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Asked: 5 years ago

Skull Scavenger Cranium in Second Entrance?

I am trying to upgrade Caedmon's weapon to the final version and need the Cranium in order to get the final components. I was wondering if you need to go to blackdale second entrance to split the skull scavangers or if you can get it from the first blackdale. I couldnt find a scavanger that could split in blackdale and the wiki said that you had to go to the second entrance to split one, but anytime i have gone through the second entrance I haven't seen a single scavanger. What is the best spot to go for getting this item?

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Put him as one of the leaders your not using. Use other leaders and he will upgrade it himself with out you ever SEEING let alone FINDING a Skull Scavenger Cranium.

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I know its not exactly what you were looking for but it's an easy alternative to anything else people will tell you. Hope it helps. And you have to use other leaders for SOMEWHAT of a long time, but to me its better than going to Blackdale.

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