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Where is The Heron Hotel For The HITMAN Level?

Where Do I find the Pink Haired guy's hotel. I know it's in the Marina & Hotels District but I cannot find it.

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TacticalOfficer answered:

It's by the northshore mall. The Heron Hotel is easily identifiable because it has a statute of a heron (bird similar to crane) in front of it.

To enter, go through the doors on either side of the complex.
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supersammich answered:

It's either the first or second building north of the Poseidon casino. The door is on the south side of the building. It has a sign, but you have to look up a bit to see it.
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Mattvento answered:

It's at the top of the map, near the casino you rob in the first Ronin Mission. I think it's called the hotel's and marina district. It's on the other side of the street from the boardwalk.
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gangstaking2008 answered:

Look for the words Heron House near the burger shop in the marnia&hotel district and go up in the elevator and he should appear (also to get an achievement chuck him off the floor to get 3 gold stars for throwing)
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GuyMawks answered:

its the resort-like building immediately north-west of the Poseidon casino in the marina & hotel district, which is the casion you robbed with Pierce and Gat in the first Ronin mission
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Leichi answered:

Look for two tall buildings standing next to each-other with wavy structures bridging between them, and what looks like waves between them. To find the door, look for the security guard.
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cornflake5 answered:

Right next door to the drug trafficking activity in north Stilwater
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illogical_hawk answered:

The hotel is at the end of the strip, across from the Crowd Control activity, and immediately behind the Drug Trafficking one. The entrance is on the side of the building, between the two hotel buildings. There should be some wave-like art monuments between them as well to help you identify the area.
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jigaboo44xx answered:

Go To the Marina district (Northern Island) And look for 2 buildings with wavelike structures between them And look at the bird statue in The middle, go into the left building (looking from the road) The door to go inside is facing the wavelike structures. There is an elevator you need to go up to get the hit.
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