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What different planes are there that you can unlock?

I've only been able to find the Snipes 57 jet plane, but I haven't been able to find any other types of planes in the airport. Where can I find some new ones?

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Thanks, but where can I find them? (Without cheats of course)

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KLCCamel answered:

Got a complete list of planes for you, u no who999:
Snipes 57 (corporate jet)
two provided by MaddaCheeb101:
Woodpecker (Cessna-style plane)
Wolverine (P51 Mustang-style plane, 2 forms- 1 armed with machineguns and 1 racer)
the racer looks cool, but no MGs... Beat both plane-related misions, gain the racer.
The forementioned and the following can be found touching down/lifting off at the airport:
Corsette (open-air two-seater monoplane, machineguns)
Parrot (biplane, machineguns!)
High Rise (like the biplane, only with triple-stacked wings, just like what The Red Baron flew in WWI, and, yes, machineguns!)
Be patient. Loiter on the airstrips near the garages. Try to block with a vehicle, or your character (not as risky as you might think). Either way, leave enough room for the victi- I mean plane to slow to a stop. Simply hop in! The pilot sits there like a deer in headlights while you trot around the wing to evict him.
Also, the High Rise- I was LUCKY to find it! Flew it in a race, saw it taking off twice, blew it up the fourth time trying to block it too soon, spent 3 HOURS running around/loitering 'til it FINALLY showed up a fifth time! Remember, be patient. And shoot the pilot again for me, will ya, for wasting my time? Hope this helps.
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MaddaCheeb101 answered:

There are two more that I know of- The woodpecker, and the wolverine.
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