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So long world war twodennisc2010/10
Incredible, Not a Nazi in sight.MAX PAIN9/10
A True Cinematic Experience22sniper3199/10
One of the largest, online war games out now.247gamingblog9/10
Call of Duty 4- Great fun for awhileACowWithaDS8/10
The epitome of greatness, for online gamingaczhan2210/10
Best 360 game of 2007Booji_Boy939/10
Greatest Single Player FPS Ever (Single Player Only Review)Cappy9898/10
Fun for a few....CVV17/10
Call of duty 4 , overhyped and over-praised but still a solid action gamedazid2k68/10
Call of Duty: Jacked up and Good to goDouglasFett10/10
Great game, but could have been a little better.EL PARRo8/10
It's not that this game is bad...electricbugs26/10
The second best Call of Duty.GodOfWarFanatic8/10
Call of Dooty: Modern Borefare.JibbIe_Sandwich5/10
Best 360 FPSjoshmandude29/10
A Trulty Next-Gen Experiencejust_blaze_2169/10
A detailed review of the definitive action game of the year. Anyone who like action, should play this awesome game!Lebbin9/10
Finally COD gets out of WW IIllihknaH10/10
The real sequal to Call of Duty 2.MHurricane10/10
Definitely the best CoD game in the whole series.OMGWTFBBQ1119/10
Awesome. Simple, awesome.Pesnja9/10
The Best Shooter I have ever played. Ever.RammItDowwn10/10
Over Hyped, But Very Goodroyic8/10
The Epitome of a Call of Duty game, minus the World War 2.Samman12310/10
Gone Modern? It's about time!Sour9/10
Nicely done , nicely donespecopsangheili9/10
It's like Call of Duty 2, but with no Nazistakethektrain10/10
One of the Best Gaming Experiences to Date!That1Person10/10
Holy Mother...uberhaxxorgow10/10

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