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How do you duel weild??

Can any class learn how 2 duel weild and if so how do u actually do it??

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SardonRayne answered:

Seraphim, Shadow Warriors, Dryads I know can all Dual Wield.
You need to learn a skill in the Offensive skill tree, and get it to level 5, if you're going for Dual Wield
then Tactics Lore is a good choice, since the Weapon Skills don't stack with Dual Wield.

The Inquisitor starts out with Dual Wield.
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zZ_POORLENO_Zz answered:

I know for sure the Shadow Warrior class can, you unlock it at a certain level. I can't remeber exactly what level I unlocked it.
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Mortalitor answered:

Shadow Warriors, Inquisitors, and Dryads can all dual wield. One or Two of the classes require 5 points in Offensive skills before you can put up Dual Wield. Once its up, put 2 one-handed weapons on the same slot and your good to go. (excludes one-handed guns... hope they patch this!!!)
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megametal42 answered:

Once you have the skill, you "equip" each weapon to the same action button.
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Frances_Bean answered:

Get a skill from the Offenseive skill tree, get it to level five, and choose a skill like Tactics Lore like Mortalitor and SardonRayne said and then choose Dual Wield the next time you are able to choose a skill. The only two classes who can't duel wield are Temple Guardians because they lack two arms and the High Elves I guess because they cast magic with their hand so it would look weird if they were casting magic with a weapon in hand. Once you have the skill to Dual Wield, equip two single-handed weapons on the same weapon slot, like megametal42 said.
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