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Asked: 2 years ago

What do the different button icons mean?

In command training mode (or in the move list) there are all sorts of varying icons that are not explained in the manual. Can anyone explain these to me?
1. directional arrow - what is the difference between the black arrow and the white arrow?
2. strike buttons (ex punch) - there are three varying icons...a normal button icon, a button with a tiny triangle at the top right, and a button with a down arrow overtop of it. What does each button icon variation mean?

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1. The white arrow is just press, the black arrow means hold
2. The little arrow pointing up means that it hits high. The arrow pointing down means it hits low.

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I found that the white triangular arrow pointing down means the move can be charged, try it on Hitomi's PPP where the last P can be charged.

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