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Asked: 4 years ago

How do i put a suppressor?

I want to now how i put a suppressor because my gun don't have one?

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You can only put one on some guns. Just go in your weapon stash and go to upgrade and you will have an option to put one on.

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Most guns will have it as an upgrade, and if not that weapon cant be supressed, and then its useless in infiltration

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There are only a few weapons where you can add a silencer - the UMP45, SC3000, and the M4. Alternatively, the MK23, the MP446, the 5-7, and the MP5SD3 already come silenced.

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The guns on the top have sound suppressors and some u have to upgrade

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Not all guns can have a suppressor but some you can buy a suppressor upgrade but still thats not for all guns.

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Not all of the guns have a suppressor, but the Five-Seven has one built.into it. Certain guns have certain upgrades.

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