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How do I get to the secret guilds?

I have just defeated the base battles thanks to a helpfull answer to a question i posted and i still have access to none of the secret guilds? Have i missed quests or is there still a way to get to them?

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bickerstaffj answered:

As far as I know, there are three secret guilds: 1 in Celapalaise, 1 in Athlum and 1 in Elyussion. I'm also fairly certain that I just butchered those names...

Anyways, there is a quest early on in the game (disk 1) in Celapalaise. I don't remember the name of the quest, but it is the one about the lord who's wife tries to kill the Duke of Celapalaise. If you complete these quests (there were multiple ones involving this), the Celapalaise guild will open up.

In Athlum, disk two, complete the quest where you take Emmy to Aveclyff to fight that Yarma guy. You start that one by talking to the old lady in the pub. After that, the Athlum guild will open up.

I have no clue how to get to the Elyusion guild.
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