Item Basics & Unique Mounts

  • A weapon must be slotted into one of the action slots to be used. Once slotted you can either use the weapon by itself (by pressing the weapon's button) or you can use it with CAs that are weapon based (by pressing the CA's button, a compatible weapon must be slotted).
  • If an item is socketed entirely with blacksmith arts (whet anneal etc.) they cannot be removed by the blacksmith, But you can remove Blacksmith Art slotted items by selling to merchants and re-purchasing the item clean.
  • You can purchase rings and amulets from rune masters by pressing left/right trigger while in the trade screen. This is optimal for jewelry shopping because the rune master sells only jewelry, ensuring there will be more to choose from then from the merchant.
  • You can purchase item damage type modifiers (poison, fire, ice, & magic) from a towns smithy. The types he holds or if he holds any at all are randomized upon loading the area.
  • Merchants of all sorts can have their inventories reset by leaving and re entering the town by teleporting or other travel that brings up a load screen.

Useless Items (no in game function)

Items that were not finished/implemented into the final cut of the game, they are useless and only take up space (cannot be used).

Some known ones: leaf, fist weapons, parchment, item, scroll, ink blot, claw weapons.

If an item has no description and cannot be used, it is probably one of these, good for selling that is all.

Unique Mount

  • Unlike Horses, unique mounts allow your character to use combat arts while riding them. All mounts give a regen penalty to all combat art trees, grant a health bonus and defense bonus.
  • There are four to choose from for each class, 3 will grant a regen bonus to a specific tree (almost offsetting the global penalty) and the 4th will provide a resistance or shield bonus (TG and SE).
  • A quest is required to unlock your class' mount for purchase; the price starts around 100,000 for a level 20 character and can rise to a few million later on. Mounts will die if your health becomes really low and must be purchased again. This is a good thing because the blow that fell your mount was actually intended for you, taking a bullet if you will.
  • Your mount will increase in level with you, as will the global regen penalty it adds. To this end, best to replace your mount each difficulty or every once in a while (15-20 levels?).
  • After level 75 or so, if you build is good your mount choice won't matter much. You can start choosing mounts based on color unless you see a dramatic change in your performance afterward.

Getting your Unique Mount

Getting your class mount is not as easy as just buying a horse, you have to complete a quest chain in order to obtain it.

This guide will list for you step-by-step what and where you need to go to get your ride.

If you have already passed the large gate into the Human territories in your campaign skip to step #2

Step 1: You will need to continue through the main campaign quest line (follow the gold arrows on your mini-map) until you get the quest titled Beyond the Wall which will allow you to pass into the Human territory

Step 2: Walk/ride northwest past the wall until you get to the town Orcish Byway, if you look at the map, there are two places at the very top of the map where rivers feed into the ocean, look for the right-most one, it will fork to the east and to the west, look toward the west and you will see that again it forks west and south but the western stream comes to an end (looks like a curvy line) Orcish Byway is at the end of that curvy line.

Step 3: You must find the NPC named 'Archaeologist's Sister' and accept her quest, she is easy to find because she has a glowing shaft of yellow light surrounding her

Step 4: The quest you just accepted will lead you to the NPC named 'Frustrated Archaeologist' in the town Urthak's Moxie, to find him follow the silver arrow that was just placed on your minimap (north-east from Orcish Byway), you will find him sitting down in some grass to the side of a building

Accept his quest to find his map

Step 5: Travel northeast again, following the silver arrow, once you see the map on the ground simply pick it up and run back to the quest giver

Step 6: Once you turn in that quest he will teach you how to get to Mount Island where you can finally finish the quest, either teleport to the harbor there or run to the nearest dock and take a boat, when you dock on Mount Island you must find the Orc Shaman 'Hugard', he stands at the center of the island

Step 7: Accept his quest to prove your fighting prowess, this involves fighting three increasingly harder sets of T-Mutants, no special strategy here just kill them before they kill you, return to Hugard after each wave is completed, after the third wave you can finally purchase your mount!

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