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How do I beat Fiery Idol?

Plz help me...this guy has been multi-deadlocking me and slowly killing me starting with torgal then david and just hitting me with his area sooooooooo frustrated x_x

solonomad asked for clarification::

i have tried to make ubions in order to better beat this monster. So far , after 12 battles i am unsuccesful. I need help......badly

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Seawanderer answered:

Before I start things off, most importantly, use this site if you are in need of help in the game at any time: -- it is far more straightforward and elaborate than this particular GameFaqs forum.

The Fiery Idol is the first of a three-chained boss fight; the other two bosses are the Icy Idol and the Charged Idol. According to the Last Remnant wiki the health points of Fiery Idol will vary between 7,800 to 180,000; Icy Idol: 180,000 to 310,000; and Charged Idol: 180,000 to 230,000.

Strategy wise I'd stick with brute force for the Fiery Idol--what good are simple status ailments when paired with such high health points?--and a Curse immunity method for the other two idols (as they both, independent of Fiery Idol, can Curse you).
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