Question from zZHiTmAn759Zz

What is the fastest way to level up on GEARS OF WAR 2 ?

Level 100

damo1982mahoney asked for clarification:

was wondering if the king of the hill ring boosting was a quick option to level up.if it is does anyone wanna try that as im looking to level up aswell and do the horde tasks for achievements.if anyones up for it my gamertag is Damo Da Legend


OGBradius4L answered:

There isnt really a fast way to level up other that to play alot, especially on double or triple xp weekends.
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MasterFenix95 answered:

The easiest would be in annex, you earn lots of xp.
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Necroreaver answered:

It all depends. If you dont like playing against other players then play Horde a lot. If you do, then play the mode that you like the most.
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chuchutan answered:

Play guardian over and over and pray you get a all computer team to face. If you do scream at your teamates not to kill their leader unless yours dies.
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KNGC answered:

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kingvicarious answered:

Right now if your plugged into live Epic is doing an all ticker horde. The easiest strategy is to do a private match in horde by yourself on insane mode on the map "Security". Go to the safe area of the map protected by the red lasers and set your controller down. After a few hours I had gone up a little over 30 levels. The tickers cant activate the switch to open the area and thus just blow themselves up.
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KNGC answered:

We are boosting today and every saturday and friday in social king of the hill
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