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Asked: 2 years ago

Has anyone else had people hacking the game online so they instantly win?

I've played Dead or Alive 5 online a bit, and when I fight some players, they exploit so that they instantly win. It's not cool and it has to stop. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

Additional details - 2 years ago

I didn't disconnect, dont' be a dick. My health bar dropped to nothing, 'Greatest came up'.

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That's called you disconnecting on a fight. It's not an "instant-win button." It's an "instant-death connection" on your part.

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No one is accusing you, it is simply a bug that happens. It happened to me also when I played my brother. We started a match when BOOM I got knocked out and he won the match instantly, I then got kicked back to the menu saying i had signed out. It seems to be a simple network issue. I dont believe its anything you are doing, but that is simply what it is.

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