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Back turn?

I was doing Hitomi's training exercise and she now has moves to do while your back is turned to opponents I've also done some others and they have these as well. I can't figure out how to get my back facing them because the game doesn't do it naturally. Is there a universal way of doing this other than Ayane (her spin) and Brad Wong (naturally does it when doing his moves)


darlus answered:

One of her kicks using the right trigger will turn her around.
I just did hers a little while ago.
Maybe away from the character (<= H+K)

I, however, cannot get Sarah to turn around.
So, if anyone can answer that...
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DeeNinjaa answered:

Sarah can turn around with backback punch.
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DrNewcenstein answered:

Regarding Sarah, it took me forever to get her to turn around. I had to do the Up-Toward Kick followed by P+K to dive over Helena when she was against a wall. Eventually Sarah landed so that her back was turned, but it took a while.
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HollowSquirrel answered:

Sarah- away x2 P should turn her around
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pvegeta answered:

Back H+K turns Hitomi around.
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