Question from enderwiggin889

Asked: 6 years ago

How do I heal another teammate?

I've only been able to revive a teammate when my screen prompted me with the option. But I've yet to figure out how to give one of my heal packs to someone else.

How do you "heal" a teammate (not necessarily "revive")?

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From: YUMMY_GIGATACO 6 years ago

get a medkit out and press LT next to said teammate

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When you've got your medipack selected, ie when you can hold the right mouse button to heal yourself, go up to a teammate and hold the left mouse button. Instead of the usual melee attack, you'll go through the same animation you would when you heal yourself, but it will heal them.

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As a side note about hearing.
You can also give your teammates pain killers if you have any.
Same way you heal others

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Can u play split screen

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Stand next to your teammate
Press Right on the D-Pad
Pull the Left Trigger

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Pull out your first aid kit. Face your team mate while standing near them. Hold in Right Trigger. You can give them pills this way also but they have to use the pills on their own.

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um......if you press RT you will heal yourself not the guy......just pull out the medpac walk up to the guy and it should say to hold LT to heal teammate somewhere on the screen

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With the Health back equipped you have to hold left trigger, rather than the right trigger, when targeting the teammate you want to heal.

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Select Medkit.
Get close to teammate.
Press Left Trigger.

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