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Asked: 2 years ago

How do i remove my bounty?

I am rank Madgod with a 3064 bounty. Each time i enter the city they kick me out again. how do i drop the bounty bak to 0?

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Alternatives to Punishment

Other than getting arrested, you have two options for how to get rid of your bounty:

* As a member of the Thieves Guild, you can get your doyen to bribe the local guards and dismiss your bounty. This will cost you half of the amount of your bounty.
* If you have increased the Disposition of the arresting guard to be greater than 90 and your total bounty is less than 1000, the guard will say "Looks like you are in some trouble. Since we are friends, don't worry. I'll look the other way and take care of that fine for you." Your bounty will be removed and he lets you go free.
You can increase the disposition of the guard trying to arrest you with a Charm spell.


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