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Pinball FX Achievement Guide
                                          Written by:              Unknown50862
                                            Gamertag:              TOO Taco Bob

First things first, if you are ever confused about one of the achievements, go
to its corresponding board and check out the How to Play section under the Help 
& Options menu. It will explain what certain modes and tournaments are.

Next it would be a good thing to note, that you can get achievements in player
matches, although it would seem that it only works if the penalty is 10% or
below. Set the score to 100,000,000 and go to town, just make sure you just
don't reach the score limit.  Once you get to a certain score, just let the
game sit for a bit and forfeit a bunch of balls, it should only take a second
for your score to go down.  This is best to do with a friend, but if you have
no one available just make it public. Most people will quit mid-way, leaving
you in the room by yourself. This gives you as much time as you need, and you
can still get achievements. This technique is especially helpful in getting the
final tournament achievements on each board.

1. Multi-tasker (10)
Start any of the multi-ball modes to get this achievement.

This one is pretty easy; just trigger one of the multi-ball modes on one of the 
tables. They are usually triggered after storing three balls in certain places,
such as the ship on the Agent table, but also include other various modes, like
the police chase on the Speed table. If you are still having trouble finding a
multi-ball mode, check the in-game help, it will tell you how to trigger them.

2. Emerald flasher (10)
You'll have this one after scoring enough to earn your first Extra Ball.

The score to reach, for an extra ball, would be 200,000,000, but there are
easier ways to achieve extra balls. There are several methods on both the
Agents and Xtreme tables that will give you an extra ball and unlock the

3. Good Luck (10)
Earn 2 Million points on any pinball table.

Close your eyes and spam the flippers. Trust me, you'll get it.

4. Elite Operative (15)
Complete a Hurry Up mode within 20 seconds on the Agents pinball table.
Trigger the Hurry Up mode, and as quickly as possible launch up the ramps
indicated. Don't worry if you don't meet the 20 second requirement, it's more
of a 30-40 second cutoff.

5. Professional (30)
Win the Final Confrontation game mode on the Agents pinball table.

One of the three dreaded tournament achievements, this one is best done by
doing the player match technique as read above. Basically what you need to do
is collect 6 pieces of evidence, by completing all four missions and various
modes, on the table. Once in the Final Confrontation, DO NOT LOSE YOUR BALL, if
you do, you will be forced to start all over.

To complete the Final Confrontation all you need to do is shoot all of the
flashing ramps, and then go to headquarters.  Sounds simple enough, but with 3
balls it can get rather hectic.  You might want to practice some first by
starting some multiball modes.

6. Alien technology (10)
Collect at least five artifacts on the Agents pinball table.

This one is moderately difficult, but you should get it just by playing and
trying to get the other achievements. There are multiple ways to get artifacts.
If you successfully shoot the target at launch, then you have a chance of
getting one.  Others can be unlocked by completing various modes.  Every now
and then the artifact slot will light up (the red slot below the right-most
ramp), and if you shoot it in there you will get an artifact.  This one is
easiest to unlock, if you are doing the online strategy.  Just keep losing your
ball, successfully shooting the target, and eventually you should get five

7. Mr. Falcon (30)
Be the best by winning the State Championship on the Extreme pinball table.

Probably the easiest of the three tournament achievements, because this time
you only need to complete four rounds to start this one. Start off by spelling
"Airwalk", by hitting the seven red bumpers at the bottom of the table. Once
you have completed that, shoot into the second left-most slot, which should
trigger something called "Free Competition". Now you need to perform tricks by
shooting through the lit up ramps and slots. Once finished with the first
round, you have to complete the same process for the rest of the three rounds.
After the first three rounds are done, spell Airwalk one more time, and you
should be able to enter the final State Championship. Complete this, and unlock
your achievement.

8. Angel (15)
Do a plus Airwalk free trick during any competition on the Extreme pinball

This one is a cake walk when compared to the Championship achievement. Just
enter the first round, as listed above, but instead of following the lit ramps
and such, just spell Airwalk again to get the achievement.

9. First aid kit (10)
Complete the Bungee Jumping game on the Extreme pinball table.

This one requires a bit of skill, so you might want to practice on the Xtreme
table for a bit. The first thing you need to do for this one, is get to the top
half of the table, and while your up there, time it right and hit your ball on
the upper-most ramp. Once done, a green light should light up on the second
left-most slot, in the middle of the table. Enter that to enter the Bungee
Jumping mode. The mode won't really begin until you lose your ball, so just let
your ball drop, doesn't matter if you have a ball save or not. Once your ball
has re-launched, you will be in the Bungee Jumping game. As quickly as
possible, because you only have approximately 30 seconds, shoot through the top
ramp, which is the same ramp as the first step of the process. If done in the
allotted time, you should get your achievement.

10. Sweet Ride (20)
Collect at least two tunings on the Speed Machine pinball table.

Here all you need to do is collect at least 2 of the 4 tunings in one game. The
tunings are as follows: Nitro, Turbo, Chip, and Suspension. A little bit to the
right of the center of the table, you should see a pink car with four lights
around it. Each light corresponds with a tuning, so you basically need to get
those to light up. For Turbo and Chip tunings all steps must be completed in 
one ball in order to tune your car, but once tuned it stays.

To get the Nitro tuning, you need to first go through the second right-most
ramp, and then hit the nitro button, that is right above your left bumper.  Do
this three times and you should enable Overheat Hurry Up.  Once triggered shoot
your ball into the race slot, within the time limit, and you will have gotten
the Nitro tuning (This also unlocks the Platinum Cylinders achievement).

For the Turbo tuning, you need to start a Police chase multi-ball mode. This
can be done several ways, but most just involve luck. The only sure way that I
can see, is to successfully complete the spinner lap eight times. Once the
chase has been triggered, you need to lock one of your two balls in the
dragon's head. Once locked, you should get the Turbo tuning.

The Chip tuning is in my opinion, the hardest. It sounds easy, because all you
need to do is hit the chip slot, located above your right bumper, four times.
The problem is, is that it is a pain in the butt to just get it in there once,
and you have to get it in their all four times in one ball. I really don't have
any tips for this, since I have only gotten it once. Just spam your flippers
and hope you are lucky.

The final tune available for your car is the Suspension tune. This is probably
the easiest to get, and you will most likely get it, just be playing.  All you
need to do is light up both Suspension bumpers, located directly below the race
hole, three times.  Once both light up, the middle ramp's route will change.
You must wait for it to change back, before you can hit the bumpers again.

11. Speed Demon (30)
Win the Wizard Tournament on the Speed Machine pinball table.

The final of the three tournament achievements and this one is a pain.  First
you need to complete all 5 races, by first completing the spinner lap twice,
and then hitting your ball into the race whole. Select your race, and then
complete it.

I would suggest you leave one easy race alone, until you have completed the
Tuning Competition. Reason being, because you don't want to be forced to enter
the Tuning Competition with only 2 upgrades. If you do, then you will only
place 3rd and all upgrades will be removed. You need to get at least 3 of the 4
tunings to complete the Tuning Competition. This will place you in 2nd, and
although its corresponding light won't light up, it will count towards the
Wizard Tournament. Once the Tuning Competition is completed, go ahead and
finish off your remaining races and enter the Wizard Tournament.

As for the Wizard Tournament itself, it's kind of like the Qualifying
Tournament, just keep shooting through the spinner.  It's not as easy as it
sounds though, considering you have 3 balls, and you need to shoot through the
spinner a bunch.

12. Platinum cylinders (10)
Complete the Overheat Hurry Up mode on the Speed Machine pinball table.

All you need to do for this one is to complete the Nitro tuning. See the
achievements above to learn how to do this.

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