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How do you throw back grenades?

When you get the hand icon when grenades are thrown at you, what button do you press to throw them back?

Also, how do you "cook" grenades?

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BlueNinjaGo answered:

RB to throw back grenades. You have to be practically on top of them. Chances are very slim that you can throw it back without being killed.

To "cook" a grenade, just hold down RB to pull the pin and hold it. Wait a few seconds before you throw it. This eliminates any chance of someone throwing it back as well.
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CandyMan_84 answered:

1) To throw back grenades, you have to be standing either on top of, or near to them, and press the right shoulder button.
2) To cook a grenade, you only have to press the right shoulder button and hold it while aiming where you want to throw it. In case you didn't know, you only have five second to cook it, and if you're not throwing by four, you could be in for some serious "boommage".
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