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Asked: 6 years ago

How do I beat Gates of Hell?

If anyone has beaten the Gates of Hell boss battle, please let me know what your stats are and how you beat him. I've fought him 4 times now and haven't gotten close. Usually one of my five parties dies in the first round of combat, and then it's all down hill from there. Please help!

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How do you get the Hawkeye formation?

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Ok. I'm gonna have to backtrack then because my Battle Rank is only 28. I can beat the boss before the Gates of Hell with ease, but the Gates sucks.

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Ok, thanks a lot for the advice. I finally beat him after trying 8 or so times.

Accepted Answer

From: whatsthebigidea 6 years ago

I beat it at Battle Rank 43, this is how I did it:

Form 3 unions with 5 people in each

You can use 6 party leaders, so be sure to put 2 in each party

Seperate Rush, David, and Emmy into different Unions so you can fully utilize their Special arts (Omnislash, Gae Bolg, etc).

I used Arrow of Athlum formation for Rush's Union, and Hawkeye for the other 2

Kill the little guys first, UNLESS you have the opportunity to use a Special art.

Special arts are random, so be sure to scroll over Hell's Gate with each Union at the beginning of each round to see if you can use one.

The best way to kill all the little guys is to focus all of your attacks on one group, don't try to split up and take them all in one round. It's better to kill only 1 group than to weaken 4, because they still attack you in the next round.

The only advice I can give you, after you kill the little guys, is to heal as often as you possibly can. Once one of your Unions dies, it's pretty much over, so just restart.

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I'm BR 61 and this this Tactic also worked for me.
in addition to it, ive been doing normal attacks except mystics and all groups had "meele formation"

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I'm guessing, since you don't have it, you get it by doing a guild task. I don't remember which one.

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