Question from collind1991

How do I beat (dex)?

I wanna kill dex

collind1991 provided additional details:

He's said i'm goin to put a bullet through dexs head for this

Testdriver_1864 asked for clarification:

Do u mean dex from SR1?

Top Voted Answer

Anik12 answered:

You cant
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Sam000143 answered:

Very disappointing.
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007rox answered:

Probably in Saints Row 3
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GHXpert59 answered:

Killing Dex is not possible in Saint's Row 2. You only temporarily get his number for the hidden Julius mission. There will probably be a mission for this in the sequel. also note that the sequel is not verified, so that might not exist.
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elmangos answered:

Dex is a poo head.. If you play the new DLC he just skips town.. but hopefully we'll get him in Saint's Row 3.
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DrogowoAdm answered:

Yes, Dex from Saints Row 1
You Cannot kill him in this game, most likely the next one
in the dlc pack *Corporate Warfare* You will find him in the mission
Warning spoilers *****************

He Runs off to a different city at the end (saints row 3) my guess
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DrogowoAdm answered:

You cant kill him in this game
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