic may or may not end up as a rush, as most Forge players will
follow this.

Follow the building strategy, and when you are able to make units, keep
pumping them out. If you think you have enough, you can upgrade your reactor
and upgrade your unit too, but make sure you have a good number before 

Main points:
- Scout before attacking and making units
- Prepare for any set backs (back up plan)
- Have a teammate (if possible) to back you up.
- DO NOT FIGHT TO THE DEATH! slowing down your opponent is a key point here,
not neccessarily destroying them completely.

I reccommend attacking at the 7:00 minute mark, since by that time you should
have a good number of units (and probably fended off the early rushes by your
enemies) and have your Carpet Bomb ready. By 7:00 minutes, you should have 
about 5-7 Scorpions and 9-12 Hornets, depending on your devotion to making


- Gauss Hogs are dangerous, beware.
- Cryo Bomb from Anders.
- Arbiter, Brute Chieftan
- Prophet

The reason why I put Prophet and the others on different categories is 
because of their danger level in my opinion. The Brute's Vortex has a wider
and more damage than the Prophet, and the Arbiter can kill enemy Hornets
and the A.I. won't shoot him.

- Other Scorpions
- Hunters
- Cobras (not likely)
- Hornets
- Covenant leaders

Fighting head to head with other Scorpions can be risky, it all depends on
luck if you both have the same number of Scorpions. Hunters will rip up
the Scorpions unless you outnumber them (not likely) and you probably
won't see Cobras out that early, but it is possible. The Hornets can easily
devastate the Scorpions, and Covenant leaders are a threat too, just not as 
much in my opinion.

*Note! Always make a backup plan incase your rush fails. Keep making units
while your units are attacking, and switch them up if they are neccessary.
Also, never spam units unless you are winning. They are just going straight 
to hell.

=Warthog Rush=


Ah, the infamous Warthog Rush. Can be laughable, or can be a living hell.
Many of the good players can crush you like an ant, or some on Xbox live are
like flies trying to kill themselves in your drink.

*Note! This is the building order I recommend. Obviously subject will change
if I am sent a new one with a better reason. For now, lets just keep it with
this first.

Microing your Warthogs is a must. Any well microed Warthog can take down any
great unit, like hunters. Also, try raiding bases (attacking then leaving
quickly, or just destroying a building) and attacking until you do some

- Warthogs are fragile
- Leader Powers
- Hunters
- Heavy Vehicles
- Spartans
- Leaders

The Warthog rush can be a fragile rush, and can crumble with a single bad 
move. The leader powers can decimate your warthogs if you don't micro them
well enough, Hunters and heavy vehicles are made to destroy them, Spartans
can hijack them, and Covenant leaders can thwrash them no problem.

*Note! Always make a backup plan incase your rush fails. Keep making units
while your units are attacking, and switch them up if they are neccessary.
Also, never spam units unless you are winning. They are just going straight 
to hell. Yeah, I'm gonna put this for every rush I encounter.

=Grizzlies by 10-12 minutes =

or FORTRESS (can vary)

Most risky tactic known to man, woman, and whiny kids. 

This Strategy involves you making 2 Scorpions after building the Vehicle
Depot, and teching all the way until you have Grizzlies. This strategy is
extremely risky, and I won't garantee that you get the Grizzlies as expected.
This strategy only has 2 Scorpions defending your base, and best used for 
3v3 matches, since your teammates are there and can support you. While waiting
for the Grizzlies to be made, attack and destroy the rebel base, but do not 
take it, since you would want to save all the resources to get those

- Low defense
- Anything can happen by 10 - 12 minutes
- Not recommended for anything other than 3v3.
- Only 1 base (my strategy, you can change it up if you want)

Advantages? Well you can make a superior Scorpion assault by having 5 
Grizzlies instead of Scorpions at the enemy base. But the set back is, by
10 - 12 minutes I consider it mid-game, and too many outcomes can happen.
Also, an early rush (and a effective one) can destroy this plan entirely.
Choose if you want to, but if it works, it feels good.

*Note! Always make a backup plan incase your rush fails. Keep making units
while your units are attacking, and switch them up if they are neccessary.
Also, never spam units unless you are winning. They are just going straight 
to hell. This especially, if you fail, be prepared for a large scale assault.
Seeing that you have grizzlies, they would probably target you first.


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Q: I keep getting destroyed by those flying Hornets that shoot Laser beams!

A: Look in the FAQ (which isn't up yet, cause it's a lot of work) and keep
crying. Your tears are delicious. (Quoted from Ness EX 2 Plus ALPHA in his
NXE FAQ on the Xbox 360 Board.)

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