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Weapon and Combat Art "slots"?

I read that you receive a new weapon and combat art "slot" at levels 3, 11, and 21. Only thing is... what is meant by "slot"? I mean you can have and use as many weapons and arts as you can carry so what is a weapon "slot"?

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Avenger1324 answered:

This really refers to how Sacred 2 worked on PC before it was ported to consoles. On PC you started with just 1 slot to equip weapons, and 1 for combat arts. If you wanted to use another weapon or different combat art you would need to change it through a menu. As part of the levelling up you earned more "slots" allowing you to have 2, 3 and eventually 4 options for weapons and active Combat Arts.

On consoles they bound the controls differently to the pad, and through the use of the triggers effectively gave you 12 "hotkeys" compared to the PC version only giving you 8. since you could use the triggers from the start on consoles you get an advantage from the start of the game compared to PC.
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Mason_Cain answered:

I believe it refers to how many combos you can create
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1949tcr answered:

In the asspect you select ( exaltted warrior focus) , and after putting a number of points into that asspect. You will be given a choice of two mods to use ( right bumper).
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