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How do u get pass level 8?

How do u get pass level 8?

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What part of level 8 are you actually stuck on?

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I am guessing the maze of forest if you choose wrong path you get stuck with monsters thing is with that area is keep looking at the gateway's shadow if it is pointing toward you head that way but if your doing dante's version of maze, it is a bit more complicated

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I'm guessing this is the section with the four paths and the statue with the weird inscription.
I don't remember what it says exactly but something about following the light. So:
This is all that matters, look to see which way the shadow is pointing, that means the sun is shining from the oposite path so go tward the sun.
Go down the path aposite the one the shadow is pointing to, you need to do this multiple times I think 3 for nero, later when you come here with dante you do the same thing, just more 6 times I think.

Just always go the opposite direction everytime and you will make it through.

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Numenorking is rite. go the opposite way of the shadow on the satue thing in the middle. (assuming we are rite about guessing what part your stuck on)

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For lost forest go to the opposite direction of the statue's shadow ex. shadow is right you go left
for credo- just grab him when you have the chance and beat him p when his shield is gone

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As long as your shadow is behind you go that way, hence going towards the light.

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