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Does this game have split screen multiplayer?

Does this game have split screen multiplayer on a single xbox with a guest... like in gears 1?

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well from countless attempts at trying this, I have come to a conclusion... It is not like gears 1 where you can have someone sign in as a guest and play split screen. I hope they make a patch to fix that.

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AtDaBomb answered:

Yes and really depends.

If you want to do local or co-op campaign, then you are good to go. But, assuming that you wanna get two of you playing other people online, that's just not gonna happen. I guess they wanted to make it like CoD4 where you can't bring guests and stuff.

Why? Beats me. Not much of a good choice considering the game is always better with more people.
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Zhentharim answered:

Short answer: Yes, just like Gears 1.

Story: I don't own a copy, so I can't tell you for sure. But from the videos on youtube, you can see there IS split screen. That is assured. I do not know if you can do the "Guest Sign-In" thing, like in Gears 1, to play with a friend using the name YourGamertag(1). I assume you can, I mean, why would they remove it? =) Everything should be just like Gears 1.
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trogdor147 answered:

I have done this multple times, and it is possible. First turn on the first player controller, sign in normally. Then turn on the second controller, and sign in as another profile. Then press multiplayer and press local. Just make sure you have two accounts, you dont need to use it other than multiplayer
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SilentDespair answered:

Actually, it is very possible to do the split-screen with a guest sign-in.
After you go on the co-op screen, it'll say "(Y) Guest Sign-In" on the bottom left corner. Have second player do that and you're good to go.
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