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List of all Classical songs purchasable from Music store?

Could someone please list all the "Classical" songs that are purchasable form the Music store? I seem to have forgotten, not having played this game in such a long time due to my Xbox being broken. Im after a particular one, I remember it having Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in it, I cant remember anything else though :(


GreenDisaster answered:

In order of last name:

Johann Sebastian Bach -
Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 - Allegro
Concerto No. 4 In A
Toccala and Fugue in D Minor

Ludwig Van Beethoven -
Symphony No. 5 in C Minor - Allegro
Symphony No. 5 in C Minor - Allegro Con Brio
Moonlight Sonata

Johannes Brahms -
Hungarian Dance No. 5

Leo Delibes -
Coppelia Ballet Suite

Edward Grieg -
Anitra's Dance
In The Hall Of The Mountain King

Georg Friedrich Handel -
Arrival of the Queen of Sheba
Water Music Suite No. 1 - Overture
Music For The Royal Fireworks (Overture)
Water Music Suite No. 1 - Presto

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart -
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Marriage of Figaro (Overture)
Symphony No. 40 - 1st Movement
String Quartet In G Major
Halfner Serenade No. 7 In D Major

Peter Ilych Tchaikovsky -
Nutcracker Trepak
Sleeping Beauty Waltz

Antonio Vivaldi -
The Four Seasons No. 2 - The Summer
The Four Seasons No. 1 - Spring

Richard Wagner -
Ride of the Valkyries

Why does a game about gangsters have so many classical songs?
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