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How can I use more units in battle?

You gain the ability to use more units in battle via story moments.
But what I get is that you can only use 18 units in battle.
So can you get the ability to use more, and if that is possible, how?

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I was thinking more along the lines of how to upgrade the amount of units that you can use in battle.

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xSaingonJorex answered:

All you have to do is progress through the story more. It also depends on whether or not you have enough leaders to support your unions. my current is
5 max unions
6 max leaders
18 max units.
also sometimes you don't want to spread your good units out so thin.
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Xionss answered:

if you can have 18 units then you should recruit more soldiers.

you can get the soldiers in athlum.


1 union may have 5 leaders or 1 leader and 4 soldiers.

my max union = 4
my max leaders = 5
my max units now are 12

so normaly i have to balance everything to get a good team together.
formation is very importand so you have to check witch one is the best for the team you have set.

1 union without a leader is not possible so you have te put 1 leader and 4 soldiers.

sorry for my bad english :P
hope this is the answer you waited for.

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geonizer answered:

If you can use 18 in battle then you've exceeded anyone posting here. I have a max of 5 unions, 6 battle leaders, and 15 in battle total. My reserve status is a max of 15 battle leaders and 18 soldiers. The game itself states you can lead 25 into battle. Reserve status unknown.
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