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Asked: 5 years ago

When do i get my specialized mounts?

Theres mounts special to each the hellhound for the warrior, those far i've only seen there something i need to do to get them? or a certian threshold to acheive? im currently lvl 10 on my shadow warrrior, and lvl 12 on my temple Guardian..all the others are below that...these two are the highest i have

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From: diabloboost 5 years ago

You can get them at level 1 if you wanted. Its just a matter of unlocking Mount Island or joining someone's game who has it unlocked. However, if you unlock the teleporter there on someone else's game, the guy will not appear until you unlock it on your game.

Here is the quest

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Head up to Orcish Byway, accept the quest from the woman in a beam of light not far from the entrance to town, follow the quest arrow/road to the northeast to another town and a guy is sitting beside a building, accept his quest to go further NE to pick up his map and bring it back to him. Teleport to mount island which is west of the seraphim island. Talk to the mount dealer in the center of the island. He has you fight three battles in a huge pen near the dock (have to talk to him after each). Then and only then will he sell you a special mount.

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Get as soon as possible to save on costs. A level 1 character typically will make it to about level 11 going straight to and through this quest, killing enemies along the way.

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