Question from ChaosAkroma

Asked: 6 years ago

Where do I find Brynhildr?

I've been trying to find the quest to find them, but I'm having no luck I know I need to fight them to get one of the weekly things, for a part of my sword but I cannot locate the creature Brynhildr or the quest. Any help?

Accepted Answer

From: joev3888 6 years ago

If you're BR 80 or above, you'll have to go to the Ancient Ruins to get them, and you'll have to fight a glorious and a regular at the same time >.<. You need the regulars to get the quest.

If you're under BR 80, go to Mt. Vackel (after you've done the sidequests, if you're looking for a perfect game) and there MAY be one in the Pearly Peak in that big area on your LEFT as you're about halfway through the area.

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