FAQ/Walkthrough by Dranaxscas

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by Dranaxscas (Cassandra Day)
Submitted December 1, 2008
Last updated January 13, 2009

Document Copyright 2008 Dranaxscas (Cassandra Day).
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Table of Contents

1.] Introduction.......................................[INTD]

2.] Contact............................................[CTCT]

3.] Version History....................................[VSHS]

4.] Controls...........................................[CNTR]
     a. Survivor Controls..............................[SVCT]
     b. Infected Controls..............................[INCT]

5.] Arsenal............................................[ASNL]
     a. Weapons........................................[WPNS]
     b. Explosives.....................................[EXPL]
     c. Healing........................................[HLNG]

6.] Enemies............................................[ENMS]

7.] Campaign Tips......................................[CMTP]

8.] Blood Harvest......................................[BHWT]
     a. The Woods......................................[BHCH1]
     b. The Tunnel.....................................[BHCH2]
     c. The Bridge.....................................[BHCH3]
     d. The Train Station..............................[BHCH4]
     e. Farmhouse Finale...............................[BHCH5]

9.] Dead Air...........................................[DAWT]
     a. The Greenhouse.................................[DACH1]
     b. The Crane......................................[DACH2]
     c. The Construction Site..........................[DACH3]
     d. The Terminal...................................[DACH4]
     e. Runway Finale..................................[DACH5]

10.] Death Toll.........................................[DTWT]
     a. The Turnpike...................................[DTCH1]
     b. The Drains.....................................[DTCH2]
     c. The Church.....................................[DTCH3]
     d. The Town.......................................[DTCH4]
     e. Boathouse Finale...............................[DTCH5]

11.] No Mercy..........................................[NMWT]
      a. The Apartments................................[NMCH1]
      b. The Subway....................................[NMCH2]
      c. The Sewers....................................[NMCH3]
      d. The Hospital..................................[NMCH4]
      e. Rooftop Finale................................[NMCH5]

12.] Versus Mode.......................................[VSMD]
     a. Survivor Strategies and Party Dynamics.........[SVST]
     c. Infected Strategies............................[INST]
         a. Hunter Strategies..........................[HNST]
         b. Boomer Strategies..........................[BOST]
         c. Smoker Strategies..........................[SMST]
         d. Tank Strategies............................[TKST]
         e. Working with the Witch.....................[WTCH]

13.] Achievements......................................[ACHV]
     a. Survivor Achievements..........................[SVAV]
     b. Infected Achievements..........................[INAV]

14.] Legal.............................................[LGAL]

15.] Thanks and Credits................................[THCR]

1.] Introduction  [INDN]
This is the first guide that I have written, and while I hope that it is
complete, I know that I may have missed some content.  If you find
something that I am missing, am incorrect about, or if you have any
kind of suggestion, please go to the contact section to send me an
e-mail about it so I can amend the guide!

This guide will address several parts of the game including general campaign
walkthroughs, items in the game, achievements and how to get them, and
versus mode, along with various tips about other things.

Left 4 Dead is an amazing game, and I hope that any questions you have
will soon be answered.

2.] Contact  [CTCT]
I have various forms of contact, but the easiest and most effective
communication will be through e-mail.  If you are going to e-mail me, please
put the subject as something that will communicate the message to me, or
I may accidentally skip over it.  For example, if you are e-mailing about
incorrect information for this guide, put a subject such as "L4D FAQ
Correction."  Please and thank you!

E-mail (replace bracketed areas): laced[dot]tears[at]gmail[dot]com
AIM: x12in prince
Gamertag: Dranaxscas

3.] Version History  [VSHS]
Version 1.0 - December 1 2008
   FAQ completed and submitted.

Version 2.0 - January 13 2009
   Rewrote Arsenal, Enemies, Campaign Tips, Versus Mode, and added a few
tips for some achievements.  Still need to rewrite the walkthroughs for the
campaigns, and I need to finish the achievement guide.

4.] Controls  [CNTR]
Each button and what they do will be discussed here.  There are sections for
both survivors and the infected (versus only).

== a. Survivor Controls  [SVCT] ===============================================
Survivor controls are very easy to get used to, and common of most FPS

A: Jump
B: Reload
Y: Change weapon
X: Pick up item

LB: Crouch (do not have to hold)
LT: Melee shove, or give item or use item on another teammate
(med pack/pain pills)
RB: 180 degree spin
RT: Shoot, or use item (med pack/pain pills on self, throw explosives)

Left Analog: Move
Right Analog: Look around
Start: Main menu or vote yes
Back: Status or Vote no
   Left: Select explosive
   Up: Turn on/off flashlight
   Right: Select med pack
   Down: Select pain pills

== b. Infected Controls  [INCT] ===============================================
Infected can only be played in Versus Mode while playing on Xbox Live.
They are "randomly" selected for the player (the chosen infected is
selected depending on what other infected are on the team), and have two
attacks: primary and secondary.

A: Jump
B: N/A
Y: N/A
X: Move closer to survivors (spawn mode)

LB: Crouch (do not have to hold)
LT: Secondary Attack
   All other infected: Claw
   Tank: Throw
RB: 180 degree spin
RT: Primary Attack
   Hunter: Pounce
   Boomer: Vomit
   Smoker: Tongue Snare
   Tank: Punch

Left Analog: Move
Right Analog: Look around
Start: Main menu or vote yes
Back: Status or Vote no
D-Pad: N/A

5.] Arsenal  [ASNL]
This section contains information on the various items found in the
game including weapons, explosives, and healing items.  Helpful tips about
each item will be listed and discussed.

== a. Weapons  [WPNS] =========================================================
  The pistol may be your best friend in times of need.  It is possible to have
duel pistols once you find a second pistol lying around on a level, and the
pistols have unlimited ammo, unlike other weapons.  When you are incapped,
you can only use the pistol, and it may just save you from the horde while a
teammate revives you.  Quickly tapping right trigger while aiming at the heads
of common infected will make the pistol most effective.

  It is best to use your pistol to ration the ammo of your other weapon unless
you know that you will be reaching ammo shortly.

Submachine Gun
  While the SMG is notorious for friendly fire damage, don't let that deter
you.  The SMG is great for mowing down the horde or picking off straggling
zombies  . While the SMG weaker than the AR, it is efficient if used
correctly. Fire in short bursts to prevent damage to teammates and to
conserve ammunition.

  It's best not to use a shotgun at long distances, and to keep them reserved
for close range brutality.  Shotties are extremely effective against tanks, but
the upgraded weapons are best reserved for that.  If you find yourself or a
teammate being mauled by the horde, fire away with your shotgun and melee
while reloading.  Shotguns are best used inside tight, close quarters, and
are advantageous against witches if the carrier knows how to crown.

Assault Rifle
  The AR is a useful weapon due to its range.  Those weilding autoshotguns
won't be able to take down that smoker on the rooftop, but you will.  Try to
fire in bursts as you would with the SMG to conserve ammunition and decrease
friendly fire incidents, and when the tank comes, line up with your teammates
and fire away.

Automatic Shotgun
  Auto shotties are useful despite what would be considered their short range.
They aren't able to shoot at infected from a distance, but you can switch
to your pistols for that and be set.  Due to the power of the weapon, it is
particularly useful against tanks, and has an obvious advantage against
witches if the carrier knows how to crown.

Hunting Rifle
  The hunting rifle is more commonly referred to as a sniper rifle.  Snipe off
infected from a healthy distance and save yourself the pain of dealing with
them up close, and zoom in to get constant headshots.  This weapon is useful
if used correctly, but the carrier requires consistent cover from their
teammates while using the scope.

== b. Explosives  [EXPL] ======================================================
  Molotovs are most useful against tanks when everybody is carrying a standard
(not upgraded) weapon.  If everybody has an upgraded weapon, it would be
best to switch out the molotov for a pipe bomb.  If you do find yourself in
the previously mentioned situation, throw the molotov at the tank, and when
he is on fire, run backwards through the level until it dies.  Fire does not
do damage to the tank, but instead starts a timer of sorts that will kill it.
This means that shooting it while it is on fire will not make it die any
faster, unless you shoot it to death, of course.

Pipe Bomb
  Pipes are extremely helpful for the rescue chapters in each campaign, and
are helpful for large horde waves that you are struggling to keep off.  Pipe
bombs attract the common infected, and will explode within a few seconds,
taking down all herded common infected with it.  They will often save the
lives of teammates - throw a pipe bomb elsewhere while you revive a teammate,
heal them, then gun down the remaining infected.

  **NOTE** If you find yourself in one of those currently unpatched situations
where a member of the other team has in some way barricaded you in, find an
explosive (this includes propane tanks, oxygen tanks, and PIPE BOMBS) to
dislodge the object.  Only one object cannot be moved by one of these
explosives, but due to this being a FAQ, this info is meant to be helpful
and not detrimental, meaning I will not specify which object.  **ENDNOTE**

== c. Healing  [HLNG] ==========================================================
Med Pack
  Med packs are often less common than pain pills, but it depends on
the AI Director and your skills as a survivor.  If you are skilled and doing
well, there will be less med packs, and if you are doing poorly, they will be
more plentiful.  Use a med pack on another teammate by selecting it with
right on the d-pad and holding left trigger in front of the injured
teammate, or use it on yourself by holding right trigger.  Be sure to heal
while being covered by teammates, or while in a generally safe area
(saferoom, for example).

Pain Pills
  Pain pills award you temporary health, and are very helpful when there are
no med packs left to be used and you are limping, falling behind your
teammates.  It's important to stick together, so use the pain pills so that you
can rush ahead and stay with them.  They are extremely effective during a
run to the saferoom on an open street, or during a time when you're falling
behind in a "bad area."

6.] Enemies  [ENMS]
Contrary to what is said, Left 4 Dead does have a nice little selection of
enemies.  Yes, they might be a little lacking in number, but the variety and
situational aspect of the game makes this fine.

Common Infected
  The common Infected are different from the horde.  They are the Infected
that take several minutes to realize that you're there, and are the ones
that litter the streets and rooms, just chilling out doing pretty much nothing.
If they actually spot you, they'll dash towards you to try to kill you, but
a simple shot or two from the pistols will easily kill off a common Infected.

The Horde
   The horde are different.  They aren't really separate from the
common Infected, but they come in a rush, and are thus classified
differently.  The horde will come in when you do one of the following:
   -get Boomer vile on you (attracts the horde)
   -stay in one spot for a long time
   -must do something to alert the horde (campaign/chapter-specific; crescendo)
   -sound a car alarm

   Hunters can pounce and claw you, and can scale and leap across walls with
ease.  They are often found hiding in areas and leaping across to try to
pounce and pin you.  Once you are pinned by a hunter, you can't get it off you
by yourself; you need a teammate to either melee it off or to shoot it off.

   If you melee a hunter off of somebody, MAKE SURE TO KILL IT.  If you just
shove it off, it will pounce somebody again and cause even more trouble for
you.  Just kill it off and be done with it.  (Meleeing to death is fine,
but don't just melee it once and call it good)

   Boomers are large, obese Infected that are plagued with boils and blisters.
They're pretty gross, but you can easily identify them even without seeing
their large bodies because of their constant gurgling and disturbing noises.  If
you hear a boomer but don't see one, it's best to look around for it but be
prepared to melee it away before shooting it.

   Boomer bile attracts the horde, which won't be very fun for you.  Not only
does it attract the horde, but if you are hit by the bile with either method
(vomit or explosion), you will be blinded with a green clouded screen, making
it difficult to see who's an enemy or who's a teammate.  When you are blinded,
it's best to back into a corner and melee like crazy.  Melee shoves do not
hurt your teammates, but will keep the zombies off of you while you wait for
your sight to return to you.

  Smokers can use their tongue snare to grab you from medium to long
distances, dragging you away and injuring you with constriction.  They are
usually found on top of roofs and buildings, sniping out straggling Survivors,
but can also be found long distances away, sniping and dragging
long distances.

   When a smoker uses their tongue on you, you have a few seconds to react
and shoot the smoker to free yourself.  If you fail to shoot it within these
few seconds, you will be constricted and will need a teammate to help you.

   The Tank is pretty much based on the Hulk, without the green.  Tanks use
brute force to destroy anything and everything in their paths, and that will
most likely be you.

   The Tank can either throw debris at you, most often used when you are
distant or running from it, or can punch you.  If you are around vehicles when
the Tank comes, WATCH OUT!  A car thrown at you will instantly incap you,
and you'll be left trying to shoot a giant Hulk-style enemy with pistols while
on the ground, more than likely being attacked by other Infected.  It's not fun.

   You can outrun a Tank, which is smart.  Do not stay in a small area when you
are facing a Tank - run around in an open area, probably in circles, and stay
out of the range of its hands so you are not punched while unloading clips into
its face.  Try to have every teammate switch to a shotgun before taking on
a Tank; they can switch back later.

   Witches are female Infected that sit on the ground and cry.  When a witch
is on the ground and crying, she is invincible (meaning that trying to crown
her while she's on the ground would not be a smart move).  As you get closer
to a witch, her crying will get louder, until you hear music specific to
being very close to her.  As soon as she gasps and turns her head, you know
that she sees a survivor, and unless you're trying to crown her, you should
run away until she starts to cry again.

   A witch will usually run at the person who startled her (USUALLY, not always)
and attack them over and over until she is gunned down, or until the person
dies.  If she is gunned down, then revive the incapped teammate.  If the
person dies, she will put her hands to her head and run away.

   Witches are easily startled.  They are startled by gunshots to them (duh),
loud noises (gunshots around, for example), lights, or being looked at for a
mere few seconds.  So, how to avoid her?  When you hear her, have
everybody turn their flashlights off.  When you see her, DO NOT SHOOT
HER, and do not shoot anything near her.  Do not look at her, even if she's
right in your path.  Look away and run past her, and she shouldn't be
startled.  If she is startled... gun her down while she attacks her victim, and
then quickly help them up.

7.] Campaign Tips  [CMTP]
Stick Together
  If you don't stick together, you aren't going to make it very far.  Stragglers
will be picked off by special infected such as hunters and smokers, although
that is more probable in versus mode.  Stick together and help each other
out by healing, offering pain pills, and covering while teammates
are being helped out.  NEVER leave a teammate alone.

  If you're playing online, communication is EXTREMELY important.  Having a
headset is very handy so everybody can talk to each other and create a
game plan of sorts, but it's not necessary.  I will say that I believe the game
is much better with a headset due to the communication aspect, but it is
possible to play it online without a headset - just try to listen to what
they're saying through the tv speakers, if possible.

Know Your Environment
  If you are playing Blood Harvest, one person should possibly take a
sniper rifle to snipe in areas such as the cliff before the cornfield.  If
you're playing No Mercy, some should get assault rifles, and some should
get shotguns.

Balance Your Weapons
  If two people have assault rifles, then the other two should get shotguns,
or one should get a sniper rifle.  As previously stated, know your environment
and it should help you, but be sure to balance weapons so there is a good
chance of gunning down anything that comes in your path.

8.] Blood Harvest  [BHWT]
I will not be even attempting to go "this Infected will be here" because the
AI Director makes that impossible, so please keep that in mind.  I will
be directing where to go, and where items may be within the campaign.
I am basing this off of my findings in Normal mode, as well.

Before you start: Be sure to keep the campaign tips in mind, or refresh
yourself on them in section 6.

== a. The Woods  [BHCH1] ======================================================
This may be one of my least favorite campaigns due to the open wilderness
aspect, but that's okay.  Stock up on everything at the picnic table, and when
everybody is ready to go, follow the trail until you reach a picnic table with a
lantern, and more than likely, a molotov cocktail.  When you reach this, you
know you're going the right way, so hop over the table and go towards the

Move across the bridge with everybody, and WATCH OUT FOR SMOKERS.  If a
smoker grabs you from behind while you're on the bridge, you will be dragged
and fall to your death below the bridge, which I discovered while
playing as a Smoker on versus mode.  Watch out for that!

Continue along the path after you get off the bridge, and make a beeline
straight for the warehouse.  You may encounter a Tank here, so be
ready to either kill it or run like your life depends on it (which it sort of
does).  Move past the warehouse and run through the large clearing,
into the building, and close the door behind you.  Yeah, you're in the
saferoom already.

== b. The Tunnel  [BHCH2] =====================================================
Stock up, heal, gun down any Infected you see from the door, and then leave.
You'll want to take the stairs and ignore the rooms to the left, and clear out
the Infected at the bottom of the stairs.  Jump through the window out onto
the rafter, and move through the warehouse, being careful not to drop off on

Move down the beam to reach the ground, grab ammo from the ammo stash
on the table in the corner, and run through the door.  Search the area for
gas canisters, propane tanks, or explosives to help with this part, and then
alert the horde with the emergency door.  Mow down the horde as they rush
in, get more ammo before leaving, and then move through the now open
emergency door.  That wasn't that bad, was it?

Proceed up the staircase until you reach a catwalk, where you can gun down
more common Infected.  Run through the area until you are outside, look at
the table near the tunnel entrance for possible ammo or upgraded weapons,
and then climb up the train car with the ladder.  You can gun down the
swarming Infected from here, and begin to hop across the trains.

Go up the dirt mound you come across to get on top of the ahead train car
and look for weapons or ammo, and then move down and run over, entering
the hole in the wall that you will come across.  Gun down the Infected
in the passage, run into the saferoom, and shut the door behind

== c. The Bridge  [BHCH3] ================================================
Stock up, heal, gun down those outside.  You should know this by now,
but I'm repeating it for those who are only referencing one part of the
FAQ.  My apologies for any annoyances.  When ready, bust out of
the room.

Go to the left, follow the red lights, and you will find yourself outside.
Run through the area, following the trail, until you find a second building.
Enter the building and check for goodies, and then exit into the train yard.
Make your way down the train tracks, and then go and activate the emergency
brake when everybody is ready.

Kill off the horde as they come rushing in to "greet you," then climb up the
side that formed a ramp.  Run across the ledge and follow until you find the
saferoom, and close the door behind everybody.

== d. The Train Station  [BHCH4] ==============================================
Stock up, heal, gun down Infected.  Leave when ready.  As usual.

Move through the woods until you reach a barn, where you can sometimes
find ammo or other assorted items, and then from there, follow the trail that
will eventually take you to the train station.  When things are clear, jump down
and go inside the building, searching for more goodies such as explosives or
pain pills.

When ready, move out and avoid the red car with the alarm system.  (Off-topic:
why are all of the cars with alarms red?  Can I get some variety, please??)
Follow the path until you reach the collapsed train, and then go to the nearby
home.  Head up through the window and drop down so that you are on the
other side of the wreckage, and then run past the bridge, beeline into the
saferoom, and close the door behind everybody.

== e. Farmhouse Finale  [BHCH5] ===============================================
Stock up..... blah whatever, you should know what to do by now, even if you're
just skipping to this part.  At least, I hope you know what to do by now, having
played through four chapters of this campaign already!

Anyway, move out, continue past the train tracks, and climb up the red train
car with the yellow ladder.  Gun down any Infected from up there, and then
run across the train car and follow the trail until you find a cliff overlooking
a corn field.  The corn field is, in my opinion, the worst part of this game.
Especially in versus mode.

Jump down and enter the cornfield, and stay to your right for a while, turning
at the tractor and entering the farmhouse.  Hopefully you don't get lost and
mauled by a Special Infected - keep that in mind and move as a group, or you
might be picked off.

Answer the radio, stock up, and prepare to gun everything down.  It's smart
to have a few people watch the windows, and a few people watching the back.
I am basing this on staying on the top floor of the barn.  Keep in mind that
there are usually supplies in the farmhouse across from the barn, so when you
get your short breathing time between waves, you may want to make a mad
run for restocking while being covered by teammates.

After the first wave, during your short breathing time, heal and make a mad run
for the farmhouse to switch to auto shotguns.  Gun down the oncoming Tank,
being sure to run around and to avoid confined areas (you don't want to be
in a corner with a Tank).

Rinse and repeat, as usual, until the rescue vehicle arrives.  I had some bad
experiences here, and have been caught by a Special Infected just as I was
near the vehicle, so keep your eyes peeled.  When the truck parks, make a
dash for it and get on, avoiding the Tank and using a pipe bomb or molotov if
you have one to hold off the horde while you escape.  Freedom!

9.] Dead Air  [DAWT]
I will not be even attempting to go "this Infected will be here" because the
AI Director makes that impossible, so please keep that in mind.  I will
be directing where to go, and where items may be within the campaign.
I am basing this off of my findings in Normal mode, as well.

Before you start: Be sure to keep the campaign tips in mind, or refresh
yourself on them in section 6.

== a. The Greenhouse  [DACH1] =================================================
Stock up on healing items and weapons, and then run up the dirt pile.  Many
people decide to use molotovs here to wipe out the Infected running around,
so do that if you wish, or just gun them all down like a psycho, like me.
If you use a molotov, be sure to run back and grab another
for the run.

Jump down and go through the greenhouse until you come out on a roof.  Cross
the plank and drop into the window to the left - you will more often than not
find some pain pills or pipe bombs.  When finished, jump out onto the rooftop,
kill some Infecteds, and climb up the nearby ladder.  Walk across the
roof and drop down onto a ledge, walk into the next building, and find the
kitchen.  From there, jump out onto the rig, jump down, and avoid the cars
at all costs. Unless, you know, you want to fight more zombies, in
which case go for it.

Go over to the hotel, run into the saferoom, and close the door. This level
might just be shorter than The Apartments of No Mercy.

== b. The Crane  [DACH2] ======================================================
Oh, what a fun level.  Stock up as usual and head out.  Gun down any
Infecteds and climb up the dirt mound, jumping down to land on the
other side of the fence. Head over to the left where you can see
ladders above - climb up the objects lying around, and then go
up the ladder and up the stairs, until you reach a blocked area.
Jump into a nearby window and search for items such as explosives
and the second pistol, and take the stairs at the end of the hallway.

Go straight ahead and keep your eyes out for a Tank or Witch, because, you know,
you don't really want to somehow miss those and walk into them.  I'm not so
sure that you CAN miss a Tank, but I won't judge.  Go out onto the roof and
get ready before you operate the crane.  There may be a molotov or two
sitting over on the roof for your use here, so use them to your advantage and
wipe out the horde quickly.

When the horde is gone, cross over the rooftops and go through either window
of an office building.  Run straight ahead through the hallway and search the
area for some explosives or ammo, and then head to the stairs.  I often find
a Witch within the small rooms around the cubicles, so keep your ears peeled
and close any open doors so you don't startle her on accident.  Head downstairs
again, going to an almost identical floor, and keep the Witch in mind still.

Run over to the opposite end, trying not to get stuck in the cucicles on
accident, and then head to the first floor and exit the building.  Thank god.
Gun down the common Infecteds hanging out in the street, avoid the
vehicle with the car alarm like the plague (right to your left), then hurry
over to the storage building, where there is the saferoom.  Close the
door behind everybody.

== c. The Construction Site  [DACH3] ==========================================
Stock up, heal, etc, and gun down anything you see outside.  Leave when
everybody is ready, and head to the left, following the alley around until you
reach the construction site.  Climb up the ladder, search for some goodies,
walk across the plank, and take a look at the barricade in the corner.  Yes, you
have to destroy that.  Yes, you have to fight the horde.  Again.

Have somebody grab a gas canister and place it around the area.  Shoot the
barricade when everybody is ready, and when the horde begins to rush in,
shoot the gas canister to set them ablaze while gunning down the ones who
make it out.  When finished, go through the new opening and look for the ammo
stash in a corner of the alley.  Check the area for some goodies such as
explosives or pain pills, and then exit out onto the street.

Kill off the straying common Infected that are littering the street, and run
across the street to enter the building there.  Move through the aisles and stay
on the right side of the station, entering the room inside when it opens up in
your path.  Run and check the first aid area for goodies, then proceed through
the building, until you reach the lit room.

Run through the hole in the wall, finding yourself in a terminal.  You may find
a Witch or Tank here, so be cautious.  If you find yourself stuck while moving
through this area, jump over the rubble so you don't get ambushed for staying
in one spot for too long.  Keep moving, avoid the red car in front of the
parking garage, and go inside.

Circle around, go up the ramp to the second floor, and run across to the steps.
Go up, run across the walkway, gun down anything in your way, and sprint for
the saferoom over on the bridge.  Close the door behind everybody.

== d. The Terminal  [DACH4] ===================================================
Stock up, heal, and shoot down any Infected you can see from the saferoom.
Leave when everybody is ready, and gun down any stragglers that
managed to escape your fury.  Move through the double doors and
check the rooms for random goodies, then follow the hall to the other
side of the terminal.  You may encounter a Witch or Tank down here,
so be careful.

Run down the escalator and go and start up the van, which will crash and make
a nice opening for you to run through.  But, you know, not before you take down
the horde.  So deal with that, and then move through the freshly created hole.
Crawl through the luggage conveyor belt, and turn to your left.  Follow that
around, and go up into a lobby area.  Move up the stairs and take a look at
the runway.  Oh, how beautiful!

Run along the gates until you reach Gate B2, which is a safehouse, and then
run inside, closing the door behind everybody.

== e. Runway Finale  [DACH5] ==================================================
Be sure to heal and stock up here, but keep in mind that at the end you will
find ammo, weapons, and four med kits to keep you supplied.  When ready,
head out onto the runway, running across the rubble until you are next to the
tanker and the crater.

Have everybody prepare - it is a good idea to climb up on top of the tanker,
have one person summon the radio and climb up, and then use explosives and
ammunition from there to gun down the waves of horde that will come.  When
it is time for a Tank to come in, switch to auto shotguns and have everybody
gun it down until it dies, possibly using a molotov.

Rinse and repeat, as usual.  If somebody has a pipe bomb, have them use it
at the very end, at the run for the plane, and then have everybody run to
the lowered ramp, getting inside and being home free!

10.] Death Toll  [DTWT]
I will not be even attempting to go "this Infected will be here"
because the AI Director makes that impossible, so please keep that in
mind. I will be directing where to go, and where items may be within
the campaign. I am basing this off of my findings in Normal mode,
as well.

Before you start: Be sure to keep the campaign tips in mind, or refresh
yourself on them in section 6.

== a. The Turnpike  [DTCH1] ===================================================
Stock up on med kits, ammo, and weapons at the trunk of the car, and then
begin your way down the highway. Kill any Infected that run out from the
trees or that are in your way, and keep going until you see the collapsed
bridge.  Do not jump from it; go around the right side of it and go straight
ahead, climbing up the ladders.

Move around the cars and go through the tunnel up ahead.  Move through the
tunnel, searching through the side rooms for stray items such as pipe bombs,
molotovs, gas canisters, or propane tanks.  Once you reach the end of the
tunnel, go through the door to the left and follow the passage as it goes
around.  Take the door in front of you to find a propane tank, which you can
take with you for the next room if you want, and then move through, where
you may find a table with an ammo stash in the lower section.

You may find various other items while you are in this area.  Pipe bombs,
molotovs, pain pills, gas canisters, and propane tanks are commonly found
here.  When you're ready to leave, head to the other side of the room and go

You are, once again, in an open area.  Hurray!  Run through the opening in the
fence and go towards the building over on the side, and enter the safe house,
closing the door behind everybody.

== b. The Drains  [DTCH2]] ====================================================
Stock up, then head up the stairs and exit the saferoom.  Move through the
sewer water, and take one of the drain pipes, making sure that everybody goes
the same way so that nobody is accidentally picked off by special Infecteds.

Once you're to the shaft, pick off the straggling Infecteds and then jump down
to the bottom floor to find an ammo stash and upgraded weapons.  Gun down
any zombies that are around, then move through the sewage some more and
go through the pipe that leads to the floodgate room.  When everybody is
ready to go, hit the switch and begin to gun everything down.

Once everything is gone and you're all ready to keep moving, look across from
the switch and search the table there for potential ammo, weapons, or
explosive items.  Run across the bridge and open the door on the other side,
closing it behind you, and check the table and first aid area for items.  Once
done, leave, going up the stairs and into yet another drain pipe.  Is everything
beginning to look the same to you, too?

Go either way at the intersection, because once again, you will also end up at
the exact same place.  If you have not already encountered a Tank, you may
find one in here, so have your weapons ready and listen for the Tank music or
rumbling.  Climb the ladder at the right side of the room after checking the
table at the back of the room for possible items, and go through the warehouse,
exiting at the end, climbing out the window, and running around the corner,
past the vehicles, and into the safe room.

Close the door behind everybody, as usual.

== c. The Church [DTCH3]] =====================================================
Heal, stock up, communicate with your team, all of that good stuff.  Snipe some
Infecteds from behind the saferoom door, then open it and run out, straight
ahead.  Be sure to run to the tower, gunning down Infecteds on the way,
because there are usually useful items lying around inside, such as weapons

From there, go to the far end of the area to find the loading platform.  Climb u
onto the walkway and check the various rooms for possible items, as usual,
and then walk out onto the train and drop down on the other side of the fence
Run past the church bus, check the small house or shed for healing items, and
keep an eye out for special Infecteds.

Continue and turn to the right when you come across the overturned truck so
rudely slapped in your path, and begin to gun your way through the house,
killing any Infecteds in your path.  There will often be ammo inside the house,
so keep your eyes peeled, and also watch out for a Witch or Tank.

Leave the home after killing off everything inside and exploring for items,
running down the street and past the ambulance (not after searching it!)
Since ONCE AGAIN we are cut off, turn towards the cemetery and run through
there, once more shooting down things that are throwing themselves at you,
or meleeing your way past them.  When you finally reach the church, check
for goodies in the rooms, and.. oh no, you can't get in the saferoom!

Sadly, the guy inside won't let you in, thinking that you yourself are actually
an Infected.  I'm not sure how that works, since you aren't groaning
like a zombie, but I'll go with it.  So, be ready to fight the horde, get
some explosives and gas canisters ready, situate yourself in a good
spot, and gun everything down once the bells are sounded.

Once everything is gone, look over to see that the door is wide open, with the
lively man gone.  Maybe he shouldn't have sounded the bells, moron.  Anyway,
close the door before more Infecteds come at you.

== d. The Town  [DTCH4]] ======================================================
Climb up the ladder and stock up, heal, etc.  Grab the hunting rifle and snipe
the heads off of the Infecteds you see wandering around before you leave,
saving yourself some time, trouble, and possible death if you're the clumsy
type.  Once you're done sniping off what you can see, switch back to the
weapon of your choice, open the door, and drop down from the roof into the

Make your way through the broken down fence and head towards the left,
since the right is blocked off, and you don't wanna go there anyway.  Head
down through the alley, turn left, and go until you are on the other side of the
bus previously blocking you off.  Run over to the floral shop and go inside,
taking the first door on the right, and then the one at the left.  Take the road
past the truck, and then make another right turn over to the parking lot.

Once in this parking lot, run over to the white van, jump on top of it, and
go onto the building's roof.  Move through the doorway, into the room, killing
anything and everything in your way or just meleeing past them for a bit,
then head out the windows and jump out onto the awning to kill off more
zombie goodness.

Drop down to the street and run over to the forklift to create a ramp.  I bet
you know what this means!  And if you don't, that minigun over there should
change that.  Lower the forklift and begin to gun down the horde, as usual.
When everything is over, move up the ramp and drop off at the end of it
Move around the bus, go left down an alleyway, go left again down the path,
and then head up the stairs which are, you guessed it, on your left!

Bust yourself through a window, run across the planks, climb out the windows,
and move to ANOTHER building.  Are you sick of this level yet?  Go left and
drop down, and run over to the saferoom at the end of the alley.  Shut the
door behind everybody.

== e. Boathouse Finale  [DTCH5] ===============================================
Stock up, heal, etc, blah, then exit the saferoom out into the garage.
Open the door and run out into the street, killing off the common Infected
straying.  Run past the house with the flaming oil drum outside, moving
through the woods, and to the park.

Follow the dirt path until you go to a roofed area with picnic tables.  From
there, run over to the boathouse and stock up on what you need.  As is
routine for finales, there will be four med kits, an ammo stash, and
upgraded weapons here.  When you are ready, develop a game plan
before you summon a rescue.

I have had great success holding the docks instead of the boathouse.  While
you will have to make a mad run for restocking during breaks between waves,
which is risky, I found it much easier than holding the house.  Have everybody
stay on the dock, gunning down the Infected as they run in a beeline down
the dock or into the water, and have somebody watch the edges of the
dock for stray horde Infected climbing up the sides.

After the first wave a Tank will be ready to come, so as soon as things die
down, RUN for the boathouse if you need to restock.  Because of the distance
here, this means that two people should have auto shotguns before moving
to the docks, so that the Tanks will be easier to take on.  Ammo runs should
be done in groups of one or two, with the others staying behind to cover
them as they go or return.

Rinse and repeat.  When the boat arrives, throw a pipe bomb away from the
boat and turn around and run up.  Voila, you're free.

11.] No Mercy  [NMWT]
No Mercy is by far my favorite campaign, and will thus be the easiest
for me to write about.  I will not be even attempting to go "this Infected
will be here" because the AI Director makes that impossible, so please
keep that in mind. I will be directing where to go, and where items may
be within the campaign. I am basing this off of my findings in Normal
mode, as well.

Before you start: Keep in mind that many places in this campaign are
closed, tight areas.  It is not all open and outside, such as the areas in
Blood Harvest. Be sure to keep the campaign tips in mind, or refresh
yourself on them in section 6.

== a. The Apartments  [NMCH1] =================================================
Before you run off and try to race through things, be sure to pick up a med
pack and another weapon.  If you want to be able to gun down stragglers
quickly and enjoy medium range weapons, select the SMG.  If you prefer close
range weapons and are fine with depending on your pistols or teammates for
defense with long range enemies, select the shotgun, which is more powerful.
If you're playing online, be sure to communicate where you're going: are
you going down the skylight, or down the stairs?

The skylight will not save you much time, and I will write this from the other
path.  When you're ready, run over to the door and open it up and run down
the stairs, clearing out the kitchen and living room.  Turn left and go down
the stairs (you do not have to go down the hallway next to the stairs), closing
the door behind you to buy yourself some time, and then close the second
door behind you as well.

Continue down the hallway and check the room on the left, where there will
often be an infected or two.  If for whatever reason you have already used a
med kit, there is usually another med kit inside this room.  There is sometimes
a pipe bomb or molotov in one of the bathrooms down here, so be sure to
poke around.

Keep in mind that the hole up ahead is a no return deal.  You cannot come
back up from the hole, so once you know you're ready, jump down with
everybody and go through the side rooms until you are outside.  Go left and
watch out for special Infected such as Smokers who will want to pull you over
from the roof, heading over to the rectangular section and going left to check
the room for any potential goodies.  Check the car to the right for a possible
second pistol, then continue down the alley.

If you continue and check the side of the van, you may find another med kit.
If it's not there, continue down the alley until you're out on the street.  Gun
down the common Infected out here, then turn right and keep going down
the street.  If you want some pain pills or need another possible med kit,
turn right into a hall along the wall, and then turn left at the first door.
There will probably be a few common Infected in here - kill them, and
then look for healing items.

You can sidetrack if you want to, going past the large truck in the middle
of the road and heading through the warehouse to look for items, but I
usually just run down the road and head to the subway station to go to the
saferoom. Either way, avoid the car with the alarm!  Don't get too close to
it, and don't shoot it, or you'll alert the horde and have to kick a lot more
zombie butt than you would normally.

Once everybody is inside the saferoom down in the subway station, close the
door and wait for the next level to load!

== b. The Subway  [NMCH2] =====================================================
Stock up on whatever you may need - always get more ammo, switch
weapons if needed, and try to grab all med kits because you definitely won't
be coming back here.

When you're ready, open the door and run down into the hole, keeping in
mind that you won't be able to get back up to the safe room after you go
down.  Behind you, in the direction of the saferoom, there will usually be
many common Infected waiting to run after you.  You don't have to worry
about them, and you can just run ahead down to the staircase, where I
would recommend waiting in the corner to gun down any Infected that are
chasing you before you continue.

Go down both sets of stairs and gun down the Infected here, and the check
both small booths.  You may find a second pistol, a med pack, pills, molotovs,
pipe bombs, or even nothing.  Situations will vary, so don't be too disappointed
if you don't find anything.  You may also find upgraded weapons here.

When you're done scrounging around, go left and up the stairs.  You can
either go through the train or around it; you'll end up in the same place.
Move around the debris and flames, killing any Infected in your way, and
move ahead to find a table which will more often than not hold a stash of
ammo and upgraded weapons which you will want to change to.  When ready,
move ahead and stay to the right of the area, until you reach the train up

Move through the train and take down any Infected, and you may come
across a table with ammo or weapons, depending on what the AI Director
decides.  From there, you can check the right for items, or just go ahead and
go left, closing the door behind you and going up the stairs.

In this dark area, don't bother running around the edges, because you'll waste
your time killing random Infected.  Run straight through, avoiding any pillars,
and you may come across ammo and upgraded weapons here.  Move ahead
and go up the stairs, through the door, where you may find anywhere from
one to eight molotovs.  Grab a molotov; you'll want one for the hole in the
floor here, or the gas canister.

Do not flip the switch yet!  Run over to the room with the mounted minigun
and check for pills and med packs, and when you're ready, run to hit the
switch.  Run back over, and throw the molotov at the hole in the ground to
set the upcoming horde ablaze.  If you want, make a dash for another
molotov for when the one you used dies out, or just stay in a corner and
gun down any zombies you see.

Soon enough, the door will be open, and you can make a mad run for it.
Run up the stairs and around the balcony, over to the room where you WILL
find ammo and upgraded weapons.  Shut the door behind you and do
whatever you may have to do, and then move on down the hallway,
checking the side rooms for items.  Continue on down the stairs, and exit the

Run down the street and avoid the red car with the alarm system - do not get
too close to it, and do not accidentally shoot it, unless you want to unleash
more Infected on yourself.  Continue ahead to the pawn shop, and run into
the safe room, closing the door once everybody is inside.

== c. The Sewers  [NMCH3] =====================================================
As usual, stock up, and head out when you're ready.  You can go right or left.
If you head right, you will come across a garage when you exit the building
which may hold some explosive items.  Either way, make your way to the
diner and close the door behind you, making sure to check behind the door
for any Infected that may be sneaky enough to hide there, which has
happened more often than not to me.

When ready, file out into the street and run over towards the gas station.
To the right of the gas station is an area that you can jump up into - explore
the area for items.  You will more often than not find a variety of things, such
as pipe bombs, molotovs, and pain pills.  Once that's done, come
back out and run over to the lift, starting it up when everybody is on it.
This will alert the horde.

If the horde happens to be coming from down in the street, shoot the gas
station to try to take them down, or maybe just to see a huge, awesome
explosion.  Run out onto the roof, meleeing Infecteds out of your way or
gunning them down.  Break the windows and jump in, and then drop down
 the hole into the room where you can shoot down any Infected.  Check for
med kits and pain pills, and then check the small room to the left for items
like pipe bombs or molotovs.

Move out into the hallway and run along until you reach the stairs, turning
to go down them and then running out into the warehouse.  Before you
run in guns ablazing, press the button near the metal door to open it - it leads
outside, where you came from.  This was a recent discovery of mine, and is
helpful if you need to go back out for something for whatever reason.

Now run in - I often find a tank in here. Run through, take care of things,
and keep going until you reach the stairs, heading down to the sewers.  Gun
down the Infected, and then have everybody go down the same manhole,
dropping into the sewers.

The sewers is a giant maze and is difficult to navigate in sometimes, but I
typically just search my way through.  Look around for the supply room, and
you'll do fine.  It is not a tunnel, it is a room that may or may not hold an
ammo stash, and usually has an actual door and a red lit tunnel inside.
When prepared, go through the tunnel (I've found a witch right in my path
here, so be careful) and keep going straight, not turning left.  When you're
out of the tunnel, turn right and look to your left for a red ladder leading
up to the outside world.

Be ready to take down a lot of zombies when you go up there!  If you have
a pipe bomb, you will definitely want to use it and then run for the safe
room, which is at the hospital.  Outside near or inside the ambulance is
usually a med kit - after you grab it, run to the saferoom and close the

== d. The Hospital  [NMCH4] ===================================================
Stock up, etc, you know the drill.  When ready open the door and head to
your right, running down until you reach a stairwell to your right.  Close the
door behind you and head up, going towards the very large and possibly
intimidating cafeteria.

Run through here, especially if in versus mode, and go up the stairs, closing
every door you see.  Close the double doors behind you, and then the next
set of double doors, and run up to the stair well, also closing that door behind
you.  Phew.  Lots of doors.

Head forward through the nurse station, going past some metal double doors
and closing those, and then running up and turning right.  Run to the end of
the hall and turn left, where you will see the elevator.  Joy. My favorite part,
hah.  Have somebody hit the button to summon the elevator, and then back
into the corner opposite the elevator, near the ammo.  It's a very safe corner,
and allows you to quickly get more ammo and to watch all walls at all times.
Yes, they will even come through the wall to your right, which is currently not
broken down.

Gun down the horde as they come to try to kill you, holding them off until the
elevator arrives.  When it does, have everybody load up on ammo and then
run into the elevator, pressing the button to close it.  I have never had
anything come through the vent above in my times playing, EXCEPT on
versus mode, but you might want to watch it anyway, and the doors when
you're around floor 25 or so.

It's hard to get through to the saferoom in this area sometimes, so run out of
the elevator and try to follow your friends (humans or AI, they should know
where to go, hopefully!) because they will often go the right way.  It's very
easy to run into rooms and get lost in small areas, or go the wrong way and
hit a dead end, so keep your eyes peeled for a sign indicating that a
saferoom is nearby.  Run towards it, and when everybody is inside, close the

== e. Rooftop Finale  [NMCH5] =================================================
Now, I wouldn't worry very much about weapons here.  I would personally
have one or two people get the auto shotgun, and two with the assault rifle,
while everybody picks up an explosive.  Have one person save a pipe bomb
for the VERY, VERY end, when the chopper is there, so that there is a
distraction while you run. Have the two people with molotovs save them for
tanks, and the last pipe bomb can be used on a common Infected wave while
you're holding down the building at the end.

Make sure to grab med packs, and then open the door and just run up the
stairs.  I never worry about clearing out the rooms here, but I usually play
on versus mode, so it's a little more risky doing that.  Check the rooms if
you want, clearing out any Infected you see, and then head down to the
elevator shaft, where you may run into a witch of all things.  If you find her,
look away from her and turn off your lights, and don't shoot, just run through
the vent.

Climb up the first ladder, clear out the straggling Infecteds, then go up the
second ladder, where you will find yourself on the roof.  Go over to the
edges (do NOT jump straight down, you will hurt yourself) and gun down any
Infecteds that you see trying to rush over and climb up.
When the coast is clear, jump down and try to land on the ladder bridge thing,
and then run down the helicopter pad, down the ramp, and to the building
ahead with the double doors open.

Inside are four med kits, an ammo stash, and the three upgraded weapons.
Piece of advice: after the first wave of common Infected are gone, have
everybody grab auto shotguns so they can unload shells into the Tank all at
once.  Be ready to jump backwards through windows, because the Tanks will
get stuck trying to follow - stay out in the open areas with the Tanks, and
try not to get thrown off the building.

When everybody is ready, summon the rescue.  Stay in the corner near the
ammo, facing the two windows to the left, and crouch down.  If on versus
mode, watch out for hunters TRYING to jump through the windows to grab
you (they usually can't get through), for boomers coming around the side, and
for smokers trying to grab you from above.

Gun down the common Infected as the first wave rushes in, watching your
teammates but your own back as well.  When the first wave is gone, a tank
will come; do not trust the silence.  Heal fast if necessary, switch to the auto
shotgun, and be on the lookout and be ready to jump out the windows.
When you see the Tank, unload into it all at once until it dies, possibly using
a molotov on it and running around to avoid being hit.  When it's dead, switch
back to your regular weapons to prepare for the second wave.  Keep in mind
that you have a second pipe bomb, so you can use it here, or during the first

Rinse and repeat.  Kill off the second wave, heal up, run for an auto shottie,
and be ready for the second Tank.  Kill it off using the shotguns and maybe
the second molotov, switch weapons, and then RUN for the helicopter pad.
Have somebody use the last pipe bomb, obviously in the opposite direction
you are going, and run for the pad, because there WILL be 2 more Tanks that
will try to kill you.  Jump up into the chopper, and you're home free.

12.] Versus Mode  [VSMD]
Versus mode is playable with Xbox Live Gold, and can be played with up to a
total of eight players.  One team consists of four survivors, and the other of
four infected.  Survivors can be Bill, Zoey, Louis, or Francis, and Infected can
 be Hunters, Boomers, Smokers, or Tanks.  Infected will spawn approximately
every 5-30 seconds (depending on number of people on the team), and will
become one of the Infected.

At any given time, there is a boomer, smoker, and two hunters on the
Infected team.  (OR, boomer+3 hunters/smoker+3 hunters)  Tank spawns happen
at select times within a game and often a person with a high damage score
to Survivors will be selected to become the Tank.  This is not always the
case, but happens frequently.

There are various strategies to getting through versus mode and racking in
the points, which will be discussed.

== a. Survivor Strategies and Party Dynamics  [SVST] ==========================
If you haven't yet, be sure to read the campaign tips in section 6.  They
outline basic things such as teamwork and communication, and are very
important to playing as the Survivors in versus mode.

Gun It Strategy
  This strategy consists of everybody running through the level as quickly
as possible, more than likely holding left trigger to melee past common
infected and to keep Hunters off of you, and attempting to run to
the saferoom as quickly as humanly possible.  Even if you are playing against
a horrible team of Infected, THIS WILL NOT WORK OUT.  Running ahead and
becoming separated from your teammates will make you the target: when Infected
die and return to spawn mode, they appear near the person who has the farthest
distance in the map, meaning that if you're ahead of everybody else, you're
done for, and probably won't be saved.

Tight-Knit Strategy
  This is the opposite of the Gun It strategy.  Instead of running through
things and not keeping an eye on the other teammates, you are to stick
together at all times and move as a group so that you cannot be picked
off as a straggler by an Infected player.  More often than not, Hunters and
Smokers will try to grab onto the ones who go too far ahead, or the ones who
fall too far behind, while Boomers and Tanks will run right at groups to try to
get everybody at once.  Keep these things in mind and adapt the strategy to
how you play, and you will do fine.

What Not to Do
  Whatever you do, be very wary of traps set by the Infected team.  They will
try to lure you into shooting cars to set off alarms and alert
the horde, they will try to pull you past the witch so she will incap
one of you, or they will try something else, such as pulling you near
the gas station in Chapter 3 of No Mercy so it collapses on you.
Avoid these at all costs and think about the consequences of things
very quickly, because you must act quickly in this game.  Do not
separate into groups of two unless you must, or two Infected will team up
and grab one group and kill them off quickly.

== c. Infected Strategies  [INST] =============================================
As a whole, the Infected team must communicate where they are and what
they plan to do.  They must try to be in similar locations and aim at different
people all at once, as to bombard the Survivors and catch them off guard.
Teamwork is important to killing off the Survivors, and going off and doing
your own thing will not be beneficial to you or your team.  Develop strategy
plans and work together with the other Infecteds as much as you can, and
try to set up different traps, such as witch or horde alerts.

i. Hunter Strategies  [HNST]
Hunters must be careful not to pounce when the Survivors are together, or
they will almost immediately meet their deaths.  If three of four Survivors
are blinded by a Boomer, however, then it would be best to pounce the one
who is not blinded and to inflict damage while the others are confused.

If you find yourself facing a tight-knit group of Survivors, run in and
melee them!  Hunter melee deals about 10 damage per swipe, meaning you can
easily take somebody down from green to yellow with just a few hits.  If you're
lucky, you can play "tag" with your target until you incapacitate them,
then run away to hide so that you can rinse and repeat.  Be a ninja with

Besides that, Hunters should stick to people who run too far ahead or fall
too far behind.  If there is a group of two, communicate with another Hunter
or Smoker so that you can grab both and kill them off while the other two
either keep running or turn around to try to save them. If they keep running,
you can use the same method to kill them off before they reach the saferoom.

Hunters work well with Boomers, Smokers, and other Hunters.  If the person
who is the Tank is careful to avoid hitting a latched Hunter, then Hunters will
work well with the Tank.  Otherwise, they should avoid being near the Tank
unless they want to be punched off and killed instantly on accident.

ii. Boomer Strategies  [BOST]
Boomers are fat, ugly, and somewhat slow moving.  They are very efficient
at what they do, which is blinding the Survivors and attracting the horde with
their bile.  If you are playing a Boomer, be sure to try to target a group of
Survivors, and not just one (unless incap), so that you can confuse many of
them and get a higher chance of the horde inflicting damage.

Boomers will get bile on their victims by exploding as well as vomiting.  If
you vomit on only two Survivors, try to move towards the other two so that
they will hopefully shoot you right next to them and become blinded.  If
you're successful, you will know that your death was not wasted, and can
enjoy a brutal scene while you wait to respawn.  If you are having trouble
with exploding on them due to being melee'd back, try to run in front of
their gunfire when they're shooting down the horde.

If Survivors are in the saferoom waiting for incapped teammates to die
outside, a Boomer can vomit through the saferoom door and try to hit them,
although it won't do much good unless they decide to open the door.

These Infected work well with all other Infected.  If a Boomer vomits on a
group, the other Infected should move in to latch onto them and to kill them
off while everybody is confused, at least inflicting severe damage.

iii. Smoker Strategies [SMST]
Smokers have extremely long tongues and have, you guessed it, a smoker's
cough.  They work well from long distances, and should do something similar
to the Hunters.  A Smoker should snipe off a final straggler or a person
rushing ahead, or try to drag them from large heights so that they die from
the impact of the fall.

These work well with all other Infected, including the tank.  Hunters and
Smokers can double or triple team to take out a small group of Survivors,
and Tanks can beat up three of four Survivors while a Smoker constricts the
 fourth from a distance, preferably on a roof.

iv. Tank Strategies  [TKST]
Tanks are based on the Hulk.  They are big, mean, scary, and use brute
force to rip things to pieces.  If you are lucky enough to be a tank, use large
objects to your advantage, such as cars, pillars, dumpsters, and logs.  You
can use left trigger to throw a piece of ground at a distant Survivor, which
will often slow them down.

If you are a Tank in the No Mercy alley (Chapter 1),  run after them and get
them in the alley, smashing cars into them to instantly incap them. Once
you've incapped one Survivor, move onto the next, until all are incapped and
you win.

If you are a Tank at the No Mercy finale (Chapter 5), it's best to try to knock
the Survivors off of the building, or to trap them in a corner.  Running
around in an open area or running straight into 4 lined up Survivors is
a deathwish - you'll be killed within 5 seconds if you do the latter.  If
you're a tank, be a ninja and be as sneaky as you can, taking cover behind
walls after hitting somebody once.

If you are a Tank at the Blood Harvest finale (Chapter 5), you should attack
in the cornfield and separate and pick off each Survivor, one at a time.  The
cornfield is helpful in shielding you from their view, although I'm sure that
they will hear you coming and probably see a huge thing running through the

Overall, Tanks should separate and pick off Survivors if possible, or should
hit a group all at once when they are off guard (key part).  If a Tank runs
into a somewhat separated (meaning close together but slightly apart) group
who wields shotguns, it will be down very quickly, and will be a waste of a

Tanks work well with Boomers and Smokers, and with Hunters if the Tank is

v. Working with the Witch [WTCH]
The witch is a confusing little creature, and you cannot alert her yourself if
you are on the Infected team.  In order to work with her, try to trick the
Survivor team into shooting her, or running towards her.  This can be
accomplished with Boomer bile (backing into her on accident while blinded),
or by pulling a Survivor past her as a Smoker, hoping that other teammates
will return and startle her.

The witch is startled by light and loud noises, which includes gunshots.  If
you'd like to sacrifice in an attempt to work with her, stay near her or attack
somebody very close to her so that the Survivors shoot you.
They'll either accidentally shoot her and startle her, or they will
startle her with the noise of the gunshots anyway.

If a witch turns her head and simply looks at a Survivor, SWIPE HER.  She will
get up and run at one of the Survivors, incapacitating them if they aren't
quick enough to kill her before she reaches them.

13.] Achievements  [ACHV]
Left 4 Dead has a total of 50 achievements at this time, 7 for Infected and 43
for Survivors.  Below is a checklist of sorts of all achievements, and what
must be done to get them.

== a. Survivor Achievements  [SVAV] ===========================================
Dead Baron: Survive the Dead Air campaign.
Grim Reaper: Survive the Blood Harvest campaign.
Mercy Killer: Survive the No Mercy campaign.
Toll Collector: Survive the Death Toll campaign.
   These 4 are pretty simple and self-explanatory.  Just survive the
campaigns, even on easy if you'd like, and you've got the achievements.

101 Cremations: Set 101 Infected on fire.
   Gas canisters, propane tanks, molotovs.. use them!  Use them at the
right times (crescendo events anyone?), and this achievement will be
gotten quickly.

Akimbo Assassin: Survive an entire campaign using only pistols.
   I personally got this at the same time as Unbreakable on an easy run on
No Mercy with the AI.  Run through while keeping the AI close to you since
they sometimes get stuck a bit far back, and they should be pretty efficient
at helping you keep the horde off.  You may use explosives during this,
but do NOT use the mounted gun or any other gun besides pistols.  I didn't
even pick up a secondary weapon, just to be sure.

Back 2 Help: Leave a safe room to save an incapped teammate and bring
them back safely.
   I never really tried for this achievement, but I'm pretty sure I got it
during versus mode.  Wait in the safe room for your nearby teammates,
and if one gets pounced by a hunter or constricted by a smoker, try to find
out when they're incapped, then make a mad run to save your companion.

Blind Luck: You or another Survivor take no damage after being vomited on
by a Boomer.
This is really easy to get.  If you're the one who got the bile on you,
back in a corner and hold LT to melee zombies off of you while your
teammates gun down the oncoming horde.  If you're one who did not get
the bile on you, then do as said above, and kill off the horde rushing in.

Brain Salad: Make 100 headshot kills.
   I never really tried for headshots but got this achievement pretty quickly.
It's just one of those achievements that you get as you casually play.

Burn the Witch: Light a Witch with a Molotov.
   Simple.  Pick up molotov, find witch, aim, throw, and.. probably run
while your teammates kill her.  Make sure you aim right at her so you don't
accidentally throw it over her head like I did two or three times when I
started playing.

Clean Kill: Shove a Boomer and then kill him without him splashing on anyone.
   Probably easier on campaign mode than versus mode, since human
intelligence obviously bypasses artificial intelligence.  Shove a boomer,
back up, make sure everybody else is backed up, and kill it.

Cr0wnd: Kill a Witch with a single headshot.
   This is a lot easier than it sounds.  I highly recommend beginning with
an autoshotgun so that if you miss the right time to fire the first shot,
it won't cost you all of your health.  Get an autoshotgun, turn off your light,
and run up to the witch (preferrably behind her if it's your first try).  Wait
until she stands up, freaking out a bit, and then fire near her waist or
Yes, her waist.  Not her head or neck.  I always fire here and kill her every
time, and had a few bad experiences when I tried with an actual headshot.

   If you miss the window of opportunity for the achievement, KEEP FIRING.
She will die quickly, and you can go and try again when you find another witch.

Dead Giveaway: Heal a fellow Survivor when your own health is below 10.

Dead Stop: Punch a Hunter as he is pouncing.

Do Not Disturb: Sneak past all Witches in a campaign without disturbing one.

Drag and Drop: Rescue a Survivor from a Smoker's tongue before he takes

Field Medic: Heal 25 Survivors with a first aid kit.

Ground Cover: Save another Survivor from a Special Infected while on the

Helping Hand: Revive 50 incapacitated Survivors.

Hero Closet: Rescue a Survivor trapped in a closet.

Hunter Punter: Shove a Hunter off of a pinned and helpless Survivor.

Jump Shot: Headshot a Hunter while he's leaping.

Man vs. Tank: Single-handedly kill a Tank.

My Bodyguard: Protect any Survivor from an attacking Infected 50 times.

No Smoking Section: Kill 10 Smokers as they are pulling helpless Survivors.

No-one Left Behind: Beat a campaign with all 4 Survivors.

Nothing Special: Survive a campaign with no Survivors taking damage from
Special Infected.

Pharm-assist: Give pain pills to 10 Survivors.

Pyrotechnician: Blow up 20 Infected in a single explosion.

Red Mist: Kill 1000 Infected with a mounted machine gun.

Safety First: Play an entire campaign with no Survivors taking friendly fire

Spinal Tap: Kill an Infected with a single blow from behind.

Stand Tall: Survive a campaign without being incapacitated.

Stomach Upset: All Survivors complete a campaign without being vomited on.

Tankbusters: Kill a Tank without it dealing any damage to a Survivor.

Tongue Twister: Free yourself from a Smoker who has grabbed you with his tongue.

Towering Inferno: Light a Tank with a Molotov.

Unbreakable: Finish a campaign without ever being healed.

Untouchables: No Survivors take damage after contacting the rescue vehicle.

What Are You Trying to Prove?: Survive all campaigns on Expert.

Witch Hunter: Kill a Witch without any Survivor taking damage from her.

Zombicidal Maniac: Survive any campaign on Expert.

Zombie Genocidest: Kill 53,595 Infected.

== b. Infected Achievements  [INAV] ===========================================
All 4 Dead: Kill all four Survivors in one life while playing as a Tank.

Barf Bagged: Cover four Survivors with Boomer bile at once.

Big Drag: Drag a Survivor 100 feet with your tongue.

Chain Smoker: Constrict two Survivors in one life as a Smoker.

Dead Wreckening: Dole out 5000 total Survivor damage as a Special Infected.

Double Jump: Pounce two different Survivors in one life as a Hunter.

Lamb 2 Slaughter: As an Infected, incap a Survivor who has entered and
left a safe room.

14.] Legal  [LGAL]
This document is Copyright 2008 Dranaxscas (Cassandra Day).

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private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
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15.] Thanks and Credits  [THCR]
I did not directly pull any information from outside sources, but I did
cross-reference my information from the only other two FAQs currently up.
My thanks go out to Angelic_Rayne and DomZ Ninja - cross referencing truly
helped me make sure that the FAQ was complete.