Question from Booker545

How do I beat the Last Boss?

I get to him on like the 4th laser thing and his rocket hits the wall behind me and kills me all the time in one hit. If I get to close the M-4 guys kill me, if I back up too much the giant laser kills me, if I go mid way the rocket kills me. I am seriously stuck please help.


Cataulin answered:

The only real thing you have to do is dodge all of his gun fire and make sure you have a good spot to aim and hit him. Aim for the body more than the head and you wil eventually take him down with no problems.
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CraigC33 answered:

when you reach the final boss (reborn Logan Summers), there shouldn't be any more enemies. Just you against him. There are 4 kind of pillar-like structures that you can take cover using, and he can't destroy them.
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