Question from jimbofury

Can't find doorway to shivering isles?

I downloaded the expansion pack and waited weeks during game hours. I have gotten no message. Also I have countless times swam all over the Niben Bay to try and find it but nothing is there. How do I fix this? and why is it not working? I also tried to download the expansion again but got the same result.

SpartanBlueFour asked for clarification:

Even if you didn't get a message about the door, are you sure it isn't already in your quest page?


MayjorGamer answered:

It is in the middle of the huge lake near Bravil.
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aktion9 answered:

It is in the lake, just click on the quest ounce you download the them and the red arrow will take you there.
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DarknessLord10 answered:

I had this problem too. But sadly you cant just wait on it to show up.. You have to play around and do stuff for I think it is 3 In game Days and it should pop up a Quest saying "There is a strange island in the middle of the Nibben Bay!". Hope This Helps!
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jargonian answered:

Uninstall it and re-download thats what I did
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koolmankris answered:

If you've swam all over Niben Bay and still haven't spotted it, then try doing a few quests. If you don't get a new quest mentioning the island and the strange door after a while then there's something else wrong. Try re-downloading and reinstalling. As long as you get the quest update, it's nearly impossible to not spot the island. There should be a Khajiit and a guard standing near the door, which looks like a 3 headed statue.
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justalilherb answered:

I think the case is having to patch your game cause mine wasnt working either until i took my xbox and game to a friends house and used their internet to patch 'em up. it worked just fine after that.
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