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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find (stopwatch)?

Where can i find the stopwatch to open the otherside of the clock?

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Walk right 2 screens and it should be in a candlebra with a bunch of Big Hearts in the others. Game On!

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In the inverted castle, there is a room with ALL the special wepons (the dimond is my favorate one)

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No the stopwatch is found where you fight mermen,
just look for a candle and hit it, and it should pop out...
thats where i found it, just let me know if im right.

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CrimsonMike, you are right. I had to double jump but I found one theretoo

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You can continue past the area for a little bit. About 2 or 3 screens to the right, one of the candles near the left side of the screen contain a stopwatch.

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Go two screens either way and there will be a candle that has a stopwatch

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