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Can you have sex with hookers in this game? If so, how?

I know you couldn't in the first game, but if they have weed and booze all over the place, I would think that they would have put the ability to have sex in this game!

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Eiko_and_Mog answered:

You won't get any money for ho-ing but you should gain respect. If you're female, you will have relations with a man, if playing a male, you will have sex with a woman. In addition to the Technically Legal strip club, many gas station bathrooms and various locations in the red light district will also let you do this. If you finish level 10 of this diversion, you will unlock the Pimp outfit.
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DAPLAYR answered:

There is a diversion called ho-ing, where you have relations with women. There are start points at various places. One that I can recall is in the strip club in the suburb district.
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