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Asked: 6 years ago

How do I save my progress in single player mode?

Can I do this or do you have to start from the beginning of the chapter each time. Thanks

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From: GodIsFemale 6 years ago

Although you can't save progress, you can start at different levels (Starting on NM3 instead of NM1) But you can't get any of the achievements this way (at least the ones that say you must play the whole campaign)

Its good for practicing certain levels :) But saving right before a certain event (etc a tank is about to show up) you can't >_<

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Sorry but you can not save progress

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The full levels only take about an hour to beat. There should be no need to save, so there isn't a save feature.

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Yes and no, you cannot save at a random spot in the game, but you do not have to start from the beginning of each chapter either. You can however start from the beginning of a level(levels start at safe rooms) by clicking level select(witch is located right under the campain selection when you set up a campain)and pick were you want to start. P.S. you cannot get achievements by starting at the end of a campain.

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You can choose to start from any level in a campaign but you cant unlock acheivements that say you have to beat the whole campaign

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You can't save your progress. But let's say you've done the first three chapters of a campaign and you don't want to do those ones at the moment, and you want to go to chapter 4, you can go to edit game settings and pick chapter 4 and that's here you will start. But if you start on a chapter that isn't chapter 1 of that campaign you can't get any achievments that have the phrase like beat a campaign or go through a campaign because a campaign is five chapters long.

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