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Asked: 6 years ago

How do i find the rare monster Whitehorn?

If is supossed to be in Aveclyff. Here is what i know already. There must be spiders in the start area and there must be two dragons in the big large area in the center.

Those conditions are met but how do you get to the North West Room? It apparently doesn't work the same way as when i made it through to the very same room during the quest "The Fated One".

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From: jakerscythe 6 years ago

The most important spawn condition, that will help you save lots of time, is that there cannot be a vulture in the rooms south of where you enter. Go look there first. If there is a vulture, go out and come back in.

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From the top of my head, as soon as you enter keep going straight to the first elevator..
Head down to the lowest floor, turn south (using the X button map) and keep going, the road will curve to west and you will find another elevator...
Go up to the mid level and go north, you should see a door that you can enter, enter it..
As soon as you enter run forward and head west, keep going and you shall see a door you can open on your left, open it and another door will be infront of you, exit there..
From where you are there should be a elevator to your left, take it and go to the highest floor...
There should be a door near you somewhere, enter it.
Now just keep going forward and then west and you shall see a door, open it and he should be there.
*NOTE*: When i say west,east,north,south i mean from the map view, when i say up,down,left,right i mean from your/rushs point of view..
*another NOTE*: Even if there were spiders at the start and 2 dragons at the bottom, it doesn't mean whitehorn will be there! sometimes there will be 2 vultures!

Sorry for my bad English :x not my first language.

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There should be 2 dragons in the central area at the bottom were the monster for wisdoms echo was

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