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Asked: 6 years ago

Can you be a Witch?

I need to know if you can be a Witch can you?

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From: richardocool1 6 years ago

No you can't be a witch.

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Sadly,no. You can be anything but the regular infected and the witch.

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No. Seeing as how the Witch can and will incap anybody she touches instantly, is immortal when not moving (or, at least, can survive a simultaneous Pipe Bomb + Molotov+ 2 Gas Cans 0_o), is rather fast, and incredibly resillient for an undead, no, you cannot play them.

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Also if you think about it, sittin around and not moving unless somebody gets close to you doesnt sound like too much fun to me anyways.

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Easy answer: No.

Reason: Not only is she too powerful, but there are certain mechanics of the witch that vALVE wouldn't want anyone messing with. Like how she not only spawns randomly and just sits there till someone alerts her, but also the fact that she only takes down the person that alerted her. Once that person is dead, she disappears. If a player could control the witch, these mechanics would be drastically altered in a way that vALVE couldn't control like they could with the Tank's aggression meter.

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No you cannot... I can think of a method for making it work well in vs. mode but as of right now it's not possible.

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No, because of the way the witch works in the game Valve made it impossible to play as a witch in vs. Maybe future DLC will see people running around as witches though

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No you cannot be a witch, you can be a Smoker, Hunter, or Boomer, and occasionally someone will randomly be selected to become the tank.

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