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Asked: 6 years ago

Best places to grind?

I heard that Ancient Ruins is good but i'm BR 55 and Its hard as hell to find a Charybdis with only ONE unit. THey always come in threes.
Anyway, can anyone help me find a good grinding spot?

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Which disk are you at? If your in disk 2 then a really good place to grind until a certain point is at the lower levels that open up in Numor mines. The Nihoggs and the Spiritwood give quite a long list of boosts.
For me it worked up to at least BR 70.

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If you are still in disc one there is an amazing place to grind in ayecliff. You get this quest from a girl (can't remember name so long ago now) but she opens it up for you. On the bottom floor there are loads of bugs that you need to follow you to finish the sidequest.

Here's the key. They respawn right away after defeating them and are so week you can usually fight 8 or so at a time. This will increase your battle rank significantly. I went from BR 55 to BR 72 in about half an hour or so!!!!

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When you enter the AR and there are charybdis present, the upper right corner one is always the one with 1x4 group (the right alley before the door that contains Ymir). Then u can either exit AR and repeat (sometimes frustrating because you dont get it everytime) or use the teleporter to the next floor, save, exit to title, reload, teleporter back, kill, and repeat.
Hope that helps

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