Question from apophis2700

Trapdoor tower 3?

I bought the combination but my television screen is so small that I cant see what he says it looks like 7759,tried but no avail, but I cant tell for sure can someone please tell me what the combo is? thank you

PaperMario97 asked for clarification:

Does anyone know how to get to the top of this tower? I got the code, but I'm not exactly sure how to get up there. Am I supposed to use the spring? If so, in what way? So far nothing's been working.


Teritoclone answered:

Is different for each player, sorry, you may press LB while he gives you the combination so text goes slower and you have more time to read it.
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Latias007 answered:

It is said that a patch is in the works to have an option to make speech text bigger for Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. Until then, unless you are willing to try all of the possible possibilities you may think there may be according to what you see, you will just have to wait for the patch.
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tankmssile answered:

For PaperMario, you just spring off the little ledge coming off LOG's mountain toward it.
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pikmints answered:

Some number combinations similar to what you said: 7759, 1759, 1159, 7769, 7758, 1758, 1158, 7159, 7158, 7168, 7169, 1768, 7768, 1769, there may be more combinations, just keep trying.
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rshater1994 answered:

Im pretty sure the one off of logs mountain you use spring for is tower 1
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gameshark45 answered:

you could box float up there, put a box in your trolley and stand on top of it then target your trolley and press and hold RT, its hard to fly but you can make it.
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gameshark45 answered:

For paper mario srry
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SaberSpellSword answered:

FOR PAPER MARIO: if its the one im thinking of then you take the largest run up you can off the base of LOGs tower then use spring as late as possible off the obviouse ledge (also, I think holding down the spring button for longer will increase the flight distance) then if you dont think you will make it, bail from your trolly at the last minute and mash the 'x' button until it registers then HOLD it and stear with left thumbstick. This will give you not only extra height but also extra distance (if u level up your strength at Boggy's Gym then i think you might get a bit more flight time). it takes a bit of practice but you should eventualy make it (its just a pain to climb back up : (
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Mumbostheman answered:

I got the trapdoor towers well if im right there are three and to get to them i use the flying glitch and its well easy but hard to get up there but its really nothing that awesome ive gotten them and its like a gyroscope and stuff thats not so cool but its useful.
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super_chillz answered:

I think the combination for trapdoor #3 is 8054 try that apophis2700.
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cpleshek answered:

Maybe you could try starting from 0000 all the way to 9999, I know you wouldn't want to do that, but, I have the same problem with my TV and I started from 0000 and the code ended up being 7136.
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brokendwarf answered:

The combination for the Trapdoor Towers is different for each person's game.
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RDRplayer answered:

Just go and talk to the one that gave you the code and look again, it worked for me.
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Tediz52398 answered:

Just go to the trapdoor switch and the character will tell you the combo before you start flicking the switches. And as for No. 3, SaberSpellSword and the others have the idea of jumping off L.O.Gs game factory hill.
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