• Frito-Lay Infinity G35 Car

    Frito-Lay Munchies CarMNCH

    Contributed By: Benj1234.

  • Hidden Cars

    In the DNA menu, from main menu, go to cheats and codes. Type in the following codes to race in that challenge and unlock the corresponding car.

    Unlocks challenge to win Audi TT 1.8 QuattroYTHZ
    Unlocks challenge to win Holden MonaroRBSG
    Unlocks challenge to win Hyundai Coupe 2.7 V6BSLU
    Unlocks challenge to win Infinity G35MRHC
    Unlocks challenge to win Koenigsegg CCXKDTR
    Unlocks challenge to win Mitsubishi Prototype XDOPX
    Unlocks challenge to win Nissan 350ZPRGN
    Unlocks challenge to win Nissan Skyline R34 GT-RJWRS
    Unlocks challenge to win Saleen S7WIKF
    Unlocks challenge to win Seat Leon Cupra RFAMQ

    Contributed By: xDARKBOARDERx.

  • Hidden leagues

    From the menu go to the DNA menu, go to cheats and codes, and type the following code.

    Unlock every leagueHEYB

    Contributed By: nosaj11.

  • Unlock hidden challenge and win a new car.

    In the DNA Lab menu, go to cheats and codes and type in the following code to race in a hidden challenge. Beat the challenge and you win the corresponding car to use in the DNA Lab.

    Beat challenge and win BMW Z4GVDL

    Contributed By: Daze7.


  • Achievements

    Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

    Billionaire! (25)One billion dollars!
    Daredevil! (15)Entered 25 pink slip races!
    Dealer! (10)Traded five cars online.
    DNA Collector! (10)Downloaded somebody's DNA.
    Drift Marathon! (100)20,000,000 point drift.
    Elite (5)Promoted to Elite.
    Elite Legend (10)Completed all Elite goals.
    Feelin' Lucky! (5)Entered a pink slip race.
    Flawless Drift! (50)5,000,000 point drift.
    HIN Champion (45)Completed all HIN crew challenges.
    Juiced! (25)Maxed out ten cars!
    League 1 (5)Promoted to League 1.
    League 1 Legend (10)Completed all League 1 goals.
    League 2 (5)Promoted to League 2.
    League 2 Legend (10)Completed all League 2 goals.
    League 3 (5)Promoted to League 3.
    League 3 Legend (10)Completed all League 3 goals.
    League 4 (5)Promoted to League 4.
    League 4 Legend (10)Completed all League 4 goals.
    League 5 (5)Promoted to League 5.
    League 5 Legend (10)Completed all League 5 goals.
    League 6 (5)Promoted to League 6.
    League 6 Legend (10)Completed all League 6 goals.
    League 7 (5)Promoted to League 7.
    League 7 Legend (10)Completed all League 7 goals.
    Loaded! (20)One hundred million dollars!
    Lookin' Smooth! (10)Traded five decal presets online.
    Millionaire! (15)One million dollars!
    Nailed! (100)100% completion.
    Nice Bodywork! (5)Traded a decal preset online.
    Online Elite (5)Promoted to Elite online.
    Online Elite Legend (10)Completed all online Elite goals.
    Online League 1 (5)Promoted to League 1 online.
    Online League 1 Legend (10)Completed all online League 1 goals.
    Online League 2 (5)Promoted to League 2 online.
    Online League 2 Legend (10)Completed all online League 2 goals.
    Online League 3 (5)Promoted to League 3 online.
    Online League 3 Legend (10)Completed all online League 3 goals.
    Online League 4 (5)Promoted to League 4 online.
    Online League 4 Legend (10)Completed all online League 4 goals.
    Online League 5 (5)Promoted to League 5 online.
    Online League 5 Legend (10)Completed all online League 5 goals.
    Online League 6 (5)Promoted to League 6 online.
    Online League 6 Legend (10)Completed all online League 6 goals.
    Online League 7 (5)Promoted to League 7 online.
    Online League 7 Legend (10)Completed all online League 7 goals.
    Online Rookie Legend (10)Completed all online Rookie goals.
    Online World Class (5)Promoted to World Class online.
    Online World Class Legend (10)Completed all online World Class goals.
    Prestige (45)Completed all celebrity challenges.
    Revved! (20)Maxed out five cars!
    Risk Taker! (10)Entered 10 pink slip races.
    Rookie Legend (10)Completed all Rookie goals.
    Style King! (15)Traded ten decal presets online!
    Trader! (5)Bought or sold a car online.
    Tuned! (15)Maxed out a car!
    Tycoon! (10)Traded ten cars online!
    Unstoppable Drift! (150)50,000,000 point drift!
    World Class (5)Promoted to World Class.
    World Class Legend (10)Completed all World Class goals.

    Contributed By: Nerthing.

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