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How do i use the more powerful versions of formations?

I get the more powerful versions but all i can get is like arrow of athlem 3 or any other thats the best i can do.....can some1 tell me whats up?


pprincess answered:

Many advanced formations are easy to find in chests and so forth. But to use them you need to find the basic formation that matches. Many of the basic ones are obtained by doing guild quests in the 3 guilds. Some of the guild quests yield highly advanced versions such as Mystic Shield, obtained by completing the 3 Runemaidens guild quest, a difficult quest to complete. What you've mostly found so far are likely the #2 or #3 advanced formations and you need the basic #1 version to use the advanced ones, because they unlock in progression.

After you obtain the basic formation, to unlock the advanced versions and use them, you need to create the correct union set up. Most of the advanced formations will require 5 characters in a union. Several will require a leader in slot #5 who has a Special Art, such as Rush or Emmy or Torgal or David. These Specials are given by the game and are unique to the leader, they are NOT weapon arts.

Other advanced formations are function specific, they are healing formations which require that the union have healers with Remedies or herbs, for example. Each formation has a different purpose and set of requirements.
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