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How do i swim as wolf?

I've gotten wolf and all of the relics associated with it, but i don't know how to swim. How do i swim?

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ShiitakeWarrior answered:

In order to swim safely, you will need to have the Holy Symbol relic (or "Holy Snorkel" as some like to call it) in your possession. (This can be found in a hidden area in the Caverns, and you'll need the Mermaid Statue in order to access the room in which the Holy Symbol is found.)

As a wolf, when you are in water, press and hold Y to make Alucard swim upward. Press left and right to move in the desired direction when swimming. If you let go of Y when swimming, you will sink, but you can still press left and right to move about when descending.
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tidal_tempest answered:

Tap or hold Y on top of the water as the wolf. It's cute.
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