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3rd person in Single Player?

I recently saw a clip of online gameplay with either MW or MW2 showing players in a third person views playing. I was wondering is there a way to get a 3rd person view in Single Player campaign modes? I prefer 3rd person and I'm fairly new to COD in general and MW in particular. I'm used to RB6Vegas/Vegas2 and Splinter Cell's styles of gameplay. I like seeing my character in the environment. Any questions/thoughts would be awesome. Thanks ^_^

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halo1halo2halo3 answered:

Unfortunately, there's no 3rd Person view in Call of Duty 4. However, in Modern Warfare 2, there is a matchmaking playlist which does have playable 3rd Person. But there is no 3rd Person available to use in either campaign/single player mode. Sorry, but you'll have to get used to playing in 1st Person!
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