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I need to know how to climb the fence?

In the Last Stand scenerio how do you climb the fence? I can get up but I get stuck on top. Any help?

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shadowwolf1917 answered:

The Last Stand Scenario is the Survival Mode for the game. Its just one map, and you can't leave it. It's also the last level chronologically (presumably) in the Left 4 Dead game, implying that the four survivors make it thus far and end up getting overwhelmed and killed.
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Spuffles answered:

You can't...
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Imortal36 answered:

You can't
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Gaiko answered:

The others are wrong in that you CAN get over the fence, but I've never got the glitch to work myself so you've got further than I have! Try anything that might interfere with your character. Use any controls you have, get someone to shoot you or interact with you in any way, wait for the infected to attack you and so on. If your character is manually able to move then you basically have to abuse collision detection to shunt them.
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SAisling answered:

This appears to be a glitch in the game.

The Lighthouse level is a survival mode map for online play. I've had this same thing happen to me, though. I was playing through the campaign mode with my son on the original Left 4 Dead. (We had picked up a used copy and never played before.) After playing through each campaign, we completed the farmhouse bit and were ready to go on... In the campaign co-op lobby, it showed the next level as the Lighthouse (The Last Stand). When we would try to run it though, it would never start.

I didn't realize then this was a survival mode map. I figured it was a problem with a cached update or my disk. I ended up cleaning my disk and putting it back in, and it allowed us to start the level.

We couldn't climb over the fence. Also, it started us with only pistols. I found that if we stopped moving the controller and let it go into auto-play, the computer would get the characters over the fence for us. We were able to then take control, go to the lighthouse, equip ourselves, ect. There were two or three zombies to kill. After that, we could turn on the generator and activate the horn, but of course, the hoard never came.

I've read that others have had this glitch and once out were never able to get back in. We got out and got in again no trouble. This time though, my character had the basic shotgun instead of a pistol. My son still only had a pistol.
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fadedalexander answered:

Just put it in two player mode and go to start and press take a rest then it should jump the fence by its self
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anthony23ae answered:

This is a survival map, therefore you have to survive using the limited space you have... i recommend the top of the lighthouse and when a tank comes then run circles up top but stay close to the center tubing of the lighthouse so smokers cannot get you.
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