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Learnign Bargaing skill?

Am trying to learn the bargaining skill but I can't see it in my general skills instead I see the skill "Alcemy" where it should be. Am a Evil Shadow Warroir of lvl 35 if that helps.


Marriott_Guy answered:

The Bargaining skill is not available to the Shadow Warrior, regardless of level\alignment. The skills available to your player will change depending on the class you chose.
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Avenger1324 answered:

Primary skills are available to a character to pick whenever they want.
Secondary skills are available once you have spent 5 points in that skill category.
Some skills are not available at all to certain characters - in this case Bargaining is not available for the Shadow Warrior.

Be sure to check the Sacred Wiki for the skills available to each class, as well as the recommended build guides.
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